Badmouse BTFO

How can he ever recover?

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humanists to the wall


So, feels > reals?


Rightists are like a brick wall.


It's not just "rightists". Dawkins already knows subsaharans are hopeless. It's not up for debate and no excuses for environmental arguments (all debunked) or blaming colonisation which Asia suffered the worst under is going to change that.

More like



Rightards BTFO


Haha hey wow dude, why don't you listen to Dawkins talk about essentialism.

I think this might interest you

It points out how strong genetics are as a factor in a lot of things.

One: you do realize that heritability can be applied to something as asinine as wearing earrings or not?
Two: I'm tired of raceshit threads so I'll wait for Bat'ko and just post these.

Absolute madman

he is checking all the points to be considered autistic right there


jeez, first I thought blacks should have the right to vote, but then I realized inequality is natural and we'd have to cut off all our limbs to solve that.

I don't give a shit about badmouse, but I have a question, and maybe I'll make my own thread for this. What is the point of Harrison Bergeron? why was that story even written? what real position is it attacking? I heard Vonnegut, like Orwell and Asimov was a socialist, so why did he write it? shit literally makes no sense to me, because anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention during the Cold War could see the Soviet Union was ball-to-the-wall when it came to olympic athletes, physics, rocketry, etc.

Honestly I have no fucking clue. I believe I heard somewhere it was a like a satire of what reactionaries think socialism is.

Vonnegut is my favorite author btw. If you've read his "mother night" it's really fucking good. Also his "player piano" which is about automation is equally great

Yeah, I was right. Makes it pretty funny how often reactionaries quote it

Equality has to be enforced is not equality.

Remember: you make fun of the autists, you don't "debate" them.

Zebras have been domesticated and there are many native tribes that have cattle.

It was written as a satire of what people socialism it was never meant to criticize socialism itself

It's a brilliant satire and if it's unironically quoted as an attack on socialism it just proves how great it is.

Oh dear God please don't turn this into another race realist thread

Ah, just like that famous quote from Marx
"To Each is equal, to Ability is equal, Everything equal"

notice how majority exist in the great plains region of south east Africa, and majority of those affected in the slave trade came from the heavier bush regions on the coastal west

What does the brutal Arab slave trade in Africa have to do with Zebras?

I'm just going to leave this here… you two can talk about it all you want…

its not important any more

bretty gud

It's been more than a century since Marx said that "the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all" yet somehow rightists still believe equality is all about assuming and wanting people to be the same.