Where did all these SocDems come from and how do we get rid of them?

Where did all these SocDems come from and how do we get rid of them?

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We are only 3% of this boards population there are only 4 active posters that I can recognize form their posting style and arguments.

t.the Finnish one

Don't drive off possible revolutionaries. This is not a secret club.


Get over Rosa. It's 2017.

Not even 3%. It's just that the socdems that are here tend to be highly prolific posters.

Also it's important to note most people are socdems before they go further left, so it's not like they should be hated for existing: they are still salvageable unlike most liberals.

How is Juche right wing?

I remember arguing with that redditor. Literally their exact words.

Why did you kill Olof Palme commies?

I'm fine with socdems tbh. I know that there's an argument to be had that socdems undermine the revolutionary cause by prolonging the stagnation of capitalism but if I have to live in a capitalist system I'd rather live in a Socdem country. I also feel like socdem is a good gateway drug to radical thought and socdem countries are more likely to transition to socialism anyway.

but first apologise for killing rosa you fuckers

All the more reason to recognize how Social Democracy has historically never done anything to move towards the abolition of capitalism and is now virtually indistinguishable from Social Liberalism, in the sense that both advocate continued capitalism with some goodies.

They are militaristic totalitarian nationalists who condone the fucking Great Man theory.

And thus you are happily bribed whilst Chinese workers slave away in their gulag-factories and Africa starves. Solidarity!

Differences lies in attitudes towards trade unions and defense of workers.

You pretend to care before you sell them out and liberals don't bother lying?

Social democracy has incrementalist utility. No one is going to win over the proletariat with a message of violently seizing the means of production from the bourgeoisie. Look at The Young Turks, The Jimmy Dore Show, Thom Hartmann, Chris Hedges, Max Keiser, Noam Chomsky, Zizek, etc. They all advocate non-violence.

Most of our political power is in the unions, I don`t see why we would want to act against them nor their members.


This would not happen if CPC freed their labor unions.

Tbh I've made the exact same arguments against socdems in the past but I've realised we do need solidarity more than ever. The workers are not gonna rise up anytime soon in the west and capitalism is going to stagnate and cause suffering with or without socdems. The material conditions needed for revolution are far away plus we need time to uncuck decades of anti-collectivist programming. This is why I'm not going to oppose the rise of socdem states because a socdem country will have an easier time moving to real socialism. When people see firsthand the success of socdem policies at alleviating the ills of capitalism they will be more open to the possibility of communism. Look at what Scandinavian socdem countries have achieved for the western public consciousness. I believe that there are many radical socialists today who would not have even picked up one of Marx's books without the success of scandinavian style socialism as evidence that there actually was something to all that communist stuff. Imagine the awakening that would occur in the mind of the worker if America became a socdem state, people would be more ready than ever and at that moment the radicals could finally shout 'look people! it actually works! let's get the real revolution going! let's take this all the way.' We aren't just fighting against perky anymore we are also fighting against porky's engineered societal perceptions of socialism. My only caveat is that any socdems who oppose the real revolution must be treated like any other enemy of true progress.


Socdem countries only last for 20 years and then they're back where they started. The stress of the countdown would actively be worse than just living under Maximum Capital

Holla Forums raid, or maybe some sinner linked the reddit hivemind to us

Those kulaks did hoard a lot of that grain though

Good argument. SocDems are scum even if you disregard what happened to Rosa, so this really doesn't help you.

Wow, and the capitalist exploitation of the world would not happen if they gave up their exclusive control over the economy. Neither statements helps us at all and it's just retarded utopianism.

Sweden has nothing to do with communism or socialism.
This has never happened.
Why? There is no connection between capitalists giving you free stuff and the cycle of capital itself being abolished. Seeing a lot of state intervention to shield you from capitalism's negative effects isn't going to make you a supporter of the idea of abolishing the very concept of capital and completely restructuring society in a way that excludes it. In fact, it'll probably convince you that this is radical and unnecessary because apparently you can have a friendly capitalism with a human face in your country.
No, they would be completely complacent and never do anything because they already got the living standards they need. Capitalist exploitation continues, the environment and the rest of the world continue to get fucked, and liberals will start the cycle of dismantling what SocDems created.
Your interpretation of the effects of Social Democracy is literally the exact opposite of the effects history has shown it has.

How is monarchism left-wing?

"We did not resist, we did not throw hurdles into the waz of the victorious political opponent", wrote the author. "The old ones (in the SPD leadership) are concerned about their fame. Like old, ridiculous actors or singers they never notice when the curtain has fallen."

"We were, and stayed, in all the full blood parliamentarians, that is, we talked about things, but they did, they mastered them. While concentration camps were already being built and many of our followers were shot dead we got into fierce struggle for seats."
When the Not Socialists entered in 1932 on a ford with the Zentrum and thus won a majority in the Reichstag, Hoegner and his comrades considered it merely an "enjoyable game". It is true that the Social Democrats sensed that "a black and brown government was in the air," but they had no other idea than to "annoy our Zentrum colleagues with the song of the black-brown girl."
On March 23, 1933, the SPD alone voted against the Enforcement Act, which gave the Hitler government an almost unlimited power of power. And when the SPD chairman, Otto Wels, had explained the reasons why his party had to refuse to approve this law, Hitler once again hurried to the podium, kicked off the SPD, and concluded, "You, gentlemen, are no longer needed I do not want you to vote for the Enabling Act, but Germany should be free, but not through you. "
Hoegner: "That clapped and snapped like a whip on our heads, that fell like a fierce fire on us."
Nevertheless, at the Reichstag meeting of May 17, 1933, the SPD, together with the Not Socialists, voted in favor of the program proclaimed by Hitler to remove the restrictions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles ("equality of Germany"), which caused astonishment
The last Reichstag meeting, to which Social Democrats were admitted, was "even more agonizing for many of us than our presence at the meeting of March 23, 1933. At the time we had expected to lose our lives in the worst case, but this time Some of us felt that we were losing our honor. "
But when Hitler began his speech, the comrades experienced a surprise. The new chancellor avoided any attack on the SPD, even for the Nazi opponent Hoegner sounded the speech "extremely moderate": "A more gentle peace speech could not have been held by Stresemann." When Göring called for the vote, the members of the SPD parliamentary group rose and voted in favor of the Reichstag declaration.
Hoegner described this as follows: "Thereupon an agitator of the other deputies broke loose, and even our most implacable adversary, Adolf Hitler, seemed to be moved for a moment, and he rose and clapped us applause, but the President of the Reichstag, Goering, stood up Spoke magnificently: "The German people are always united when their destiny is. Then the German national deputies began to sing the German song. Most of our ranks were singing. Some ran tears down their cheeks. It was as if social democrats, who were always cursed as the lost sons of the fatherland, had for a moment immortalized the common mother of Germany. "

Also fun:
In other words, "we were such spineless reformists that in a time of real conflict we were incapable of putting up the resistance that was needed."