Some more autism is going on within the ranks of the plebbitburo, should we agitate for the leftypol coup again?

Remember, no raiding reddit now comrades {*[:^)

Funny how a small group of SJWs have once again managed to take over even more of reddit.
The problem with reddit is the admins themselves are SJW faggots, and I suspect they feed emails of top mods to fellow idpol cancerites so they can strongarm the position off them.
Someone should hit up Cav and get him to seize this opportunity to contact heatst, he seems to have the best grasp of the situation having embedded himself with the autism and heatst have covered this cliques bullshit twice now.

Semi related, but kiwifarms has just come back up in the last few days and I'm reading a thread with Lowtax of SA who is describing them doing very similar things to subvert his site.


/r/leftypol apparently is back again. We should post there and despook Reddit

Or you could stop shilling your dick in ass homosexual subreddit which everyone hates the idea of beyond a few reddifugees.

It's a trap run by the faggot SolarAquarion that's been trying to fuck with Holla Forums since the board started

Where is our discord spy? Screencap me their usernames.

wait i thought cometparty was /ourguy/
is this not so now? he's actually one of the shitmods?

Turned out Cometparty was just the alt of one of the shitty mods who played both sides.

Not yet. We haven't completely finished digesting the last wave of newfags.

I don't know whether this is true actually, it could just be a flippant comment made to troll spies.
t. guy with shit that nobody has seen yet going on a fucking rampage

If I get anywhere I'm turning them straight over to /baph/ at this point }:^)

Last time this noticeably decreased the quality of the board, so let's not.

It still feels like we haven't recovered and it's getting worse.

Who is that?


Holla Forums always tell me that issues are systemic, not conspirational.

how then, is this phenomenon of power hungry cretins taking over marxist parties/forums/organisations/reddits not systemic to marxism?

Solars been here forever and has done nothing wat

the reddit system is entirely designed for one power hungry cunt and an entourage of scabs to run everything

We can't take it over - because then its just going to be run by some autistic weeb from a fucking *chan who will lose his fucking mind over the dumbest shit as well

Who gives a fuck about reddit?

then tell me why this never happens on right-wing subreddits

Because the right believes power is rightfully earned and that scabs are loyal assistants

The phenomenon of power hungry cretins taking over parties/forums/organisations/reddits is systematic to everything that contains the structures of power and has enough people to generate autismos whose lives are overtaken by the desire to enforce their opinions on such places because of some higher ideals.

Maybe you should stay there.

This sort of thing always reminds me why democracy doesn't work.
Humans are simply too stupid to organize and democratically run anything, we'll (you actually, I'm leveled up from this pathetic thing long ago) always need someone in charge to dictate while the rest just obey.

I don't understand what you mean by that. Do you mean that it happens to right-wing reddits too, but that they just don't care?

I post on numerous right-wing subreddits and I've never seen anything like this happening in any of them, the only place where something similar happened is neo-Holla Forums with their "everyone who doesn't suck trump dick is paid by hillary clinton".

Either that or nobody cares enough to try and take over them because they trust in their leadership and it's unfairness

related to reddit shit in general: /r/politics now calls anyone who questions the trump/russia conspiracy theory a russian spy

this is frustrating as it has now become impossible to actually debate anything there, because it all comes down to stupid Holla Forums tier shit but with russian spies instead of jidf

Leftypol takeover of leftist subplebbits when?

But they do care, which is why are the main opposition to SJW purges and power-meddling. Their subreddits don't have lists of banned words, banned anime girls or bans for post-history in other subreddits.

The insanity of /r/socialism and 8/pol/ moderation teams when compared to right-wing subreddits and Holla Forums does have a common origin in things like the age, size and influence of a given sub-community. Said factors cause the people(both users and mods) within it to be overly immersed in those petty internet dramas, making them feel that their retarded opinions have much bigger impact than in reality.

just leave it
christ, imageboards should all take referrer headers and smack anyone linked from reddit with a two week ban
oh, and make a subreddit called 'r/gobacktoreddit', and redirect them to it.

It does happen.

this, let them rot in their own filth

Which ones?

I told you guys that /baph/ would fuck with the /r/socialism mods during that last hiccup but none of you posted any info on them

Holla Forums is 2 scared to go full internet on them lol

I don't have any of their info


Yeah, but at the time we were still trying to do a diplomatic coup, which the redditors were being stringed along with. I have uncovered evidence that this was never intended right from the beginning of the mods being put in power.
I am making a big file for /baph/ to tuck into over the next day or so.

Also, note that plebbit has been more of a hub/base for left-wingers than for right-wingers, leading to the flourishing of leftist communities in there(and consequently, the retardation witnessed today) while making rightists feel more restricted, at least until recently. The opposite was true for chans, with an overall turn to the right on the chans ever since jewt created Holla Forums and the subsequent paranoia, with 8/pol/ being a logical conclusion of said circlejerking.

Reddits mod system encourages cliques and conspiracy. On Holla Forums it's much more difficult for mods to communicate