Tfw you realize Trump is old enough and you will get to celebrate his death

I am going to even buy fireworks, hope there are many parties around the world!

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Going to be fun

Celebrate what? Another imperialist murderer will take his place

hey Holla Forums

That's just edgy, he's not even a real politician. Just your average Porky TV star.

Yeah celebrating hitler's deathw as edgy too

No it wasn't. The celebration of Hitlers death happened directly following his political reign and was also the celebration of the end of of WW2.
Now celebrating Thatchers death, that was edgy. Some senile old woman who retired from politics decades ago. That's the kind of stuff people turn their nose at.

The enemy is the system, not individuals trying to act in their short-sighted self-interest.

hey Holla Forums, nazbol is the shitposting flag btw since you see new

Trump's death should be celebrated because he is a pure example of how capitalism is terrible.

Trump is a lying disgusting porky that only exists because of his daddy wealth

There's much worse people than Trump. He's just a greedy, power-hungry old man who likes to blame problems on the mythic other. He's not evil, just an ignorant man used and manipulated by the system same as everyone else. /r/socialism might be better for you if you just want to act like a edgy, militant liberal.

Noneone is as bad as Trump visibly at least

Trump knows what he is doing, he is a terrible human being that deserves to suffer the most because not only is he terrible for the system he has gathered a group of brain dead fanatic supporters who are just as bad as him

He is a symbol that needs to be anihilated

I'll take it because there's not much to celebrate.

His political opponent was a murderer and destroyer of countries. Your hatred of him is purely emotional and memetic and not based upon concrete facts.
Not really; he doesn't realize the system manipulates and uses him as much as the workers he exploits.
Pointless peasant-tier moralism. No one deserves to suffer; their actions are their own punishment.
Maybe for the liberal system, but he fulfills his role in the statist-capitalist system just fine.
More liberal self-righteousness. His supporters are just people wanting a better society but are to ignorant to realize the real reasons why they're unhappy. That also goes for the actual fascists who support him. Leftism is for the libertarian of everyone, especially for the ones who fight against it, since they are its worst victims. It's not just for the people gifted with the foresight to realize the real solution.

liberation of everyone*

Nigger he's BETTER than the last two President on most issues, objectively. Try and not be a liberal retard

She didnt inspire bigotry and idpol like Trump nor went full authoritarian and lied 24/7

well your not invited to my kissenger died party


Any health problems? His giant belly tells he is not doing well.

Fuck off to Reddit

hi Holla Forums
Nice bait Holla Forums
Hope your screenshots get you many (you)s



im going to legit throw a party when kissinger dies

literally who

It should be a national holiday, like Guy Fawkes day

While I agree with the sentiment, Thatcher's death did provide the material for one of the greatest jokes of all time, courtesy of Frankie Boyle:
Also Thatcher was a cunt. Product of her time and society but still a cunt.

The guy who helped Pinochet financing his free helicopter rides.

literal who

That is why Trump's death will be celebrated, because everyone knows about him compared to the literal whos you keep tlaking about

2/10 made me reply


Really inspiring comrade.

Kissinger dying by natural causes is not really a cause for celebration. But there should absolutely be protests and street parties to remind everyone what a fucking piece of shit that man is.
- no,
- no.
- yes.

Why is no one talking about how Trump is our first fat president sinceā€¦?

This would literally be greatest troll anyone has ever pulled off. Prove me wrong.

Hopefully he end up getting the Mussolini treatment instead of by natural causes.

libruls wish they were so tough