Is violence committed during a revolution ever justifiable?

Is violence committed during a revolution ever justifiable?

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Of course.

"Keep killing until it works (even if it doesn't)" tends to be the Left's credo

robespierre did nothing wrong, liberals need to remember that


Yeah, transforming two of the poorest countries on the planet into global superpowers within 50 years, wew, boy, what failures

of course but this works both ways

Should be conscious of not going over the top, but yeah

You really have to try hard to make nations as large/populated as Russia/China not be global superpowers in 50 decades

And given that the USSR has collapsed and China is capitalist in all but nameā€¦

50 years*

Whatever, cuck

India had like 2 or 3 times as many people as the USSR did when it existed, yet somehow it was nothing like a superpower.

Yeah because of all that quasi-socialist shit they pulled after independence

Oh, so it is possible for a country to not grow into a superpower then? You prove my own point. Also, 80 business agencies regulating private industry isn't socialism, it's just retarded corrupt capitalism.

As I said you have to really fuck up not to do so.

And I think only a sociopath would view the millions dead from Soviet collectivisation attempts and Mao's Great Leap Forward as an "acceptable cost" on the road to superpowerdom

governemnt doesn't equal socialism, read some books and than comeback

I'm not interested in "theoretical socialism", I'm interested in how people attempted to organise societies following "socialist principles" (which Nehru ostensibly was) actually succeeded (or failed) in the real world.

The real world is the only real metric that can be used to judge the success/failure of various forms of economic organisation even if no-one achieves fully automated luxury communism because it's impossible - otherwise you're just comparing the real world to a utopia that (of course) the real world will never actually beat

Fake picture

That's an amazing attempt at distracting from the fact that they didn't have any socialistic characteristic. Go read a book, faggot.

Of course they didn't, in much the same vein that the existence of regulation and publically owned land means that a TRUE free market doesn't exist

But then how could China and Russia become superpowers?

Violence is the whole point.

Yes, why wouldn't it be? Isn't self defence against violence one of the most basic moral truths?

I haven't murdered anyone.

In Debt: The First 5000 Years, David Graeber defines violence as the removal or separation of someone from their context.

How do I find a communism that doesn't have St. Augustine's bukkake all over it? Fucking Whigs.


Senseless question as the very concept of non-violence is complete nonsense. Every breath you take is a violent act, escaping it is impossible.

Really? Just what is it removing from what context?

Thats not how your justice system works. I have no concrete plans for any kind of lawbreaking activity, not even planning law breaking activity. You can't hold a candle to me while you work within the very system you try to keep in place.

Socialism means the democratic control over the means of production by the workers. If you say that government is socialism, that would mean that the state is always democratically controlled by the workers and capable of controlling the means of production.

Nigger, China only became an economic powerhouse after Deng adopted capitalist reforms.

Only retroactively

"I gargle balls in my mouth" seems to be yours

How does that not describe what is happening under capitalism right this moment? People are dying because of it whilst we're shitposting here.

I don't think it's fair to count Denmark-Norway on France's side, they just got caught in the mess. It was pretty much just France plus a handful of Irishmen, Poles and Indians against literally half the world.

No, man. Just no.

And it's headed for a massive crash of its overinflated GDP.

And genocide and slavery of hundreds of millions is totally fine and cool?

Anyday now lel

are you implying the filthy food-hoarding kulaks were """"people""""? They brought death upon themselves, it saved tens of millions of people from additionally starving to death. Stop reading revisionist bullshit history.