All races are equal!


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1820's Holla Forums policy of breeding the most efficient farm equipment possible backfired greatly

Sports are good nerd

That's a meme



Makes one ponder

So basketball was a jewish plot from the start! I always knew it was a secret cucking psyop.

Must be kind of awkward to be #11.

But isn't this what you want Holla Forums, the best man for the job gets the job?


All that high fructose corn syrup and superior white rapebabby's also helped

and so the white man became the architect of his own demise :^)

Really gets the noggin joggin'

White women aren't that attractive you're right op


Really fires those neurons

equally different :v)

You're just saying that because asian women would be #1 without white women in the way


You tards act like this will bring about some leftist utopia

What will happen is a Chicago in every town larger then 100 people and mudhut hell in anything smaller then that, a fitting end for your shit tier ideology

yall niggas know halfu is best