Even Le Pen is preaching borderline socialist policies

What the hell is happening to the right wing? Years ago they told you that the free market is the best thing ever and the government shouldn't interfere. Now everyone is crying for papa Government to solve all their problems.

Are they just hypocrites without ideology other than muh 1488 or not for nothing the redpill is red?

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They are just quasi social democrats these days, but without our love for unions.


Yeah pretty much

You have to understand that the idology of the front National stops at identity and everything else, especially economics, is only a tool to get into power.
They adopted protectionism because it's trendy atm.

This is the future you chose, SocDems.

It's how you win elections these days. You attract the former SocDem voter which suffered the most from NeoLib mass immigrations policies.

In Austria, the far right party is the number one choice of working class voters already.

People voting for Le Pen/Wilders/Farage like social democratic policies that are in place and probably want more. They just don't want muh brown people benefiting from them, because in they're mind every last one of them is a freeloader.
At the very least that's good for us, because that means even the most spooked people don't like free market economics.

They are not 'the right' ffs, they are completely based on a reaction TO THE RIGHT, and the left neo-liberal wank fest that has destoryed Europe.
The Liberals have been forced to defend the status quo embarrassingly and the left wing is too afraid to say no to immigration.

This is fucking retarded, you don't live in their country and see the change, dey racis for being horrified at the change for the worse.


No pol Sweden isn't full of rape

feels bad, mang.


You can have more than one right movement. In fact, almost every single party in most bourgeois democracies is right wing.


There is a lot of crime by migrants in Sweden, and yes a lot of rape.

In another town a Police investigator went to Facebook exasperated by the crime from immigrants in the town and gave a rundown of a typical week.

If you ignore this you are alienating people who won't delude themselves.

Who the fuck said this?

Yeah, they're just sexual emergencies.

Sweden used to go entire years without a single reported instance of rape. Now they're the rape capital of Europe.

I wonder what happened between the 70's and today? Hmm…


The only deluded one is you.

They changed the definition of rape.


So? There is also a lot of crime by natives in Sweden. Should we deport or kill all native Swedish?

There isn't 'a lot of crime by natives', that's the point why police are freaking out and want one billion extra in funding.

Simple: they realized that workers want someone to vote for. The left gave it up in the 90s, so now the right will pick it up to assume power.

More specifically speaking, within the US Trump realized that he could flip the Rust Belt if he promised Tariffs and infrastructure spending. He did so.

Yes. They simply want to get reelected.

Why? What's the difference between a criminal native and a criminal migrant? Just kill off all proven murderers and rapists regardless of whether they are natives or migrants. Also legalize guns so people can defend themselves against attackers.

then we'd have to kill all migrants

One is avoidable, one isn't.

Except not all migrants are bad people and you know it. It's wrong to punish innocents for the crimes of the guilty.

Of course it is, just ban procreation. In fact banning procreation makes way more sense than banning immigration, since immigrants are people that already exist while procreation brings new people into existence.

Fascism does not advertise its self as Fascism but rather friendly Capitalism.

No lad, just have a more restrictive and selective immigration policy, job fucking done.

Holla Forums pls go

And how would that work? How can you judge if someone is good or bad if he has not yet entered the country so you can know him?

How did they do it before? Have a minority of problem immigrants, easily identifiable, in every European country, that can speak the language. It's a disgrace that a country with zero social problems and high trust would allow itself be destabilized, particularly when they have zero negative nationalistic tendencies.

I don't get it, can you rephrase? About the language issue: 1. make english the official second language and 2. enroll all migrants in a citizenship program where they can learn the country's shitty language.

OR, stop wasting your own money to trash your own country, and increase foreign aid and diplomatic pressure to end conflict. It's not the duty of a host nation to try and civilize it's immigrants, that's insane.

socdems are right wingers


How about troops on the ground?

It's not about civilizing but integrating i.e. learning the language and doing community work.


Sweden has cut social housing to spend on this, they are spending money that could be used to address a problem, not just be mindless liberal drones repeating diversity mantras

No, allow the actual Syrian Government do what should have been done 6 years ago and regain control, and rebuild the country.

It's not a duty, but it is a necessity if you want to keep the country from descending into ethnonationalist strife.

It's called populism, european right wingers are not like american right wingers

They changed the criteria for rape/sexual assault. How could you possibly be retarded enough to not know the answer to this meme question already? Honestly fucking embarrassing that even my preteen brother and his friends are more aware than you.

Got any non Breitbart sources there buddy?

They are direct sources, from the Police chief and a chief investigator in two different towns, not cities where this might be expected. One was a press conference the other an exasperated Facebook post.

Go ahead and post them then. I'm not being sarcastic, I'd like to see them.



Here's the Orebro one. The other is simply the Police chief of another town telling woman not to be unaccompanied at night for fear of rape in Osterund.


Liberalism and its "freedoms" doesnt really reflect the conservative mind. They are authoritarian by their very nature or you could even say that they are natural born "cucks".

Well, its not like we have a party that isnt complete garbage
So it doesnt really matter

State intervention is necessary for capitalism to survive

the "social fascism" policy was correct, sucdem