Bush lied about WMDs, which lead to the historical fuck up that is the Middle East today, with over a million dead Iraqis.

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We know, the whole I endorse this murderous cunt is a telltale sign.

See also the 'Mitt Romney was a good boi' shit from liberal trash, Trump is 10x better than Romney he doesn't live by free market dogma.

I laughed way too hard at this.

should I continue reading?

You know his wife is rich as shit, right? He didn't use donations for that. Or are you bitching that he gave the money to Hillary?

I bet you supported the progressive overthrow of Assad as well Trotcuck

What's the stake?


This whole angle is so fucking stupid.

Liberals have spent the last 16 years talking about how "crazy" today's Republicans are, and how they've moved so far to the Right that even moderate republicans are going to the Dems. Rachel Maddow for example even calls herself an Eisenhower republican:

Now, the Right is crazier than ever. This doesn't work. The only group that allows themselves to remain tied to this imaginary "center" are liberals. The only thing we're going to achieve with this "Trump makes Bush look good" shit is to redeem Bush.

They are neo-cons, that's the whole point

I mean he's not calling bush not a liar, he's calling bush not a pathological liar.

What do you expect from a Jew? To be for Trump? To be on the side of the man that will exterminate your whole species?

Since at least the 1990s, Bernie was a pro-imperialist moderate socdem. Hell his ideal coalition against ISIS is composed of Israel, Turkey, and Saudi fucking Arabia. That tells you all you need to know unabashedly reactionary worldview on international affairs. The fact that he is considered far left in the US just shows what a backwards worthless shithole the country is.

It's shocking how freely liberals give a pass to the WORST atrocities the US government has committed in the past century (imperialist interventions). And yes, US/NATO interventions are a much much MUCH greater evil to the global proletariat than increasing authoritarianism, deportations, racist internal policies within the US. Only a complete national chauvinist would disagree which is what Bernie unfortunately is.


will he exterminate ivanka's beautiful jewish baby too?

Yeah pretending Trump is special and not like regular republicans only makes him seem better than he is. It also plays up to the narrative that he is a true "outsider" when he isn't.

Stupid strategy by Bernie and the Dems in my opinion, but then again they are the party that just got beat by this conman so it doesn't surprise me.

Just another day in Holla Forums.

Treating Trump as if he's worse than other Republicans is an incredibly stupid strategy because it's first plain wrong and second feeds into Trump's propaganda narrative that he's anti-establishment.

Is Bernie controlled opposition used Trump?

Sadam was gassing the Kurds, and the kurds are the only things worth a damn now. The Iraq war led to 100,000 deaths over 10 years. Sadam was killing near twice that over the similar durations.

ahem: "The total number of Iraqis killed by the security services of Saddam's government in various purges and genocides is unknown, but the lowest estimate is 250,000"

nearly 2 million civilians were killed in the soviet-afghan war, and more are still dying from the soviet minefields, yet I never see leftypol upset about that.



Oh yeah. Israel's new lapdog will totally exterminate the kikes.

Yeah sure user.


He also was in favor of bombing Syria. I will never like this man, as much as people try to sell me on him. If he had won, he'd be another Obama; a genocidal oligarchic puppet with a shiny coat of progressivism.

kill yourself CIA shill

I like him in spite of his imperialist crimes, because he is a pretty likeable person and he's probably as good as you can be while getting elected to the US Senate. But if the revolution came tomorrow, I would still want to see him go on trial and serve some time for his complicity.


what a fucking surprise

Wrong. The real figure is at least one million, the 100,000 figure is not credible.

the vast majority of estimates give a figure beteen 100k-200k.

The Lancet study was actually highly-scientific and if anything the death toll is higher then the 600,000 death toll given. PSR shows that the Lancet study was meticulous and objective unlike their neocon detractors. Meanwhile, you accept the upper-levels figures on the Soviet casualties without question unaware that even most anti-communist scholars lean to lower figures. Its probably around 5-600,000 generally but some say as few as 100,000 afghans may have died but I don't see you parroting that as fact and taking such an unattached and "objective" outlook in that case. But when its the beloved West doing the killing people only want to believe the best.

For the 100,000 figure to be believed it has to be assumed that the per capita death from Violence in Iraq was around the level of detroit. As critics of the low-estimate folks have said why doesn't the US government send troops to detroit. Why so much blood treasure spent to pacify such a relatively peaceable country?

That's not even including the fact that the sanctions under Clinton led to the death of at least 1,000,000 civilians, the vast majority of whom were children.
What a nice old lady! After hearing her policy may have killed half a million children she says it was "worth it" I'm sure the government and media that employs and fosters people like her wouldn't lie to us.

The Iraqi KRG that exists right now is very right wing and neoliberal, not saying Kurds in Iraq deserve genocide but it really seems like you don't know what you're talking about.

The fault for every single damn casualty in that war lies squarely on the shoulders of the cunts who armed and trained the most reactionary boyfucking neckbearded hicks on Earth.

And minefields are an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of modern war. Don't worry, your country will have plenty soon enough.


retarded liberals deserved to be scammed by this jew

He can easily afford everything he's criticized for with his salary from Congress