Let's make this Stalingrad 2.0


let's make this Stalingrad 2.0

or not



we should come up with an actually strategy with prepared arguments

Larping liberal detected

ITT: LARPing libtards

I guess this is how anarkiddies are made. Have fun alienating potential allies of leftism.


Not necessarily allies, but at least you might be able to bring someone over to have some intelligent discourse with.
I know, I know:
And you'd be right for the most part, but there's some good anons there. I identify most with the alt-right, but I personally share a lot of common ground with true leftists, so I'd like to think that there can always be an enriching exchange of ideas, sharing memes, or even just shitposting about things we mutually find ridiculous.

Sadly, the majority of Holla Forumslacks are a lost cause by now. 4/pol/ has turned into a normalfag central and 8/pol/'s paranoia reaffirmed by the quality moderation as made them batshit.

Well, we can reach out to normalfags and win them to our ideas, I just don't want them coming here.

What's wrong with that? a lot of people who ended up on Holla Forums or 4chan and got introduced to alt right ideas did so because they wanted to go there and laugh at people in the first place.

But none of them listen now apologise for rosa luxemburg

I don't know if I'd call your average 4/pol/ poster a normalfag, but I get that they've gone a bit mainstream, for lack of a better term, especially compared to 8/pol/ who are perpetually retreating further and further into the fringe.

That's essentially what brought me here in the first place.

I'm from Holla Forums and I listened

More dialectical than anarkiddies, that's for sure.

But please continue. It'll make it all the more satisfying when they team up with us real leftists to beat your scrawny asses into the ground.

You didn't listen hard enough, fam.

You have to go back.

I remember why I never bother to post on Holla Forums. Its litterally only memes.

in time he'll learn to not kill rosa

Why aren't liberals fucking off of where they and their vested interests and their Manichean dramas are not wanted?

How do they hate something they clearly don't understand?
Its literally all memes

Fucking hell.

top kek

Really that's actaully really good user thanks for not completely dismissing the left

Wait they can't tell the Difference between the Holy Roman Empire and the Nazis. Tsk Tsk, they know nothing about history.

it blends the two. the Show is set in 1924, and parts of the German equipment and uniforms are taken from Nazi era, for example m35 helmets, kar98ks, german winter uniforms. If I was directing it, the first scene would feature a Jewish general or something so we know Germany is PC in this universe.

I get that the japs dont understand history very well but the setting and military and economic situation is obviously world war one era, as is explicitly stated in the show.

Alright, never mention Holla Forums on /pol ever again lads.
Alternatively these SocDems are just Holla Forums falseflagging to make us believe that left activity will lead to a SocDem influx in order to get us to fuck off..