Kurdish qts thread

Kurdish qts thread

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RIP in peace ;__;


sort of like discount latinas with guns

does pisspig count

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why are middle eastern girls all so thiccc

I can't handle it

It's a Jewish trick to breed white men out of existence by making all brown girl qt as fuck :^)

God praise the jews for getting me consistently wet

I fell for it hard. Tfw when refugee gf.

why even live

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Based jews.

That's why you gotta get strong and educate yourself user so you can fight for the revolution but mostly so you can fuck foreign girls…

I am but my problem is that I'm like irredeemably autistic

This, just cut this and make it a banner.

So who's going to man up and fight for pentagon funded YPG, celibacy is mandatory.

it's a bad feel

fucking can't take this pain



You talking about me u cheeky cunt?

There is a silver lining

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That's not a bad thing they are one of the most effective forces fighting ISIS the Pentagon can't ignore that and thier support gives them an edge.

As it should be. Multiple urban guerilla groups were brought down because of sexual jealousy. You can fuck after the war.

Talking about literally everyone on this board, including you and me

I hate kurds more then I hate arabs at this point

t. turkroach

ergh I hate turks too (but that's because their fags) kurds are just commie roach filth that should have been removed by the crusades

t. self-hating turkroach

Pole actually and define self hating

poles are the roaches of europe

you fail to realize gypsies exist

is there a difference?

Yes, we only act retarded while they are subhumans

Will you shut the fuck up you little albinoid boy

I'm begining to think I'm more aryan than anyone on Holla Forums.

I'm more aryan than anyone from Holla Forums and I'm god damn Vietnamese

I actually am Aryan as hell and I'm not planning to reproduce, thus ending my White bloodline forever

Suck it Holla Forums


More literate than the remainder white population of Holla Forums

Stop fetishing third world woman you fucking tramp

I am right now, what are you going to do about it.

Terrible, exploitative things are going on in my head right now.

Are they pulling slant eyes and laughing in your head too?

Nope. Laying on my back.

these rojava girls seems cherrypicked.
Persian girls>syrian/lebanese girls>>>>Kurdish "girls"

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good leftists should be sterilized anyway


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here you go: 9gag.com/gag/401232/a-train

there's even an intro audio snippet about you:


there is nothing more pathetic than a polish nazi, except maybe a black nazi.
sage for off-topic.

Auschwitz had 8 gas chambers and 46 ovens, the largest of which could hold 2,000 prisoners at a time. It doesn't take long for Zyklon B to kill someone, so Auschwitz would kill 4,400 prisoners/day on average. And there were 40,000 camps. So the math checks out, but were Nazis ever good at math??>>1368355


what ultra setting did the germans put on those fucking things?

Auschwitz had ONE gas chamber, reconstructed by the Russians.

Konował wykurwiaj.


I'm polish and I lol'd

Post more qt pics guys reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I don't have an anime girl smug enough. Not even Holla Forums's "whites" are aryan or even nordic.

Here's the classic.


damn, she's qt

feels good man


nobody in europe is aryan. poles are white though. everyone in the north is because their bodies are too lazy to maintain color.

actually we're a pinkish-creamy hue

yanks fuck off

What else can you really expect from this board?

why would they be lying on your back?

thats pretty hot tbh.


Is PissPigGranddad getting to fug these qts?

I heard from a dude today that those qts get killed all the fucking time because they are tiny as shit. He also mentioned that they kill themselves if about to be captured and at the very least have the right attitude. I salute these girls. Truly doing a job that nobody asked them to do, that they didn't have to do, and that they arguably can't do very well without massive casualties, yet there they fucking are.


If I don't marry a kurdish qt whom I will love forever I'll probably blow my brains out :(
The reinvented feminism in Kurdistan is probably the best thing since sliced fucking dick.

Stop Fetishizing Kurds
also if you're being serious want to learn kurmanji with me?

sauce pls

The link you provided lists like 6 different definitions under which Europeans are 'Aryan.'

the YPJ does not fuck

do they make love?

jesus christ what is the context

That's the official policy, but I bet some of them do.

pkf terrorist takedown.
can't find it for free tho :'(

she is a terrorist

The Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War fucked all the time, why is Rojava so prude?

I wonder how they would react to all the posts talking about how much a bunch of foreign men wish to fuck them.

I bet it would be hot.


Because women are involved, catalonia women were useless twats.

m8, as a pole, you're better off with the proles tbh. or did you forget about L E B E N S R A U M?