It's time to do a revolution against Marxist

We're onto your shenanigans!

The autism is beginning to get out of hand.


I sometimes wonder if these people actually believe the stuff they write/say or if it's just all a big inside joke to rip people off.

Im starting to think that the masses really need an educated vanguard to keep them safe from harm.

At least they're bringing the term Marxism back into the public dialogue. Perhaps some of the people who are opposed to these idiots might investigate what this "Marxism" is all about in more detail.


getting sick of this shit.


This is Carlos Libertarian Lenin Mark
The founder of Cultural Markism
He, with his Satanic Dialectial Muslim Politically Correct the Record magic supplied by the Frankfurter school, killed 3 billion people with his bare hands
Still think Communism is cool ?

Half of them unironically believe it, the other half milk it for popularity or money.

Perhaps, but we saw that 8 years of calling everything Obama did was socialism just made liberals think socialism was free healthcare and shit.


why do right-wingers complain about issues that are literally not real?


Sometimes I wonder what Adorno would think if he came back to life and read that sort of stuff.

fuck liberals for appropiating socialist rhethoric

Because ideology is somehow entirely separate from culture and marxism had no effect on it whatsoever.

And not because you feel the use of the term marxist by your opponents violates your language game.

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This akin to that christian propaganda movie about Communists, except its more academic.

Isn't that basically how liberals rationalize their descent into fascism when capitalism inevitably fails?

Lenin was right, the masses especially now are quite dumb and cant be trusted, an educated vanguard party is the ONLY SOLUTION to the revolution

The naming is shit. Marxism is a critique of capitalism and is anti-class, as such wants to abolish it, whereas kultmarx is basically just making everything about identity and is fine with class as long as it's not white male, neither do they want to abolish identity, making it incompatible to Marxism, and as such, a retarded name.

Hell I'm more of a 'cultural Marxist' in that I don't care about a addressing people by race or sex, but that of their individual person.


Technically Slavoj Zizek is a cultural Marxist. He was heavily influenced by the Frankfurt school of thought.

they need paranoia and conspiracies to explain the world

And yet he shits on idpol. I rest my case.


Stop bumping shit threads

Rightist are so braindead about Marxism, this could only make them look autistic.