We just need a mix of socialism and capitalism bro xD


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Until economic calculation problem can be solved, yes.
At best we could have market socialism, but anything beyond that is simply not realistic with current level of technology.

It's what Lenin would have wanted; just look at the NEP.

More sage

It has been solved because it never existed

Sage is not a down vote El redito

Fucking liberal. Overproduce then burn what's not usable, like the Iroquois nation did.
Accounting is a spook.

How can you even have an planned economy if money is still being used to pay wages? It would eventually lead to free fall back to state capitalism.

Sounds brilliant way to use resources in planned and efficient manner.

Why not just give it away to poor people in capitalist nations along with some free propaganda?


Stop drinking the liberal koolaid.

non-accumulative currencies tend to have multitudes of problems. Gold standard for example.

Similar plans and arguments were made by Glushkov during 70`s in SU. They never were realized thus this lies on pure speculation that socialist state apparatus seems to be unable to solve.

What problems?

Output stagnates along with the demand for goods. Deflation mostly.

Bourgeois efficiency is another spook.

It's a strategic matter of how much the propaganda works against whom.

Stop drinking so much or pic related.

And if price signals are eliminated?


Why can't you be more creative, Holla Forums? At least put some effort into it.

Thats a fake quote made up to make fun of liberals.

Neh dude, the Bolsheviks knew what was up.

Without them there would be no efficient resource allegation prior to creating any output ie. shortages and delays would be common in society that would use labor vouches for goods that aren`t raw and require no further processing.

How about asking people what they need?



Funny how none of this was a real problem before JIT eliminated the idea of stock. Yet you seem to be unable to assume a world without managerialism or optimization or other bourgeois conceits.
Fuck efficiency and optimization. Those are Whig values and therefore inapplicable to the current object of study, which is socialism, not liberalism.

Dispenses with the bourgeoisie (shopkeepers, traders, etc.) telling people what they should need is to amend their consumption to conform to the bourg's convenience and profit, and thus their elevated status as a class. Therefore, no socdem will consider it.

That's why you don't back the currency with fucking gold, you back it with energy.

This is bad, how?

logical conclusion of social democracy: (liberalism with jerbs)


Welfare capitalism / UBI would be enough to serve my interests tbh

Then there would be no need for labor vouches.

Higher production of better quality is the only way we are going to reach full automation and post-scarcity. We can`t be living in the primitive ages anymore.

Currency backed by labor nor energy would be different in its accumulative function form current fiat currencies.

Deflation would lead to smaller population. Smaller population leads to smaller scientific output and I think most of us on this board can agree that we want to see post-scarcity soon as possible.

I know ppl who look like this and are hard line communists well read in theory

As usual OP is a faggot

St. Augustine was a bitter clinger to the Roman Empire, not a philosopher. Stfu with the strivey-wivey pwogwessive crap and make stuff, bourg.




Back when slaves were a class, not a subspecies, they got some good beer.

From my own experience most "hard line communists" are dumb fundamentalist hipsters for whom Marx is the new cool "brand" they can build their self-image with and market themselves. They spend their days reading Hegel and Marx but have shit knowledge. I was once talking to such a guy who couldn't stop interrupting me with "but Hegel already wrote that!" in relation to some other philosopher who wrote before Hegel and was one of his main influences.
In Europe all universities have a bunch of these. They are usually also really entrepreneurial and competitive, in practice fully absorbing the current market-based ideology of education.


Is the only way. Centrally planned economy is slavery and unfreedom. Down with the Stalinist-Trotskyist bureaucracy!