Why is it so difficult for the right to understand that communists/anarchists don't like Soros or for that matter any...

Why is it so difficult for the right to understand that communists/anarchists don't like Soros or for that matter any rich liberal figurehead?

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He pays good, he just needs to be a lot more punctual

also I have spammed blacked.com porn all over 4chan but I have yet to see a raise

Memes and infographcs are more convincing than analysis

Doesn't he call himself a Communist though? I thought I read his strategy was to become the elite and promote Communism from the top

Because they're humans vs orcs idiots and everyone not a nazi is on the same evil team to them.

always makes me chuckle

None of us care about him. Why are they so obsessed?

nice. I didn't know Karl left such a detailed plan. Now I'm sure we will survive the assault from Hitler in Antarctica.

I can't wait to implement our gay agenda!

Its impossible for rightards to imagine people as free individuals that have their own reasons for doing things.

*radical homosexual agenda

Because Holla Forums ideology is directly descended from shit Fox News was telling baby boomers in the 80s/90s

what do you like? You don't like anything.

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Sankara, Castro, Allende, etc.

You know, Marxists

It's not that complicated

Why don't you like based Duterte?

Probably for the same reasons you like him.

Peace, and the absence of imperialist/colonialist countries fucking over my country.

Worker's cooperatives, cooperative enterprises, and other forms of non-capitalist working organizations.

Open source products and free software and other alternative organizations


You commiecucks think everything is so simple don't you? Jews are CUCKS first and foremost, they're cucks themselves and they're ashamed of this so they attempt to make the white race into cucks as well. Get me? Jews are ridden with guilt for their own riches, they want communism cause they're self-hating. Communism is all part of the rich Jews master plan of bringing both themselves and the white race down to the level of lowly cucks with no will to dominate others. Think a little bit, you'll realize that the world is more complex then what Marx and Lenin make it out to be.

Why do you like this?

Because I am a communist.

Is this a false flagging leftypolack? It has to be

How is he worse than Castro? You know Cuba has a strict anti-drug anti-fag policy in place right?

Holla Forums probably hates you, and calls you dumb.

How in the world did you just put communists and anarchists and lump them together? This is exactly why you will never win. You have two contradictions and you think they are the same thing just because they are both degenerates.

I am Australian


Well a long applause for you then, you dense cunt.

there are actually similarities. Like the whole anti-capitalist/private-property/wage-labour/neo-liberalsim thing.

I also just realized how much commies all like hyphenated terminologies.


Reminder you people were exiled for a reason. Literally nobody wanted you, not even other Australians.

I'm trying to have a reasonable discussion

Yeah nah

Why did you mention your nationality in the first place? I said that Holla Forums probably calls you, a nazi flagging fuck, dumb. What does that have to do with you being Australian?

The eternal shitposter strikes again

Australians are just naturally retarded.

Why are you discriminating me? I came here to learn about muh gobbunism and this is the level of discourse I find on this board.

It's the only flag I found here that's closest to my political stance (Paleo-libertarian)

fuck, I forgot the aussie shitposting meme fact.

You're a fake. The soros is the left's bank roll, you fucking idiot. Go back to reddit.

You deserve it for all the pain and misery and shitposting you caused us, you kangaroo-fucking faggot.

Now go stop the boats before your """"white"""" country is further invaded

wtf kind of post am i looking at?

Wtf did I ever do to you?? mfw I only ever post Blacked.com on cuckchan from time nowadays, which is something you would probably enjoy anyways. The Leaf is far worse than Australians at this point m8

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Wtf where's my Soros check for all the Antifa rallies I attended?
You're an ausfag and as such you are in every way inferior to me


Why does Holla Forums hate Soros? Because Soros is a total Alpha, more of a man than any Holla Forumstard will ever be. Just look at him. He has so much money he probably cucked Trump right in from of his face for bailout money when Trump went bankrupt and needy. Melania will do anything for enough cold hard cash.


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They hate him because he's a liberal Jew with a lot of political influence

Valuing things other than money is not cucking m8. Literally nig tier logic there

No it's because they're jealous that my homeboy George is more Alpha and has more money than their pathetic senile watersports cuck.

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Go back to where you came from >>>/aus/

Because Pic related is not spookcucked. He's a nihilistic egoist.

You mad you can't afford dis grill neetcucks?

stay spooked friend

You can't afford that either m8


stay mad

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Because "communist" and "anarchist" groups keep being funded by him?

In the same sense, look what happens when you even question IDpol on any leftist community outside Holla Forums. Of course they're going to assume such because they are the majority and subversive bourgeois element that make the face of the left right now.

how does it feel to be stupid?

I love black people. I want to observe them from a safe distance tho.

These things are in direct contradiction to eachother. Nihilism states there are no values, egoism states the sole individual is the the source of all value.

while they fuck your wife?

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well shieet I don't even know what that means

why is this board so obsessed with cuckoldry?

shitposting professional u mean


u mad you got called out

Why is your board so obsessed with cuckoldry?

Because It's the thinking man's fetish.


Also Holla Forums is not white . Everyone who uses the term cuck unironically is literally fantasising about the BWC


I don't know any Leftist that likes Soros.

Hes a cappie

I support Pat Buchanon tier conservatism with muh free markets and non-interventionism

Because that's not true outside of Holla Forums and you know it. Every single modern communist and anarchist out there is only interested in idpol and this little weasel Soros by funding those modern communists and anarchists only to misdirect them to idpol and nothing else proves that everything we've said about class consciousness is correct where the bourgeois only try to misdirect to red herrings like idpol instead of the bourgeois like Soros themselves.

By living like the worst porky possible? Look at his lifestyle and where he lives. He's even worse than the average porky by having his finger in every war and profiting off suffering and exploitation.

He funded explicitly anti-communist liberal groups in eastern Europe you dumb cunt

Do we care? We're communists, not liberals.



I've been posting more cuck porn than ever before, when will I get paid more?

George Soros is what Engels liked to call a revolutionary bourgeois (Engels was one too). It is undeniable that Soros puts literally billions into revolutionary left wing movements in a brilliantly strategic and calculated manner. This man wants international proletarian uprisings, every action he makes is proof that his agenda is with us.

Soros is the modern day John Brown

you are autistic

Because Soros has been funding (and probably giving cues to) Antifa? You know, that anarcho-communist Nazi-punching political machine?
Maybe Holla Forums doesn't like him, but those he bankrolls kowtow to his demands. And if they didn't, they would get cut off. Like employees in a capitalist society or citizens in a communist one.

Would Soros be more legitimate if he were a communist nation bankrolling Antifa actors to bring communism to whichever country they're in?

everything is fundd by soros user

this post was funded by soros too

You're forgetting, user:
My post was also funded by Soros.

The hilarious thing is this is such fucking projection by the right.

Show a single fucking scrap of evidence Soros is funding Antifa, know why you are all full of shit? Because literally every Antifa activist I know is poor as shit, many are fucking homeless or squatters with not a fucking dime to their name.

Here is the annoying as fuck thing, the right IS funded by porkie interests, it's an absolute 100% documented fact people like the Koch Brothers and Big Energy and Big Tobacco pour hundreds of millions into fake right wing grass roots political movements and think tanks and "alternative media outlets", go on Sourcewatch and look at almost every single fucking asshole think tank and grassroots right wing org is funded by Energy, Guns and Tobacco.

The question is not about evidence. The question is whether it would be in his interest and whether it would comport with his historical lived ethics.
In any case, with as much money as Soros spreads around to dozens or hundreds of pop-up organizations, often constituting double-digit percentages of total funding, it would be more difficult to disprove that Soros is funding Antifa. One needs not give orders like a manager. One merely needs to enable those who have the slightest tendency to do it anyway, as the FBI domesticated tear-a-wrist recruitment project cruelly illustrated.

everyone on sociopath-community.com likes anarchy thats why there are no mods

Radical homosexual agenda -> milo -> alt right
Everything is going according to plan. Hail Marx!

I know he's not a communists/anarchists, but many of those organizations are happy to take his dirty money because what they do with it helps his cause.


I like Soros, he gives me paycheck everyday to poison the left with liberalism, and to spread rumors that I'm not actually doing this for free.