Assad is an anti-imperialist and we on the left must support him

Where did this meme come from?

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It's an extension of cold war era faggotry that basically boils down to "let's support whoever isn't the West." Hence why it's mostly tankies and lmaos who jack off to third world dictators.

how the fuck isn't he an anti-imperialist?
also do you rather have islamists or some liberal pro-zionist scums? fuck off


The "meme" comes from the fact that Assad is the last bastion of socialism in the Middle East

lmaoing @ your lives

is this what baathfags actually believe?

Most people forget here that it's the Middle-East. Entire region is an unstable powder keg, Islamic anarchy and the birthplace of migrant crisis.

Assad is a necessity, regardless of your ideology. Problem with USA funded rebellions is that they destroy the government, they don't overthrow it. There's nobody to govern the country. People begin to suffer and it becomes breeding ground for terrorists. He may not be the "hero of the people", but if you hate imperialism, Assad is the only reasonable option.

What the fuck is actually wrong with you?

It's a case of "soshmalims is when da gubmint duz things" mixed with some serious denial, completely forgetting about Assad's privatizations.

They've idolized the Vietnam protests so much they dream of experiencing it themselves, so they impose that dream on something else.

It's a product of Leninist parties being so stagnant in ideas that rather than admit the cold war is over they just apply the logic of that time to modern conflicts.

easy choice

Syria invaded Lebanon in 1976 and remained there as an occupying force for almost thirty years.

The same goes for Russia. "Anti-American" doesn't necessarily mean "anti-imperialist" — it's just that some retarded leftists one day decided that anyone capable of firing a Scud at the yanks should receive their holy "critically support".

It really needs to get through our thick skull that the enemy of our enemy might not be our ally.

This. 'enemy of our enemy is our ally' is a right-wing mentality

so? they helped Hezbollah
except they haven't really done any imperialism since maybe the chechen wars.
your acting like an American apologist

Assad is the best for Syria at the moment, Syrian socialists support him.

Should have annexed it tbh, we need a strong unified anti-zionist levantine state. Fuck Russia though.

this pretty much

( ° ʖ °)

And how exactly is that an excuse for military aggression and occupation?

(1) Yes they have and you know it. They annexed Crimea in 2014. (2) The Second Chechen War officially ended in 2009, less than a decade ago.

Typical "anti-imperialist" tankie rhetoric: "hurr durr if you don't fullt agree with my retarded views then that means you're secretly part of the cia"

From Russia.

if you considers the crimea annexation imperialism you literally are an american apologist. no point in arguing.
you are brainwashed by liberal american media.
the crimean people wanted to be part off Russia.
Ukraine is literally controlled by russophobes some even straight out nazis.

Except that I am pro-Assad but strongly anti-Putin. I support Assadist Syria because it's a bulwark against Israel and Islamism. Whereas Putinist Russia is pro-zionist, there are many Russians living in Israel.

It's true that most Crimeans wanted to join Russia but Russia is an extremely reactionary state so we as leftists can't allow it to expand.

so you agree it's not imperialism then?
also i don't see how Russia is more reactionary then freaking Ukraine


if Russia was pro-zionist they wouldn't support Assad and Iran

it's true though

i don't think you have any idea how middle eastern geopolitics work

the people of sudetenland wanted to be a part of germany

Then what is it?

Is this really all you retarded tankies can come up with as an argument? Incessantly whining about how everyone who doesn't agree with you is a US shill?

So did Sudeten Germans want to be part of Germany.

Well, looks like they had some valid reason to be — they were invaded by 'em.

Before WWI, Germany thought France was anti-German and they weren't exactly wrong. This ended in a spectacularly gruesome bout of imperialist warmongering.

Unlike Russia, who has nothing to do with the European far-right at all. Move along comrades, nothing to see here!

"Critical support" is a Trotskyite cop out. Real Marxist-Leninists give anti-imperialist regimes unconditional support.


itt: pseudo-leftist zionists who don't like assad because he doesn't like israel or western imperialist powers

you zionists will be the first ones up against the wall when communism comes

do baathists do anything aside from autistically screech about imperialism

Of course it is. I make a distinction between integrationist imperialism/territorial expansionism in which the conquered people are integrated as equal citizens and segregationist imperialism/colonialism in which the conquered people are enslaved and exploited as subjects. I don't have a problem with a socialist non-tribalist state conquering and annexing a capitalist tribalist state. "Right to self-determination" is nationalistic crap.

It is but Ukraine isn't much better. The best solution would be an Independent Socialist Crimea.

Russia recognizes Israel as a Jewish State so they are Zionist. Putin supports Assad and Iran out of selfish geopolitical reasons.

the annexation of sudetenland was one of the few things Hitler did right.

This. The international proletariat's right to socialism trumps on any people's right to "self determination".

It was absolutely different then. Czechoslovak's didn't elect group of reactionary edgelords who threw all problems of their government on them. Also, Crimea was in history independent nation. Public referendum decided to break their ties with Ukraine and be part of Russia.

There is this stupid thing some leftists do were they blindly support the imperialism of another nation to be spiteful towards american imperialism.
Actually assad has hung around lots of far right people from various countries and lots of fascists like assad because he is le strong leader secular dictator.

When it comes to the syrian civil war the far right seem to be siding with assad, and the far left with the kurds.

I dont even know what the fuck assad supports beyond survival and holding onto power.

Assad has also made a big deal about protecting the Syrian christian community, which might appeal to some Christians who pay attention to that.

Bullshit. Syria intervened largely on the behalf of Lebanese Maronites (who were the main supporters of the Kataeb Party responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacre) to the detriment of PLO radicals.

everyone I don't like is a Trotskyist

So can any Assmad supporters give me a reason why him winning is preferable to a continued failed state where a socialist movement can foment?

And fuck off with the "anti-Assad is pro-Zionism" meme as if there's only room on my list for one leader/country to hate at a time. You guys are literally the leftist version of that "Bannon vs Al-Baghdadi" fox news infographic.


0/10 mods please

The left is sadly intoxicated with petty conquests for "anti-imperialism" and national liberation. Such ideas and pseudo-struggles are and always have been complete dead ends for the left, and only time will teach it that the proper struggle lies in labor, which answers to no nation whatsoever.

Because that will never happen, socialism is dead in the middle east. Better to let Assad win and then overthrow him when reactionary salafism is wiped out. Syrians socialist and communist parties support Assad.

The whole Syrian war was caused by the arab spring, which was basically a CIA psyop to overthrow dictators and install them with pro Saudi, pro Zionist, pro american governments, also to cuck iran.
Libya and the death of ghadaffie was deemed a success, so they tried it on syria, and well, we know how it had gone.
Literally everything happening in the middle east is basically a cold civil war between iran and Saudi Arabia for regional dominance.

Personally i prefer iran, i like their culture more and they dont seem like total idiots, i researched their politics, the two main factions are the reformers who are basically western educated neolibs that want to slowly reform Iranian society (dont get too reformy too quick or they will take you to a dark room with one light bulb and the last thing you hear is a gun shot) and the princiaplists, which are basically irans version of republicans who think islam is great, also death to america :DDDD
Actually it kind of reminded me of american politics in a way, except with a supreme ayatollah who has final say over shit.

Most of the rebel groups and people attacking syria were most likely funded by saudi and qatari oil money

Well, obama and his neocon advisers failed, trump won, i dont know what trumps motives are, but he seems more willing to talk to Russia and team up to kill isis.

I think if clinton had won the neocons would have started a new cold war with russia, really gross american civic nationalism and identity politics versus mean old mr. putin and his conservative dictatorship who is totally mean to gays ya'll, just ignore or alliance with the saudis he he

how many levels of meta edginess are we on

lol no

well I'm convinced

wtf am I reading edgekid
explain in detail to me what your political beliefs are

No thanks, there's enough "muh imperialism" in this thread I don't need to debate with someone just itching to throw out more

isn't it obvious? there's only one answer to syria

for once I agree with the leftcom

Fuck you idiots, go live in your fantasy worlds
Kurds all teh way.



fuckoff "secular jew" your support of zionism and imperialism is not real leftism. you are a joke a nd if you happened to be born muslim you'd be shilling for isis based on your racist ethnic superiority complex

isis is pretty fucking fascist/imperialist tho and is doing israel and the west's bidding

whoever wrote that doesn't get shit about the middle east

I mean obviously it's just a shitpost, but I'm not sure how isis is "imperialist", or at least on a purely objective measure how they're not likely the least "imperialist" force in the region.

In fact I'd say that summarizes perfectly my opinion of why basing your opinion on only anti-imperialism is so retarded

use the tankie flag, marxhead is for people who actually know stuff

I'm not a jew.

lmfao, tankies never cease to amuse me

Because baath party is the last remain of true Leninism

If global power X decides to fuck country Y for economic reasons, your opposition to it should not predicated on Y being perfect, you retard.

Otherwise you become basically like the English socialists who thought Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia was not worth opposing because Ethiopia was an aristocracy. And on which grounds would you oppose colonialism, since India and Africa also had shitty systems? This is a terrible logic to follow regarding foreign policy.

I think you are retarded.



Reminds me of how mindblown I was when I learned that Carlos the Jackal admires Bin Laden and converted to Islam after 9/11.

When you say things like ISIS is the least imperialist force in the ME you certainly come off as retarded.


This is you being retarded.

Are you muslim

oh and the least in syria not in the whole of the middle east


so do you have any actual case for supporting assad or is this your only "argument"?

Lol you're shitting me, no fucking way

No, there is no legitimate reason to support Assad or follow the wishes of the people of Syria.
We are all stalinists who blindly support any decision made by the great communist leader, Vladimir Putin.

Ok let me rephrase and ignore your condescension for one second. Is there any reason not to support Rojava and focus on Assad or give a single shit about him? The only arguments against I've heard are "muh imperialism" as if kurdish groups are supposed to the "honorable" thing and accept no foreign support in order to fit leftist purity tests.


I remain incredibly unconvinced that stability is a virtue, and in fact it seems when discussing any other country leftists advocate for instability/unrest as the preferable "revolutionary" conditions. Strange that when it comes to Arab states specifically it becomes stability > all.

Isn't he just a Pinochet for Russia?


Russiaboos and "anyone who is against America is good"-ism

But its true
I would even support nazis if they would oppose great Shaytan

An impatient conclusion to the correct hatred of burgers.

Russia Today, where all subversion of the left is forwarded

Perfect reply comrade, and I'm really glad this thread is happening. These tankies are immediately drawn to perceived strongmen (even though Assad looks like a meerkat incel) so they're willing to ignore plenty of things, in the name of "anti-imperialism". They just need to channel their energy into supporting Rojava - not unironically posting Assad memes.

how many levels of """"""""anti-imperialism""""""""" are we on

eh no

Oh look. """""anti-imperialists:""""" supporting fascists. I'm so shocked.

Since Rojava doesn't intend to spread their revolution beyond what constitutes as "Kurdistan" how do anti Assad folks here think the refugee crisis and the very real possibility of a Safalist principality in Syria should be handled if Assad must go? I mean it would be different if the YPG actually was planning on overthrowing Assad like Phil Greaves thinks, but really that is not the case at all.

Me personally, I'd like to see him fall over dead, but I'm not saying YPG should go out of their way to oust him. I don't know. My main issue is leftists (or really just tankies I guess) supporting just because "hurr durr if anti-US, then must be good!"

You should also know that Assad will go after Rojava next, when he wins:

Also, could you clue me in on who the fuck Phil Greaves is? I saw him arguing with PissPig, and I couldn't figure out what his problem is.

You have literally no justification for overthrowing him besides doing neocon politics, i haven`t heard a single good reason…

I don't see him as a good guy per say I just don't see any good alternatives, both the FSA/JAF are theocratic and SDF does not seek to take control over all of Syria, thus they don't make a good alternative.

This isn't football. You don't need to support any of them (except SDF/YPG) - especially figures you admit you don't like.

fuckoff pisspigfaggot there is absolutely nothing leftist about supporting israel just because you happened to be born jewish.

literally fucking kill yourself

death to zionism and death to israel you apartheid loving imperialist scum

wew lad

so called leftist secular jew spotted.
you are a cancer on the face of leftism

so why is the CIA allowed to create and bump threads like this with their bs?


That's sooo stupid, clearly Russia is the imperialist aggressor!
Stop talking about US imperialism or the "main enemy at home", that's such stupid propaganda from the reactionary antiimperialists, lol!

Assad is the bad guy we have to focus our efforts on. And ISIS. And Erdogan sometimes. And most of all goddamn Putin!

Like, are they really implying we should do something against those that we have effectively access to in attacking?
We can just join forces with the US Army and fuck over the reactionary scum abroad first!

what the fuck

his flag should tell you everything you need to know

We have to learn from history and take an example from the revolutionary social democracy of europe that held party truce with the bourgeoise at home in order to fight the tsarist reactionaries.

That's how you expand the revolution, duh!

I totally agree!
Karl and Rosa were such stupid cunts, lol, fuck them! We did everything in our hands to bring about world revolution, it's just taking its time but fucking commies in russia messed everything up. We don't need their moscow agents here.

only first world tankies want to create antiimperialist unity front bullshittery against the governments and bourgeoise in their own state, but they really want their own authority installed and help the crypto fascists abroad, it's so transparent
the main enemy is the most reactionary regimes, so i'd rather not do anything but talk shit against them, like russia and assad, than do anything about "us imperialism".
thats such a spook, c'mon!
russia is just as bad and assad is even worse. i just want rojava to win already and make anarchism great again

it's either full anarchist revolution or nothing, we only lose when compromising to reach some goals like stopping interventions, and it's only our states interventions we'd stop so why even bother?? antiimperialism is so hypocrite and pure actionism tbh

assad is just a russian puppet, i don't see any reason why we shouldn't support the US in overthrowing him. they're even helping us establishing real socialism for once, take that tankies!
i just hope trump is still /ourguy/ like obama was


the meme that israel is imperialist and all this antiamericanism has to die, they are even promoting anarchism now and have the only real democracy in the middle east as our partner

reactionary tankies are btfo, all they do is promote ISIS and Russia

stop taking my flag, tankie!

thats not what i said at all!
it's different because russia is actually lead by fascists and so is syria, they're oppressing us! fucking troll


tankies are triggered because we're establishing real socialism with the help from USA and Israel and their reactionary friends are getting BTFO, literally!

Hi i'm a real tankie and i stink at implying that Rojava isn't real revolution while actual leftists are standing with the US and Israel and they're just Putin cucks.

just because foreign powers are attacking syria doesn't mean that it's antiimperialism. tankie logic, lol. they're just doing their own imperialism, it's really the same but worse because they're not even promoting a real socialist state like rojava.
national souvereignity is a nazi meme tbh.

That's what i'm saying, so why are you calling me a tankie??

Assad and Putin are the real imperialists and probably providing ISIS.
If they can have reactionary ties then Rojava can have US air support, no big deal.

When it comes to tankies proposing to do anything in the first world and our home nations we just have to point out that they are nationalists and doing nothing but defend Assad because they're authoritarians, that's all it is, right??
Why the fuck do we have to do something about our own governments when we can expose Russia and Assad on this board?! That's not neoliberalism, if Clinton and Obama do something right by chance that doesn't mean we're with them in this.

What the fuck

"We can't come up with any excuses why leftists should side with fascists so we'll try sarcasm instead OH IT'S NOT WORKING"

I'm constantly surprised at how willingly humorless stalinbots reply to such obvious bait, it never ends.

Also we have to stand united with the US Army and Israel in its antifascist liberation of the middle east.
Fucking tankies always siding with the Nazis and ISIS and Assad and Putin and saying it's "antiimperialism" really pisses me off!




I think we know who the true rightful rulers of Syria are. Hail Ashur!

That just shows how reactionary and fascist Assad is for allowing them to even exist! I bet they're a major party! But even if not they are just the same as Assad anyway and Russia is supporting them too!

fuck off zionist. I bet you think they are nazis too

Maybe not nazis, but I don't see why that kind of irredentism has any place on the left.

because a large, strong and strictly secular levantine state could counter american, saudi and zionist imperialism.

they look fucking serious for a Beyblade team.

They're Nazbol approved too.

They are Nazis.

t.Christopher Hitchens

it dosen't really matter if the founder was somewhat inspired by the nazis.
This was back before Hitler got elected.
before he purged the left wing of the NSDAP.
besides it has gone over 80 years now.
the party has evolved.

That video has nothing to do with Hitch as far as I know?

also the founder renounced Hitler

The party ideology is still revanchist, ultranationalist, militaristic, authoritarian and anti-Semitic. It's a Nazi operation.

nope it's probably more progressive on that front then the Ba'athist party
no it's anti-zionist like most of the political parties in Syria

If its "Nazi" its probably closer to the Asserites than to the common Hitlerite variants you see on Holla Forums

Support the Empire of Japan in their struggle against Western imperialism!


Islamig Anarchism flair when

They launch suicide bombings against enemies of the Syrian government. They are ultranationalists.

Those are the commonly cited components of fascism. You are "so?"ing them meeting the definition of being Nazis lmao

They believe in a vast Judeo-American conspiracy against Syria. They label their enemies "Jews of the interior".

Its already here

how does suicide bombings make you an ultranationalist?
Authoritarianism isn't exclusive to fascism and nazism

Source? I know they were inspired by National Syndicalism but they seem more like civic nationalists(like the early national syndicalist movement in Europe) than ethnonationalists.

Fucking love you guys,this thread is gold

Do you know what "ultra" means?

I was just listing the criteria for fascist ideology. The SSNP meet them, therefore they are fascist.

Support an authoritarian? But what about the peoples owning the means of production? Always ends up like that, ironically. Funny.

Tankies never cease to amaze me. Every time I think that tankies have hit the bottom of the barrel, some new tankie comes along and sets the bar even lower.

From the the fact that the most dangerous countries in the world hate him. USA, Germany, France…

rich coming from a liberal

molly klein spotted

Did these same people support Assad when he agreed to having CIA black sites in Syria during the Iraq War?

ypg shitposter is a zionist, imagine my surprise


tankies: *chirp chirp*

Right-wing dictators are anti-imperialist when they oppose America and are past the anti-imperialism line.

Its really more about the fact that non SDF controlled Syria will become a Safalist principality than simply just anti imperialism. Since the SDF does not want to spread DemCon throughout the country they fail to provide a good alternative for this.

Then you should be rooting for FSA or some other entity that will provide sufficient incentive for SDF to push back into the rest of Syria for their own safety. If Assad wins then they can probably tolerate the split of the region.

please tell me you aren't still getting baited by the transatlantic shill.
where the fuck are the mods?


What kind of pay does the JIDF give you? I am somewhat interested.

Because nothing says anti-imperialist like occupying Lebanon from 1976 to 2005

I wish I could get paid to shitpost, honestly.

If you're against Assad, you're not a leftist–just a radical liberal

it keeps happening

Well based on that flag behind him, he seems like a real amiko.