You didnt listen to bernie…

You didnt listen to bernie…

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You didnt listen, you let a fascist in the white house

What is wrong with racist immigration policies?

Shouldn't we protect those people from themselves and refuse them entry into this racist-white supremacist-patriarchal land of oppression that is two steps away from auschwitz?

Yeah, one.

Okay pol, we could do that, but only if the West stops systemically exploiting the third world, which will never happen.

All white supremacists deserve to be hanged

but to hang them you need to take the platform away?

don't think we are incapable of doing worse to you, best part is I have examples of this and you just have memes

Oh noez, i r so scared D:

That's not how I would call "sending endless blank cheques".

Trayvon thought the same, Micheal Brown thought they same… and look how they ended up.

I also think im tough because unarmed kids got shot

That's why you don't bring a nigger into a gunfight.

Stop posting it in every thread you antifatard facebook shitter.

I support ethno nationalism and traditionalist spooks for purely egotistical reasons


I purely support the genocidal extermination of racists, nazis, homophobes, sexists etc for purely egotistical reasons, which is a lot more accurate since killing others feels good based on human nature ;^)

thats the thing, you retards need to have your orcs vs humans narrative because otherwise you can't look tough for shooting kids or cry about jews

It feels good to watch leftoids loose their shit over people favouring some spooks over other spooks

thats some garbage tier stirner posting friendo

Bernie was outed as a Clinton shill. Get the fuck out with this shit.

if your idea of fighting us is sending niggers in banzai waves and then cry that they were unarmed, it's not my problem you're shit at playing sauron

Never trust a social-democrat

who are "us"

Didn't he vote for the bombing of Syria? Fuck that guy.

Nothing. Mass immigration is not good for anybody.

They get a fuckton of money out of financing salafism and drug overlords and together with the likes of Israel, Arabia and Turkey, engage in interventionist, manipulative policies in their economic and geopolitical interests. So yeah, I'd say that's ultimately exploiting them.

That's not how you Stirner post

1st one are a bunch of republican racists just like spencer, aka racist liberals and not Nazis
the next two groups are either fakers (nazifurs) or degenerate skinheads
The last group are legit Nazis having fun

but either way two can play at this


I use the spook of nationalism to advance my own egotistical interests.


Except self-interest wasn't the crux of Stirner.
It was owness.
Read the image again.

Nice, too bad these mental gymnastics dont actually do anything, beliving you can controo whatthe ruling class does becquwe you blive in thir spooks is naive


of course you aren't liberals, you are anarchists and communists, an enemy that actually is willing to fight, but at the same time a more disgusting and degenerate enemy

They please me

engaging in idealistic fantasies of overthrowing the economic system is not in my self interest and doesn't satisfy my own ego

tl;dr: Holla Forumsyps can't spook post

socdem showing his true colours again

They please you in the same sense comfortable lies do, as you are not the one in control of the nation, the ruling class is

Good! That means you support the same system that erodes nationalism and traditionalism

Left wing moralistic Christian faggotry btfo

The right aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

Nothing moralistic about it.
You just don't value "owness", and therefore lack the ability to spook post because of it. There's a whole chapter in his book on it. Maybe you should try reading it.
Don't know how you felt the need to throw Christianity into the mix.

At leats read what you pos

You're just weak

You do realize this text also proves your whole position wrong right?

Fascism is caused by bad reading comprehension

booj liberals want to work with ultra reactionaries, imagine my surprise

It proves 99% of leftists wrong. Except for the ones that reject all authority anyway but are too weak to change their conditions and cling to idealism

Also read this, while you're at it

Ok, it still proves that you have no fucking clue what stirner was talking about, therefore its retarded from you to even quote him

What you posted doesn't even counter what I said.
Not an argument, my spooked friend.

lol since you don't like his application of egotism he some how "doesn't get stirner"

At what point is this just pure real-politik and social darwinism?

Even Bernie know Trump is a fascist



furfag nazis who weigh a buck 20

The Daily Mail is a tabloid. In the original article it cites another tabloid, the German Bild tabloid as its source. Bild in turn says that "the study is exclusively available to Bild" in otherwords it made it up.

More fake news from rightist nitwits, good job at failing to have a modicum of skepticism.

The furzi thing is part hipster joke, part BDSM aesthetic, part taboo edgelord thing, few if any of them are actual nazis. Roleplay in other words.

lel, no

It's just ironic since it's opposite of polyp's views of muh dejamnuntracy where as we leftists have no reason to even care about such things

When will you apologize for killing Rosa?

ignore these other fuckers, you're completely in the right, my comrade.

That's not how Stirner works, you moron. Read his fucking book.

Why do you hate all forms of fun?

Go back to >>>Holla Forums until you can learn to read

Honestly anyone who self-describes themself as a nazifur is fucking retarded, they should just call themselves WWII enthusiasts.

You are awesome

The patriatchy jews, of course.

where am I wrong on this one?

furfags can be white supremacists but their very being goes against fascism

Shooting guns, pissing off liberals, stealing fag flags these are fun.

Bernie Seems like a nice guy. If only he were Conservative, and not leftist.