Anfem meta thread

Hoochie Minh, do you want to go on an anime date with me?

Don't name tripfags.

this isn't even fun shitposting. this is actually just an objectively bad post.

She probably has man-hands anyway.

does asian cunt trip still post here?

Tripfags are cancer

This thread was almost too embarrassing to click on


Legitimately what is the difference between an anarcha-feminist and any other anarchist?


people actually like other anarchists

I don't even like this thread

Well done

I'm not even an anfem

so youre just cunt or what do you boil down to

I'm kind of a big deal.

go back to >>>/homosuck/ big deal

Why won't the BO disable trips? What value do they bring here? IRC or AIM him and tell him to fix this shit.

please purge OP from real life

Someone purge me and OP from real life


Let's be honest

We' all should die

Hoochie is a valuable part of this community, she does not discriminate and derails all Holla Forums false flags and Holla Forums shitposts alike with her inane comments and histrionic personality disorder

I'm a big fan of yours Hoochie, will you make a JAV with me?


When is Hoochie getting blacked?

She's filming a JAV right now, she'll do one with Blacked in April.

uphold marxism-pricklyism, purge liberals!


Jumping right from nips to negroes? That's quite the leap. She should at least try white guys in between.

Nice ass