I know Obama was a terrible president...

I know Obama was a terrible president, but why do rightists love to pretend that he went on apology tours and that he was born in Kenya?

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they hate black people

Because he's black.

It's of vital importance to the republican right to pretend that they have huge sweeping differences between themselves and the democratic party, and that it's not just a political scheme to compete for the same lobbying money.

Which is why zero criticism for legalizing assassination of american citizens, but huge amounts of made-up criticisms of apology tours and gun confiscation.

Because they couldn't find any real big scandals to pin on him, so they made some up.

You can argue Obama was a bad president but you'd need to do it with statistics and charts , and other stuff that's too boring for the average Fox News mouth-breather to pay attention to. So instead you have to invent some bullshit about him being a secret Kenyan terrorist.

Because white republican america is honestly some of the most easily dooped fools in the entire twin continents of North and South America. They criticize Latin America like they're insects, but at least they know when they're being used.

P. T. Barnum said there was a fool born every minute. He was wrong. They're born every second.

Same thing is being done right now to Trump with the liberals.

Trump is terrible and you could certainly make a reasoned argument that he is, but you have to put effort into it and analyze the things he says. Not "TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER" or my favorite "Well, Trump is for protectionism so he's a little socialistie and hes very pro America so he's a little nationalistie……."

Fast and the Furious. Campaigned as anti war yet spent his entire time in office at war. Didnt close down guantanamo bay like he promised. Signed off on the predatory drone campaign that killed thousands of innoncent people.

"But but but people didnt like because he was black." Fuck. Off. He was a shitty corrupt president.

because 8 years of OBAMUNISM has ruined AMERICA

Meant to be replied to

let's be honest here, with him bailing out the banks, not taking away any guns, not actually going after tax evading multinationals, continued warmongering in the middle east he was the perfect republican president

That's what the guys saying, retard. He's saying you should blame Obama for actual things he did, not HE"S A KENYAN TERRORIST WHO WENT ON AN APOLOGY TOUR COMIN FOR OUR GUNS

There are people who still believe Obama was a communist it makes you really think.

Learn to read you idiot. He said they couldnt find any major scandel which they did.

Its just you all ignored it because he was a Democrat.

The real question is why the left loved him despite being Bush on steroids. Even the right doesn't mention Bush and didn't even invite him to the RNC.

Identity politics. It's ironic, claim that people hated him because he was black but yet they never protested him or called him out for the same reason.

because believing in that fake stuff is easier than constructing a reasonable analysis of his policies

I prefer 100 fake and negative news about Obama than 1 true and positive one. It's just the nature of our situation OP.

you`re never going to normalize this NEOLIBERAL, stop trying

Some of the most "clever" conservatives actually realized this was the case at some point.


Because he was born in Kenya.

He did go on apology tours - for Republicans