Educating /r9k/

Use nuance you fucking retard Jesus Christ

Agreed. This is like Holla Forums coming on here and openly using the word "niggers"; grounds for immediate dismissal of any point you tried to make.

kys socdem

He made a good point. These are all words a phrases you shouldn't have used

These threads usually aren't very good for any sort of legitimate discussion.

Arguing with NEETs is a lost cause OP. They'd rather blame darkies and chads for their problems than actually analyze the capitalist system responsible for their lot in life.

t. Defeatist
come on these folks have very little you think some of them can't be won to communism/anti-capitalism

That's right, these lumpenproles could never be radicalized. Keep shitposting on your obscure imageboard.

Theoretically it should be easy to convert them, bu there's so much crossposting between /r9k/ and Holla Forums that most of them are hopelessly indoctrinated by nazi propaganda.

NEET threads on /r9k/ come off as a sort of mockery of capitalism already.
Occasionally a meme comes up in the thread that the hierarchy goes:
Self-employed > NEET > Student > Wageslave

This shows they can respect people who control their own workplace, more than a wageslave who submits to Porky, or as they say, Shekelstein.
I think many of these anons would be more sympathetic to leftist ideals based off this, if they had a better idea of what those ideals were.

what you need to do is break down their conditioning.
i don't know how though.

Does anyone else think that guy spamming pics in the thread is schizophrenic?

tbh a surprising amount of socialists in that thread.


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Not sure if robots can be educated since their interests heavily revolve around the welfare state staying intact. And you can't really blame capitalism for them being autistic, aimless NEETs who were bullied as kids and are too depressed/lazy to try to fix their problems.

I think they will take kindly to a bit of Bob Black.

If you're referring to Abolition of Work, then that type of society would still require them to do something productive and leave their room whereas they'd rather do nothing except engage in the spectacle while normies fund their lifestyle.

Essentially they could only be radicalized if they were sane individuals wanting a different life or if you could somehow blame capitalism for stacies rejecting them and chads bullying them.

Hi there Holla Forumsintelpro
Yeah let's fix a thick, cloudy lens of mysticism over the question of class consciousness and shame the faceless masses in doing so, that sure sounds like some effective revolutionary praxis

friendly reminder when you go elsewhere and just start talking about communism and all your fancy words you're just going to get immediately antagonized and ignored because of prior associations

educating r9000 would go over a lot easier if you people didn't have such contempt for anyone with low SES

It's the ideas themselves that are important. The nomenclature is too easy for most people to trip over and can seem dense and unduly abstracted from their daily lives

It's just Holla Forums and COINTELPRO

specific words have specific meanings. they aren't "fancy words"

words only have meaning insofar as they convey ideas. they are "fancy" in the sense that very few people understand what exactly they mean and it requires knowledge or education to do so. if you get someone to think
you have still taught them socialism even if a few of the words are changed. the point is to focus on ideas not words. the stubborn insistence on using words that have been the target of decades of propaganda and are immediately discarded as a result is counterproductive.