Oh, no…

Oh, no….

Don't worry OP, he spent six months practicing dialectics, reading theory and doing one-finger push-ups. He's ready

Will muke redeam himself?

Or fail and go back to making videos with shitty music and everyone bashing on him.

Or will rebel step in at the last minuit and save the debate by using his easy upperclass life style that gave him a lot of free time to read more books.

Look, a dog turd could dominate Sargon intellectually, I don't know what you're worried about.

Dear god, I hope so.
Last time hurt to watch.

If he does redeem himself, he needs to tell Sargon to read a book.

Rebel? You mean Sargon's fuck buddie?

Dw OP, apprently it's gonna be a 2v2 and he's bringing yui or someone as good.

No. If he btfos Sargon he will have gone after the lowest hanging fruit. Well, lowest after that ayncap nazi who hates jews and mooslims despite being arabic and jewish.

But that's the problem, we're not sure if Muke has reached such level yet.

The alt right is built around picking low hanging fruit, Sargon's whole job is that. He's also very popular. Stop being a nerd.

I thought badmouse was debating Karl

I disagree. Sargon can be a moron but his popularity shows that his stupidity reflects that of a lot of people. If Xexizy btfos him he btfos a significant amount of the Right, and that's good enough.

We can't just carry on pretending we're above debating these people. They're growing, in part, because of how unchallenged their narratives go.


I think Xexizy should stick to debating thatgut t and bring someone who has read more to face-off with Carl.

May as well do it as a 2v2, more views that way.

According to his twitter that seems to be the plan.

Muke unless you explicitly state that you have no affiliation to leftypol then you should not do this

Oh for the love of god this is going to be the most autistic thing ever.

muh debates.
if you have something to say, you can say it on your own time. the OGs wrote books back and forth at eachother to debate. a 2 hour unstructured livestream is basically worthless to everyone.


Is it going to happen?

Not really. Debate isn't designed to converge. It's designed to choose a winner based on superficial qualities.
Stop fighting like stupid. Start no-platforming liberals, liberalism and liberal debate, and the rest will fall into place much more easily.

When is the debate?


Next weak or tonight?

So as a lot of people in this thread are freaking out and don't even know what the plan is meant to be I'll lay out the plan.

Originally I was going to have a one on one discussion with That Guy T. That's something I feel I could easily handle as we're both into economics.

Then somehow Sargon got into the mix through shit posting and arguments on twitter, with some DM's as well.

I proposed we had a 2v2 where I bought along either Yui or AW, and don't worry I did talk to AW and he promised to not be autistic and debate from a Marxist perspective.

Then Sargon said he didn't have time for that night, so he was going to push it back. It was only today that he said he wanted to do it next week, but I really wouldn't be surprised if he flakes out again, so don't get your hopes up.

At the very least what I can say is that I will be debating That Guy T one on one, but I'm hoping I can make it a 2v2 with Sargon as well, for obvious reasons.

Fuck off Muke.

No, you.

So are you debating someone tonight?

No, if anything at all is happening, it will be next weekend.

leave muke-chan alone.

Don't forget culture jamming and boycotting big corporations

you're one of the few people here we can say is legitimately LARPing.

Because I'm in an organization?

muke post cock

becaue you keep making vapid contributions to things you don't understand to stroke your own ego.

Just don't fuck it up lad I don't want to have to keep bullying you

if rebel and muke team up to debate sargon i will bend over backwards and suck my own dick

Well, Muke, there's your mission. Good luck and godspeed!

whoever debates him make sure to ask how he's okay being a cuck

use wife's daughter over and over

youre welcome

Rebel and muke team up 2017
Make Tankies suck their own dicks again

If you manage to lose a debate with Sargon you are the lowest trash and not my comrade

If this actually happens this will be even better than the debate between Unruhe and Aaron Clarey.

How good was it anyway?

Bringing along A.W. is a mistake.

Exactly what I was going to say, you should take an actual Marxist, not someone who will just pretend to be one. This is as bad as last time when you brought a technocrat and a social democrat.

A.W. said economics is pseudoscience. Muke, if you do this you are a moron.

just don't lose like last time

What exactly is A.W.?
I thought he was just a Hegelian with social democrat leanings.

I'm always surprised based marx poster doesn't make vids or debate.
I don't know if you're him, but his posts are consistently great.

I am so fucking ready for this

get ready for disappointment.

The only way I think muke can redeem himself is by redoing the TRS debate. I'm still sad that we haven't settled the score with our NEETzschian friends.

A.W. is gonna turn on you at the last minute and start shilling hegelian supercapitalism. rebel probably paid him off too. Don't trust 'im

please tell me this isn't real

It's basically what we have now but everything costs ten times more.

Please no, a shit-ton of Sargon dickriderd will flock some leftist youtube channels causing chaos

I don't trust him either.
Think this through, Muke.

what would that even look like?

You'll find out soon enough.

Why would he want that?

Muke, you best not embarrass us this time.

lefty bros. if you're going to debate these nazis on skype make sure you use a VPN. They can sniff your IP address while connected to you.

I'm not the OG who left in August last year, but I'm probably the most consistent marxflag poster on the board atm. I use leftypol way too much. I'm not interested in internet debates on skype because: 1. I want to read more before I formally engage anyone in debate. and 2. internet debates don' really accomplish anything and are more a show of muh intellectual dick than anything else.

That being said, I use the leftypol discord and I've been talking with a couple people about trying to add to the leftypol youtube presence. So if anyone good at animation would like to join in on this, come to the leftypol discord. I believe the link is still in the catalog somewhere.

I was going to say that it's not worth it for the roughly equal chance that xexizy will drop the ball, if only because of, what I see as, a lack of experience arguing live. But perhaps Holla Forums can make good use of the situation either way.

Assuming Sargon "wins the debate" at least enough so in the eyes of his fan base, Holla Forums may well have an influx of youtube mongoloids crying ">commies btfo ahahahahah!"

Why not just use this as bait? Even if muke fails to properly argue the point one on one, the theories and positions he will support are, in general, common to most leftists here. Those that aren't can simply be deemed as the opinion of a specific ideology, while highlighting the anticapitalist commonalities.

hello is Xexizy gay because I sure would like to seize his means of reproduction

Pretty such Skype got rid of p2p connection so this is no longer the case.