Will Trump go down as one of the most important presidents ever?

Will Trump go down as one of the most important presidents ever?
I think he already is.
Think about how much he has changed political discourse in less than two years, not to mention the fact that he has exposed major flaws in the political system as a whole, notably the two party system and the electoral college.

there really should be a cycling trump containment thread


Liberal government has nothing to do with leftism except as a physical barrier.

Only the double digit retards haven't realized that already.

well, "last but not least" does have a certain ring to it.

hey /pol

He's not the cause, just the effect. The cause is part of the people getting fed up with the system and trying to find a way to escape from it.

The major flaws of the US political system was already exposed for anyone who stop to think about it.

Maybe in the sense that President Johnson was important.

the people are stupid, accelerationist votes were few

how can we show people that voting for third parties does work and does bring change?
they claim iceland doesn't count because it's so small, and they ignore how german government changed its policies when pirate party was at 14% in polls and local elections.

he's the literal child of establishment.
he's a republican, the only difference is this time the candidate is as retarded as the people who voted for him.

He may be president, but he doesn't have his administration under control.
It is clear that the Obama-Clinton administration is still in charge. European government openly mock him. Something they wouldn't dare if it was any other president.

I assumed, that he would at least fight for dominance, but now that Flynn retired, it looks more like either he will be tamed and work at least with the Republican establishment or he will be impeached.

There won't be no showdowns. Anyway, he will go down in history as the barking buffoon, who bit off more than he could chew.

but he hasn't, he's parroting views that are fairly common

15 years from now we will be saying "Trump who?"

Are american liberals always this salty when they lose elections?

He hadn't changed the discourse: here's proof that he has changed the discourse

Trump is the best thing to happen to the left. The left would have been asleep otherwise. They chose Shillary over Bernie, ffs. The right on the other hand… Let them sleep in the fire.

Trump will go down as either the next Herbert Hoover or the next Louis XVI.

Trump getting elected will shift the overton window of who we allow as candidates. A reality tv show celebrity basically cartoon character with no experience was elected President of the United States of America. I wouldn't be surprised if 2024 election is Kanye West vs Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nah, he'll just be remembered for stirring shit. He'll be a comedic footnote of history at best.

I think his followers and fans will be remembered more

We'll see, still lots of time to fuck up yuuugely.