Conservatism is the new punk

How can we stop this shit?

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by checking to see if there's already a thread for this


ok, i am newfug hoo cant crosspost apparently.

No need to stop what does exist

can someone explain how is conservatism any way better than progressiveness???

Fuck you.

punk is dead

Why would we want to stop this? Portraying conservatism/lolbertism/fascism as the edgy teenage phase works in our favor.

delet this?????

More like the new pop punk lmao

I like it too man but you can't deny it is usually associated with edgy teenagers.

If you don't listen to the beginnings of Industrial and those like it even if its edgy you're not even a communist.

You might as well embrace being edgy for the rest of your life since all of us are political pariahs. There's no going back now.


Imagine how sheltered they are that they dont know about nazi punks

posting the song

are the dead kennedys /ourguys/?

Jello's pretty good. Check out his spoken word and other projects post-DK.
The rest of the band sued him who had also run the Alternative Tentacles label, presumably for failure to promote their back catalogue etc., and won. Jello maintains that the suit was a response to his refusal to license Holiday in Cambodia for a fucking Levi's commercial.

Wait literally 2 years and this shit dies down again

thats pretty cool of him. Fuck corps


Punk is shit though, post-punk was always so much better.

So the left must be post-punky.

Do the kids still like shoegaze?