So let me get this straight

Some of you folks here say you don't believe in concept of private property and that one group or another should "own" a piece of land just for themselves. Yet somehow you defend "holy land" of Natives and as their rightful property and "tribes" rights to it.
Without getting into evniromental catastrophe of possible oil leak that may or may not happen what other LEFTIST arguments are there for preventing DAPL?

I've literally never seen DAPL brought up here before this moment

Oil line doesnt benefit the people, only corporations. That alone is reason enough to oppose that. Also, what is the harm in giving the savages a bit of desert?

The purpose is it radicalizes the natives. It will ultimately be a fruitless endeavor as far as stopping it is concerned.

How doesn't this oil line benefit the people? What are the alternatives?

Ah, I see. So natives are leftist proxy against big bad corporations?

I don't give a shit about private property, but I care about the well being of people, who's well being might be tied to not destroying their water supply
Also fuck oil companies and fuck you

What's the contradiction here? Yes, the land of tribes was stolen. Under socialism it will be given back to them

>>>Holla Forums

Are tribal governments public or private organizations?

it is a legal tactic within the capitalist system forced upon them.

You entirely misunderstand the Marxist concept of property and ownership. Please either read some theory or troll another board.

So you're for ethnic nationalism for natives? Interesting.


OP you're a massive hypocrite and retard, let me get this straight. You think people should have private property but you're fine with oil companies using Eminent Domain to steal it and offer a tiny fraction of it's value as compensation. I'm guess you don't even know what Eminent Domain is because your version of the story excludes it, Eminent Domain is when a government steals property from someone for a 'greater cause' like public works or in the case of failed neoliberal states, for the profit of oil companies. Negotiations at the point of government soldiers for the greater good? Hm, that sounds familiar.

You're fine with acting like Stalin, but only when it privately profits one company that has nothing to do with you. Full spooky retard.

You don't necessarily need ethnic nationalism to oppose ethnic persecution

Indian land is held in common by the tribe. That is not a conflict with socialism. Also, holy land does not have productive value in the production process, so how it is held doesn't even matter.

Socialism is not against "owning" things.

So you're telling me other groups in America can have such thing in theory?

Many native tribes traditionally held most land in common, especially among traditionally nomadic ones like the Lakota. While such practices have often been spotty in application in recent times, it's still a transference of community lands to private corporate ownership.

The whole pipeline ordeal is a blatantly exploitative practice, and effectively an act of imperialist warfare were it not for the fact that most people have become numb to Native American suffering and don't consider them to be worthwhile autonomous communities as one might believe for the types of nations you'll find marked on a world map.

Pretty much. Or at least, we'd like them to be. I think the libs/radlibs are the ones mostly present but a few veterans have turned up, mix all of that together with a bit of futility and police violence and you've got a hotbed for leftist activity whether we do anything or not.

Your entire premise is retarded.

Being against private property means being against private property. The property is now held in common by the community that lives there, therefore its not private property. The oil company wants to make it private property of themselves, so it should be opposed.

Different user, but I assume you're going to respond by saying, 'why not a white nation?'

Even if you weren't, I'm guessing you're Holla Forums anyways so:

An autonomous white society is something I wouldn't be against in a post-capitalist society, but within the capitalist system white nationalism has always been just a tactic to save the bourgeoisie during crisis (and protect themselves from a leftist takeover).

Because what happens here and now is more important than what the ultimate program is. the natives have been screwed and continue to be screwed. FALC isn't here yet so we demand that their current rights are respected.

The real answer is "because 'white' is not a nation."

Both these.

How the fuck do Indians inherently disbelieve in private property? Oh yeah, Holla Forums thinks everything about a person including culture and political leaning is genetic.