We haven't had an Esperanto thread in a bit, so how are miaj kamaradoj doing with their studies...

We haven't had an Esperanto thread in a bit, so how are miaj kamaradoj doing with their studies? If you are not studying it, why haven't you begun?

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i lost my duolingo account info i have to start over (but i will get there)

I think it might have a placement test at the beginning like the other languages, but if it doesn't you can test out of the individuals skills and sections until you reach where you were.

yeah thats my problem, i should blaze though pretty quickly though

Mi parolas esperanton jam dek jaroj kaj nur mi povas diskuti kun kvar maljunuloj en mia urbo (Mi ne havas monon por veturi al SAT kongresoj, ktp…)
Kiam faros ni grupon el maldekstra samideanoj rete?
Kaj, pligrave, ĉu vi ankaŭ pensas ke ni devos plivalorigi sennaciismon angle ankaŭ ĉi tie sen paroli pri esperanto?

Tre bona. Kiel vi renkontis ilin?
Kiam? Eble nun, ĉi tie. Iuj kamaradoj ĉi tie jam lernas ĝin.
Kio? Plivalorigi sennaciismon sed paroli pri esperanto? Ili estas nedisiĝeblaj, ĉu ne?

Est-ce que je ne parle Esperanto pas

I probably said that wrong. I'm trying to learn French. Started last month.

When you want to establish a general, put at least some links in the OP, like where to learn and how

I think "est-ce que" is supposed to start a yes or no question.

Wasn't really supposed to be a general, just a thread to talk about Esperanto. If you're asking in a roundabout way, duolingo.com is a great source.

Here's a nice pdf with some basics.


They only offer me to learn English, French and Spanish.

Those are the courses for the language you choose as your main language. Most courses, including Esperanto, are taught in English atm.

Where do I change the settings?

I don't really get what you mean. What are you asking exactly?

protip: "pas" comes just after the verb to mean a negation: je ne parle pas esperanto.

Go to the page where you can pick the different courses and there should be a drop down menu allowing you to pick the language of instruction.

I was attempting to say I don't speak Esperanto in French.

Je suis bete

Ah ok, thanks

Je ne parle pas Esperanto is enough then.

Second protip; Je suis bête. accents on e: é è ë ê will make you shit bricks, altough to be fair, i doubt non french keyboards do have them.

That being said, tu peux le faire, camarade! Je crois en toi!

Ili estas la UEA grupo de la urbo. Tre amikaj kunuloj sed tre maljunoj (pli ol 70 jaroj). Me ne ofte renkoniĝas kun ilin. Mi instruis klasojn je anarĥiist-centro sed ĝi malsuksesis; la lernantoj rapide perdis intereson. (Povus esti ĉar mi estas instruistaĉo ke ne multe praktikas)

Mi pensas ke la sennaciista ideo kaj ĝia venko estas pli grava ol la venko de esperanto kiel mondlingvo (esperanto ne suficos ĉiam, ĝi ne estas perfekta), kaj me ŝatus fari anglan (kaj alia) lingvon ĵurnaleton pri sennaciismo por disvastigi al ne-esperantistoj.

Learning esperanto in parallel can help to understand french grammar.

Still think this is a Eurocentric joke language. It's literally just the European language groups mashed together with no interest for the rest of the world; its "internationalism" or "anti-imperialism" is a sham. Some bourgies in China liking it does not change this.

It's not eurocentric at all, actually it's more popular in asia than in western europe. It's only limited to european languages because the creator didn't speak languages from other continents, and it's nearly impossible to mix everything together into a coherent and practical synthesis. There is a revisionist language that tried to do this though, called Lingwa de Planeta:

Neniu uzas ĝin, sed:

Can someone help me translate something?
How do you tranlate the following into Esperanto

translate doesn't help much

Li estas filo de Peter.
Sxi estas filino de Laura.


Eble, donas kialon al ili pro ili lerni. Io kiel, povi paroli al iuj esperantistoj kaj anarkiistoj kiu ne parolas la anglan.
Mi konsentas. Sed, mi pensas ke, sennaciismo estas specife esperanta ideo, esperanto estas ĝia kerno, kaj sen esperanto estas nur "cosmopolitanism".

It's vocabulary is European because that's all what Zamenhof knew. It's still designed to be logical and easy to learn for everyone. And because most people speak a European language, at least partially, they'll have help learning the vocabulary.

I'm starting off with basic pronunciation and the grammar structure. Fucking trilled Rs man.

The nice thing about Esperanto is there's no "true" accent or exact way to pronounce, it just needs to be intelligible to other speakers. If trilled Rs are too hard you can go with any other type of R that's easy for you to pronounce and distinguishable from any other sound for other speakers to understand you.

It's missing one key feature though: porn.
There is practically no porn written in Esperanto. How am I supposed to motivate myself to learn a language if is isn't used to describe cute girls doing lewd things?

You can fix this by learning it :^)

I still want to try to learn how to do it, but I'll fall back on another R if I need to.

Je dis merci.

I'm aware of the accents marks but as you guessed I need to pop open a virtual keyboard to do that shit.

Thanks. I like the idea of Esperanto and i want to learn that eventually.


Just make a habit of it. Spend an hour or so a day learning it. It definitely takes a lot of dedication, and you need a clear purpose for why you're doing it.

No language with filthy diacritical marks can be the universal language.

You can also use the H and X system if you're really that autismal :^)

Esperanto is fucking gay. Way too Eurocentric for an 'international' lingua franca, not to mention it sounds like utter shit spoken.

Soros is a Jew with a Latino fetish.

Lojban is the future.

This. Esperanto reeks of cosmopolitan jewry. We should lobby to get Lojban officially recognized as the international language of the 4th, comrade!

Why is Esperanto still a thing when English is being taught everywhere?

Neoliberal globalism is giving the proletariat the tools for its own destruction, even a good chunk of third worlders will have a decent grasp at English soon.

What the fuck is wrong with english?

A lot of people learn English, Han-Chinese is still the most spoken language on the planet though. English is a hard language for a lot of people to learn and there is no harm in learning more shit or trying out Esperanto.

A lot more people speak English than I thought, but surprisingly Spanish is spoken by way more people still and Arabic isn't far behind English.


And as soon as America stops being the world superpower English will stop being the world language. It's a difficult language to learn, politically and culturally non-neutral, gives an unfair advantage to anglophones, and is just general cultural imperialism that's responsible, along with other major languages, of destroying minority languages.