Why do leftist girls love blue hair?

Why do leftist girls love blue hair?

Holla Forums plz help?

Because most of us are dykes and most dykes think that's appealing when their face is between your legs.

That's basically it.


most of them are not leftists, they are sjws


How is this sage?

Neo Nazis get more say than this?

If you dye your hair you become the enemy of the revolution I keep talking about but never act on.


i seen some tankie girls with blue hair

Why don't you get fucked by your Aryan daddy chicano

I'm triggered


What is the conceptual problem you young man have with dyed hair. We're already communists I don't see where you can go more or less edgy at this point.

Most of them probably aren't into dick anyways. Idgi it's just hair



This is not a troll, come on…

nice chart

Can you please calm your histronic, neurotic personality just a little bit? Or at least drop the trip so you look less like an attention whore and I don't groan whenever I see your name?

You moan every time you see my posts?

confused liberal freaks =/= leftist


Why is having blue hair bad?

As leftists we should not care about this.

I would put all Idpol on the right for ideological consistency but that would seem like calling "everything I don't like" right-wing or simply dumping the left's undesirables on the right.
I like the current chart because it's mostly unbiased and easy for everyone to agree on.

I am not afraid to admit when someone goes down on me I'd rather they have some color in their hair.

Beats blondes tbh.

what color

Where can I find me one

It's a college liberal stereotype and people here get triggered whenever they're associated with liberals

Blue, red, or natural color. I've got a fondness for the color blue.

Green or yellow or pink or anything else is vomit inducing I wouldn't want that anywhere near me

There is such a thing as left-wing identity politics.

That doesn't make your brand of identity politics not idpol.

purple is god tier though you heathen

But mah waifu

LOL SJW's are leftists. You've been hitting the bong too hard there.

lurk more idiot

The right don't go out of their way to ask the government to make misgendering someone a crime.

Try again.

lurk more idiot

They know what's good.

I would cum on her face

Imagine being so far up your own ass that you'll get triggered by blue hair because the person with it might be an SJW. Your 2d waifus have weird hair colors.

Most the leftist girls I know have natural hair color, but their hair is short and they cut it themselves

She has a face that was made for cumshots

Degrading tbh

Says who?

problematic post

You know she uses Holla Forums right?

Bleached blondes destroyed the rainbow hair back in the punk days, its not coming back, you look like person whos lost when dying hair that way

Blue-haired characters are almost always the best.

Maybe this what tell her what people think when they see her, and it isn't a revolutionary.

Blue haired girls best girls

Nah shes cool, kinda a shitposter but cool none the less…



Kys tbh fam.

The right want to imprison people for burning American flag. The same logic is at work: Disrespect my identity related feels and get beaten for it.

No, they want to do worse things.

Also, i forgot to mention the shithow about the guy refusing to sing or stand up for the anthem. I'm baffled people ca't see the similarities.
This is like calling out rabid fanboyism for Bethesda while throwing a hissy fit about any criticism against EA.

I get the joke, but having seen this picture so many times and having talked to MRA-type people AFK, I start to fear people actually believe this makes any scene from a scientific viewpoint.

*any sense


Boi butt > girl butt

unless you like to be inserted to, a girl is objectively superior.

Motion seconded. It gets tiresome having to make snide remarks whenever I see another pointless mind-fart.

fugg me in the ass :DDDDD

Motion denied

Are you a qt boy? O

Tell me son, how many dicks do you have?
Thats what I thought. Ain't no one need three holes.

this chart clearly divides by left = need new system/values and right = return to old system/values

despite your sperging it's entirely consistent with that theme

Good god, Anzu is such a hideous creature.

How bad did parents had to raised you, to pretend you're a chinese cartoon all day everyday?

I fully stand behind girls having all sorts of hair colours. Especially distinctive neon or shiny black.

motion thirded


Would Rei Ayanami be a leftist?

you're waifu a shit

Each hole feels different.
3 is better than 2 for the variety alone.
Deal with it, faggot.

I like blue hair.

HAHAHAHA we will win by the fact you tards don't breed

I thought you couldn't get laid because of jews and niggers?

Bright dyed hair looks awful

I just like nice plain curly/wavy hair


Neither do you

That's nice, thanks for the opinion. I appreciate it.

It's just a joke that plays on the fact that mentally inconsistent people are more likely to apply wild manipulations to their own body. The observation is true, but the linking element has been restyled as something else for comedic effect. People that end up believing it is true are de facto correct, even if they're willingly ignoring correlation not being causation.


i would tho


you've asked for opinions

when a real fascist revolution will rip the world asunder you'll get the bullet too,scum. because you are too,without knowing it,a complete degenerate.

just wait for the next generation to face the madness.

Oh sure of course the bedroom alt rightist are going to start a "real" fascist revolution. You can keep you masturbation fantasy to your self.

The day you faggots leave your basements will be day you get laid haha that is a joke.

your average Holla Forumstard can't get laid because he's a beta bitch that worships a cartoon frog

Nigger what?!

hows it feel that no man wants to fuck you

that's not even the plan you tard, our plan is to piggy back on you tards and let you through everything into chaos

I'd hold her hand

oh boy another exciting and original episode of r/the_cuckold thinks we're liberal SJW boogeymen

I'm sure you have a dank unsourced infographic jpeg to back that up too like you do with everything else :^)

I go on Ironmarch with my uzbek overlord so

They signify that the left has long been dead, its skin turning blue.

hello TRS

What's there to help?

Stalin bless these women, they're the only reason I get up in the morning and most of the time the only decent conversation

I also get the joke, but careful not to go creationist-tier with those now-edible cultivated varieties.