Painful slow deaths portrayed in film

painful slow deaths portrayed in film

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>>136719039>This summer...>The American Nightmare...>WEIGHT LOSS

People are saying it's the drugs that caused this. It's not. He's been holding this psychotic break in for a long, long time. Perhaps 15 years or more. Even the strongest, most aesthetic men eventually crack if they refuse to be true to themselves.

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>>136719039Imagine working for years and years to build a perfect physique and then losing it all in 3 months

do normalfags really

I’m 6’3” and I lost 35 pounds in the last 3 months, from 215 to 180. How long is it going to fucking take to get rid of the rest of my fucking fat? I’m sick of being skinnyfat, I’d like to at least have muscle definition before I start to get serious about building actual muscle

>>136719191He can get it back in a few months if he roids

>>136719256How did you lose weight, you started exercising more? I got lazy as fuck and gained 15lbs.

>>136719039Is that Cavill?

>>136719256steroids user

Was it worth?

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>>136719291I’m on a really intense diet and I run for 15 minutes on my stairs every day.>>136719297This sounds like a nightmare

why is he cutting?

>>136719256It's harder for some people. Experiment with different strategies, eg. fasting, intermittent fasting, some people need to have weird diets for some reason to stay thin. Also I hope you're at least doing pushups and stuff.

>>136719256>>136719327Start lifting and eat a big deficit. Gave me far better results than cardio, and my routine was retarded and changed constantly, but always Monday to Saturday. If you're just trying to lose weight, even a brosplit a big deficit will work.

>>136719408>>136719636Thanks guys, will take this advice. I run and do some freeweight stuff, maybe I have to amp it up a little. I’m still losing weight consistently but it’s taking so long that it drives me nuts and I want to go back to eating normal amounts of food again. Glad I at least don’t have a disgusting alcoholic body anymore

>>136719300He looks kino.

>>136719705>I want to go back to eating normal amounts of food again.I mean this may make you gain more weight again, depending on what you mean by that. Worth noting that having muscle and working out makes you require more calories, so the more muscular you become the higher your baserate is.

>>136719831Yeah that’s what I mean. I want to get rid of my body fat and then start building muscle from there, with more calories. I’m hoping it can’t be more than like 15 more pounds, then my lifting will be way more intense and I’ll be able to eat normally again.

>>136719327>I run for 15 minutes on my stairs every day.Go outside. I don't care if you live in a bad neighborhood or are embarrassed about your body. Go outside. I've had people do dry run drive bys on me while I go running at night. I've ran past drug dealers and crack houses in the worst parts of Las Vegas. Go outside

>>136719963Is it really that much better? It’s not about shame, I just thought the stair thing was way more intensive and thus more efficient for weight loss. Very possible that I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing though

>>136719039Creatine, not even once.

>>136720115>Is it really that much better?Yes, running on stairs is not only dangerous it's also a waste of time compared to running outside, you'll burn way more calories and if you run long enough/hard enough, you'll get runners high which feels pretty good, although there's a lot of prequisits that have to be met in order for this to occur and it doesn't always happen, and I'm not sure out of shape people can even get it anyways, but that's beside the point. Go outside, you'll burn more calories and lose weight much faster.

The words, "suck shit" come to mind.

>>136720288Thank you user, I will. I live very close to a nice park so I will start doing this tomorrow.

>>136719359Mental illness. He had a mental breakdown and went into a psych ward, but after he got out he still wasn't fixed.

I wear 90 pounds, ask me anything

>>136720513How tall are you

>>136720513>I wear 90 poundsThat's a lot of heavy clothes. Don't you get tired?


>>136720630You’re a wee little lad aren’t you, fella? Do you have much luck with the ladies?

>>136720340K. And like I said I go running at night, I dont know what your schedule is but I highly suggest it over any daylight hours.

>>136719039they say there's evidence that weight loss literally makes people happy. anyone can testify to this? I will not try it until a fag here recommends it. I do feel shitty though not even able to barely grab my soda if placed too faraway on my GAMING DESK.

>>136720683Does it keep you awake? Like if you go for a run are you able to fall asleep shortly after?

>>136719039Who the fuck is this?

>>136720603lmao, I'm a retard>>136720656I used to when they thought I was many many many, many years younger but now they don't even look at me, such is life of a manlet

>>136720728>>136719256 here, even though I’m not want to be yet I’m incomparably happier with my physical appearance after losing 35 pounds. My face has more definition, I’m more confident, eating healthier which makes me feel smarter, innumerable benefits. This is why I’m so invested on losing more because I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel when I reach my goal. I seriously recommend trying it, even just for a month or something

>>136720728depends on the person. I lost a shitton of weight recently but it hasn't made me magically happier

>>136720770I run like 3 hours before I got to bed, but I run hard enough that I could probably pass out once I get out of the shower. I typically run 5 miles and then do a few sprints afterwards, this takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on what I'm up to. I've never crawled into bed directly after a workout but I dont feel like I wouldn't be able to.

>>136720513How are you not dead

>>136719256Oh, dude, no... You need to actually lift the weights. Don't tell me you fell for the "I'll lose the weight now and then gain the muscle later" meme. You need to eat to actually power through weight training.

... anyways, is Dorian Yates natty?

>>136721027I ask myself that every morning

>>136721029>Don't tell me you fell for the "I'll lose the weight now and then gain the muscle later" meme.Damn, yeah, this is exactly what my approach was going to be. Unfortunately all I have at home are 15 pound dumbbells, which I’ve been using everyday, but it’s not having much of an effect obviously. I was going to upgrade to bigger dumbbells after the weight was gone. I’m just so, so tired of the skinnyfat thing, it’s truly repulsive

>>136720728weight loss will actually make you enjoy food again instead of just stuffing them down your throat like a drug fatty. my best meal was when I had to fast for a long time for a surgery and ate a fried egg after. imagine just a fried egg and it made me so fucking happy.

>>136719039>year ago or so>6M+ views per video>past couple months>200-500K views/vid>sudden breakhmmmm a person who's videos were literally all about him getting attention and the minute he's no longer get the same level of attention its like the world is falling apart.

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Quick rundown?

>>136721108Do anything you can get your hands on, user. Trust me, you don't want to be very skinny and have no bodyfat. I'm 6ft 6 and I got down to 70kg. It's hell.

>>136721108Same boat, 6'4", here's the thing, after a certain point you get diminishing returns on starving yourself to lose fat, once you hit around 170 you're going to be losing less and less weight at the current rate. In order to maintain muscle mass, your body burns more calories than it would if you were skinny, so once you build up muscle you'll run a deficit even if you eat two meals a day. Keep going at it but invest in a barbell and some protein powder and plan on switching to hard lifting instead of dieting soon, your muscles will even out the bulk and help burn remaining fat.

>>136721406guy was a turboChad until he experienced egodeath due to psychedelics abuse and now he's a turbo autism lad. Some conspiracy theorists claim that he stopped with the roids because he was going bald and created this whole story to justify his lost of muscle mass

>>136721434>>136721478Really appreciate it bros. I started this shit on a whim and didn’t really know wtf I was doing. Looks like bigger weights and longer runs are the way to go.

my reverse image search says throat disorders kek. who the fuck is this?

>>136719179laughing but this is the truth

>>136721653former mogger known as Connor Murphy

>>136721577If you incorporate sprints instead of just running you’ll melt the fat off. If you’re like me and get bored on long runs, sprints are more fun and you burn a good amount of calories combined with weights.

>>136719179>>136719039white guys are so obsessed with this alpha shit is wonder they all end up like that


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>>136719039i thought he was balding

>>136721653Bodybuilder who did DMT and now thinks he’s Jesus

>>136721236I just checked his channel. he has a video with over 60M views. He's set for life from that video alone if that was monetized. also 200-500k views on new videos is not bad.

>>136721737It's more to do with self understanding, an acceptance of your own being, as opposed to external reinforcement.

>>136721723>If you’re like me and get bored on long runsThis was exactly my issue, and it’s why I started doing runs up and down one flight of stairs in my house. I’m starting to think that’s not so effective though and it also doesn’t feel great on my knees after three months, so sprints should be a good middle ground. I also literally just bought a barbell set online lol, thanks to whoever’s advice that was, so thanks again

Connor is still alive? lol

>>136722301No worries my guy, we all gon make it

>>136721940it seems obvious that his ego/narcissism has taken a blow from a strong dip in views.

>>136719039Tune in i’ll be at his window in 30 mins

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>>136721406>guy juices to get ripped and tries to make a YouTube career out of flaunting his body with that stale early 2010s "Watch Me Do X In PUBLIC With RANDOM PEOPLE" LAHWF style of video>starts going bald from the roids>goes off-cycle and takes finasteride trying to save his hair>loses all his gains>content and views slow down to a fraction of what they once were, may have been spacing out old footage to tide his channel over until he could get his physique back>apparently had gotten into good enough shape to try to bounce back with some recent videos>rumored to have taken psychedelics irresponsibly and went crazy>now doing some weird spiritual fasting shit as he withers away to nothing

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>>136722301>>If you’re like me and get bored on long runs>This was exactly my issue,Anyone who says running is boring was never in shape to run in the first place and they just gave up. Take that into account. There's nothing boring about running and having your body produce chemicals and endorphins it wouldn't otherwise produce. Extended Cardio also literally slows the aging process and spurs new cell development.