What did she mean by this?

What did she mean by this?

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Too bad A.W. doesn't post here anymore.

He more than anyone would be able to btfo this shit.


Sounds pretty punk rock!!

As if more proof was needed that Lauren Southern is a retard


See how long you watch for. I made it to 1:42.

Who is A.W?


Why does every female conservative political commentator look like they escaped the Brazzers set?

they higher them for the looks, not the brains

Because they're right-wing. They believe in meritocracy and the social norms of what makes a woman 'valuable' - i.e. 'if I don't look sexually appealing based on what today's standards for this are, then I'm a pleb'.


they're all clones of Ann Coulter


cause you gotta captivate that target audience

remember when you were 16 and you were sad that girls didn't like vietnamese animation like you? conservatives never come out of that phase. you give them a slighty more than average girl that speaks their language, they'll make fap folders with screens from her videos.


I'd like to see Lauren Southern spitroasted and double penetrated by BBC. The fuckin Libertarian alt-right whore.

Wouldn't they like him then?

She was surprisingly mostly right until she said Hitler was more "left wing" and was a socialist

Don't you love it when ignorant people commentate on complex thinkers, and contaminate public discourse with their pseud beliefs? Fuckin great.

She didn't say he is a fascist, she said that right and left wing used Hegel's works. Watch the video till the end.
It's actually very well-informed, I'm surprised.

Holla Forums would probably fap to it


Nah. She should be turned into public cumdumpster in some public toilet N.Y metro. Let the lumpen - and proles have their way with her.

No seriously who is he im a newfag (not from reddit)

Ernst died for this


He's an unbelievably arrogant self-described 'Hegelian expert' who really knows nothing about anything other than his precious Hegel. He sometimes appears on this board to 'school some plebs' with some epiphany he has recently which is always fairly obvious or straight up terrible. In order to trick his 'intellectual inferiors' he phrases these insights in the most overly-complicated and pretentious way possible. Due to this he has collected a small fanbase who think he is the next god of dialectics. The sad truth is that while he does know a thing or two about Hegel, a prolonged conversation with him reveals that he is incredibly ignorant about all other philosophy, making him actually less informed overall than the average person on this board. Do not be fooled, he certainly knows how to right-click a word and choose synonyms, but his bare-boned insights are not worth the agony of reading his shit.

This video explains why A.W sucks:

At least he reads. He's not the nicest person but he an amount of drive for self-education that almost no one has.

A tripfag who like all tripfags managed to convince some of the less educated posters on this board that he knows something by exaggerating how much more he's read than them. The only tripfag who could be considered knowledgeable on philosophy was that professor Heidegger guy from awhile back who I think was an actual grad student or an actual professor. He btfo all the pseudo-intellectuals for a thread or two and like all good posters promptly stopped tripfagging.

He's going to be debating Sargon with Muke.

Are you being serious right now?

Ogod Rebel Media being assaulted by stuffy public media presenters. If you could get a three-way with BBC, CBC, and Rebel Media I'd cry from joy. Lauren Southern being double-teamed by Sir David Attenborough and Peter Mansbridge would be completely amazing!



based Sam

I'm not denying that he reads but he's a lot more than 'not a nice person'. He has an incredible disdain for people on this board as he frequently calls us 'plebs', 'morons', 'philistines' and 'illiterate'. He has made threads which literally start with 'Hello you imbeciles it's time for me to teach you the TRUTH about Hegel and show why you're ALL WRONG'. He then proceeds to absolutely fail at showing why he is the only person in history to interpret Hegel correctly. If he was more polite and didn't write in such an obnoxious manner I would be fine with him but he really is the poster child of pseudo-intellectualism. He also lies about his academic achievements. He has said on numerous occasions that his shit opinions are endorsed by multiple professors but just so happens to never be able to prove the endorsement or even mention the names of these mysterious professors. He says he is 'getting paid 200 dollars' to write an article about Hegel in an academic journal but when the article never comes out he denies that he even said it in the first place. A.W sucks.

Alex Jones has already addressed the globalist Hegel here:

If anyone's into rap, Prodigy from Mobb Deep was influenced by InfoWars and named one of his albums "Hegelian Dialectic".

Their hability to spread misinformation about any given thinker is astonishing.


Also shit tier memeing on the 'rebel's part. They had a juicier target of Stressman, but didn't even go for that.

She probably just looked Hegel up on Wikipedia judging how she pronounced Hegels name, that was the worst attempt to pronounce Hegels name from an American that I have heard

Butthurt non-book-reading-pleb complaining about proud-book-reading-highly-cultured-secure-in-himself-autodidact-philosopher-theorist-of-the-working-class-who-don't-need-no-dogmatism as expected.

Rebutting this takes away energy and time from my current theorizing on nudism and the imperative to make it normative under socialism/communism.

Also, whoever made that video is a great champion of what I stand by: when your aim is to convince and discuss, you step it down to the discourse of who you're talking with theoretically and practically. It makes you seem normal. Sadly, for you, I don't post to convince any of you.

Too late, I've always already been here since day one.


Well, shit Sherlock, in order for someone to provide proof YOU would have to have a basis in knowing basic Hegel in the first place so that you could make that judgment at all. It's like someone proving to you a car is a car. You would have to know what a car is in the first place in order to then judge an empirical fit to the concept of car.

See how easy it is to just knock your claims down?

thanks for proving all of my points lmao. you really just can't resist can you?

I mean…fuck dude…it's almost too perfect…Are you really A.W? You are doing everything I said is characteristic of you while simultaneously trying to defend yourself against my claims. That's called: 'proving my point better than I ever could'. To the guy who asked who A.W was, now you know better than I ever could have described. Take notice of the insecurity, take notice of how quickly he responded and take notice of his delusions of grandeur. A.W everyone.


Get a load of this moron. Did it ever cross your mind that you make no sense? That all you ever do is argue from feels because I make you butthurt by pointing out how ignorant you are? That I am here to point out how stupid you are?



no you are right dude I take it all back, you definitely aren't an delusional asshole with a superiority complex. you really showed me that I was wrong about you A.W. You clearly have a lot of respect for other people and this board in particular. you make a great case as to why we should listen to you because you really treat us with dignity and respect. you learned the error of your ways and returned with newfound attitude. also the way you answered my points about your imaginary professors and the fake article really showed me.

Lauren Southern was on Bill Maher two weeks ago and the only things she did was repeat "Coal Miners" 1000x and say that reverse racism exists

Your right, you post to stroke your own ego. What I do look forward to is Sargon destroying you in the ""debate"".

No, I don't. I made that clear before I even used a name/trip. Respect is earned, and all you earn as a board is contempt.

If you want respect then quit talking shit and post real content, you fuck.

I don't want you to listen to me. You people listen to Rebel and Muke, why would you think I come here to get you to follow me? I'm here to point out you're stupid.

Well from they probably got lost on the way to BLACKED.com

Muke has been universally hated since his debate with KultureKampf and we hate Rebel almost (but not quite) as much as we hate you.

That's why you have threads dedicated to them every week. Sometimes multiple threads, right… It's ok if you don't admit it ;)

Except we don't. Rebel doesn't post on the board anymore and when someone does start a thread about Rebel, it's usually to make fun of him.

We don't have "threads" about Muke. We have one open about his ""debate"" with Sargon.

Why did you respond so quickly to my rant about you? Why do you lurk a board you don't respect and have nothing but disdain for.
Then WHY WHY WHY do you fucking post here? Why do you care about 'enlightening us' if we're all not nearly as intelligent as you why do you bother with us morons?? Did it ever occur to you that if you just earnestly posted your ideas without insulting everyone, that people might actually listen to you and not just immediately tell you to fuck off? It's a shame that such a thought never occurred to a genius like yourself, since it never has maybe you should stop being so buttmad when people call you out for being a cunt.
Why would I want respect from someone who is rude and belligerent. Why would anyone here want respect from some tripcunt who has looked at the large and multi-opiniated population of Holla Forums and declared that they are all uneducated swine, unfit to lick the bottom of his shoe.

Oh never mind it was Tomi Lahren on Bill maher two weeks ago. She also works for the rebel and is equally as valuable as a human being as Lauren Southern

AW has autism, be nice.

Oh Great who was the idiot that brought AW into this thread. Sigh you guys done it now get ready to be "schooled" on Hegelian philosophy by the guy who believes he knows best.

Just so you know this is your fault for bringing him here.


I happen to check around every once in a while.

You don't, and you shouldn't. I am but a phenomenon of your own stupidity. The day you quit being stupid, ignorant, and empty shitposting, you will find that I post decent content and engage in civil discourse.


I hate to be 'that guy' but could you focus your autistic sperging on Lauren southern's shit tier understanding and history? Otherwise my jpegs rein supreme.

If you want to actually read half of what I put out, just look at my blog.


No one wants to read your shitpost on leftypol, let alone your shitpost on wordpress. Please A.W. kill yourself. You are not a philosopher king. You are a pseudo-intellectual and compulsive liar.


What do you want me to say? She takes fascism as a stupidly vague merely political doctrine (it's not) that does not have to do with economics. She misunderstands the concept (she uses the Right's notion), she gets the Left notion wrong. Marxists hate the state almost as much as anarchists depending on theoretical focus. She says Georg (gay-org) as George, she doesn't know a thing about Hegel. Hegel didn't critique a "libertarian state", he critiqued civil society (market relations) as incapable of achieving real freedom without something to control it. Hegel and Marx were all about freedom, and lolbertarians are all about tyranny.

: ^ )

Jesus christ, Sargon's going to bait this fag into looking like a moron.

A.W. accomplishes that everytime he opens his loud mouth.

Well here it's just typed, it's going to sound much worse spoken. Especially if he shows his face.




I don't think this is actually A.W. It's definitely an approximation of his internal monologue.


Is this really A.W.?

Nah lol it's from my 'I am very smart' collection.

By his posts here alone his going to be made to look like a dumbfuck.


I don't wanna say I'm rooting for sargon of akkad of all people but I'm gonna thoroughly enjoy seeing A.W. get fucking destroyed.

I fucking doubt that.

How is he still alive if he's huffing his own farts 24/7?

It's a strange feeling for sure.

Autism never dies.

who the fuck is this? Does he have self-awareness?

I think A.W. is arrogant as shit but this is basically right.

Never trust a white bitch with blonde hair.

I don't care if it annoys you when I bring it up

But never ever let blondes get an audience of influence, they will destroy everything good. They are extremely stupid and the fact more and more people are listening to someone who looks like that is giving me pause.

You do realize that AW stands for attention whore, right?

I'm surprised she actually made a video that didn't piss me off entirely, granted she's wrong on a lot of the shit she said but for a non fascist she wasn't that far off from what we actually are

but for the sake of pissing off people and defending mein fuhrer I'll tackle the important shit

1 fascism is racist, not because we are evil sadists, but because race, ethnicity, etc make up a nation or people, we are nationalists to the core and thus we can't abide those that are not part of our nation being in our country.

2 Adolf Hitler was a fascist, fascism is a very broad ideology, going as left as left as str asserism to as far right as corporatism with very light controls on the market.

3 fascism isn't right or left because parts of it are both again a very broad ideology

techincally he was, but to call nat socism socialism depends on your definition of socialism

and nothing of value was lost

Actual Not Socialists are leftists
Hitler and his friends were centre right fascists

Halt deine dumme Lügen-Fresse, AW.

>they higher them for the looks, not the brains
If ownly that chic where as smard as yoo -_-;


Wow! Turns out antifa aren't actually fascist after all! who knew?
should have talked about Griffins analysis and Palingenetic ultranationalism, but that probably would be a little bit to uncomfortable for a libertarian who supports Trump and the MAGA movement.

If you actually occasionally read old-timey texts as you claim to, you should be familiar with this pattern of changing names when a name has a related version in the target language, for example turning Friedrich Engels into Frederick Engels. When German historic texts talk about French king Louis number whatever, they call each of them Ludwig.

Frankly, it looks like you are a buffoon (and also a Gay-org).


Why does it seem like so many people obsess over shit-tier studios?


A.W makes me think of this kid I used to know who could recite the quran, a book as a substitute for a personality.

Can you share what you mean by this please?

He want to see titties and wants to prove he should by having Big Other Hegel agree with him.

Well as an actual fascist i kinda think that this video is well done.
She done her research and the video is factual

don't like her voice


I wanted anarcho-fascist but seems like you dont have one

So you agree with this Laura when she claims that fascism aims to reinstate a perceived natural hierarchy, but somehow you also want to be an anarchist, a political tradition that seeks to dismantle hierarchy?
How you do this?

Read Jünger idea of anarch

thanks a lot, I now have aids.

I don't trust you.

No problem, but there was high possibility that you had it for quite some times now since you are a leftist

This seems like useless obscurantist writing. He can't clearly explain what an anarch is, so he must resort to word games.

There might be something here, just as there is in the seemingly paradoxical Buddhist writings, but I do not really see it. I'd appreciate an explanation if anyone can for a layman like me.

Jünger was the German Mishima i.e. a literary genius promoting retarded politics more informed by irrational aesthetics than backed with any sort of actual theory.

That's honestly a very good summary of rightwing thought. Tho I wonder what he had in mind as starting that 3000 year period.