Why do so many conservatives love 1984 even though Orwell hated conservatives and reactionaries ?

Why do so many conservatives love 1984 even though Orwell hated conservatives and reactionaries ?

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Orwell was closer to Libertarianism than to Stalinism

But would he support modern day libertarians like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson

Right wingers are deliberately ignorant as shit. Anything that contradicts their autistic narrative is blocked out of their minds, lest it not trigger them. Orwell being their enemy is one of them.

yes actually

This. They're literally retarded and most of them have an infant's understanding of history.

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Orwell was quite "reactionary" honestly in modern terms and Trump nor that guy is a conservative so it doesn't matter.

As it stands, they love it because 1984 closely parallels a lot of things ever since "leftists" aka liberals became the dominate force but personally I think things are becoming more Brave New World than anything.

Because they're stupid and it's better known than Brave New World.

I think they should read Homage to Catalonia.


Because they hate academics because they back absolutely none of the bullshit that's fed to them, and so it must be a conspiracy, so they go back to whatever they had to read in Junior High English Class that didn't offend them.

Mice and Men was too leftist. Handmaiden's Tale was slanderous against my Christian god fearing family that treats my mom like shit.

That leaves

Animal Farm


And they did shit in English so they have no background information on the author. It's basically that simple.

In Europe, libertarianism is a left-wing ideology (while liberals are right-wing).

no, because it has different meaning across

actually no

Either they haven't read it, or they have read it and have no concept of depth or historical understanding.
Most right wing dipshits think 1984 is what we advocate when we advocate communism.

Well hate to break it you but people remember Communism from history and well…it did turn out exactly like Animal Farm and 1984. It's still happening now in North Korea.



Except it didn't

Without a competent understanding of Marx's works you can take 1984 which way you want. It's hard to emphasize the importance of its relationship to Marxist theory. The abstraction from this context has more to do with the history of Marxism in the 20th century, and the fact that Orwell's writings have been hidden behind his opposition to Stalin.

Did anyone see the video of Fantano shitting on PJW? I always thought Fantano was a reactionary too.


It really should tell you to just quit if fucking Fantano blows you the fuck out.

Because it's common knowledge among those not utterly cucked that Orwell converted to Nazism after witnessing the horrors perpetrated by Communism in Spain.

t. black book writer

Not in my experience.We have a "Libertarische Partij" here in the Netherlands now and they're the same kind of right libertarians you have in the USA. The cancer is spreading.

It really didn't though. The GDR was a really comfy place to live for the most part, even if it was poorer than the West. The USSR was also better than modern-day Russia, as were many of the other Warsaw Pact states compared to their modern equivalents.

ja, ik vind het ook kut maar dan zeg je gewoon dat je 'libertair socialist' bent