Mfw Stirnerfags are closet furries


can't wait until he falls off a roof





OwO what's this?

ok, now Im fucking mad

I mean, he's not wrong

Did catgirldrawgirl make this?

Gross but not in conflict with our world view

No, I found the image on some site and pieced it together.

Not every furfag is there for porn, some of us just like adorable little animals.

Oh come on vast majority of us are there for porn.

yeah seriously lying doesn't help


stop this

this post pleases my ego

Cute stuff are cute but pron is great too

I can confirm

I've never considered how much Medic looks like Stirner.

What's up with these new wave furfag posters that have to spam their shit in every thread they post even if it's completely unrelated? Hell, even Holla Forums posters are more ontopic.