BLM & the Left

So the other day I clicked open a Paul Street article and read this:

I immediately exit out, though Street wrote more about her if you do care to read it:

What I want to know is why the Left continues to namedrop Black Lives Matter after they were exposed as a Soros op and then the Ford Foundation openly cut a check for 100 million dollars to BLM. This is an organization that is ran not just by petty-bourgeois activists, but the imperialist bourgeoisie itself, and having watched it with initial high hopes I have to admit that it has actually become a racist organization and has excused this by saying that "reverse racism" cannot exist.

What is wrong with the Left that it cannot disassociate itself from ruling class psyops like BLM after they've been exposed? Why do people still namedrop this group even though it should be clear by now that its a pretty dead movement.

It reminds me of how Amy Goodman & Democracy Now are paid by the Ford Foundation and the NDE (which openly does the work the CIA previously did covertly) the main difference being between BLM & Democracy Now is that the latter actually makes some interesting content and no one expects Goodman to lead the Revolution.

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Because that would be very racist and muh privileged thing to do you sinner.

Did she take questions at the end? I would love to have seen her defend the police State the Black man handed Trump, one which he has added no new laws to by the way, stupid fucking cunt,


stop watching InfoWars and go read a book

Okay /pol, you're bait is getting better but there's a lot of bullshit in your post.

Most leftists beyond the idpol left / progressive democrats don't really like BLM because indeed they do hold a lot of petty-bourgeois views and aren't really a challenge to the system.

This bullshit about Soros and Ford foundation is just typical right wing bs which you clearly didn't try to hide except for adding "left" language.

In reality, many leftists advocate for the BLM to turn into a Black Liberation movement akin to the Black Panther party. Most of us (beyond white idpol leftists) do agree with the term Black Lives Matter, for indeed we can statistically see that black lives in America hardly matter at all, for they are an oppressed nation.

2/10 bait

Everything I'm saying is based on fact, kid:

You should try some books yourself:

Muh Soros is just a philanthropist meme.

Black Liberation, like Malcolm X?

It's not bullshit, those of us who are actually oldfags and not redditfugees were there when the story broke and we had some good discussions about it.

That the Ford Foundation and Soros fund Black Lives Matter is literally true no matter how much idpol retards want to blackwash it.

Unfortunately, the only oppression unique to blacks is their oppression by socdems and other blacks.

I was born in one of the most violent, black cities in the US, and had the misfortune of spending most of my school years in 3:1 black:white classrooms, so I saw this shit first hand and it's crushing watching the 1-2 black kids in a class that won the genetic lottery and are on the far right of the bell curve get dragged down and bullied constantly by other blacks for "acting white" in middle school, and then seeing them lapse into that thug life to fit in by the time they're in high school, and then seeing them either sleep all day in class or just drop out entirely.

Suddenly left wingers are pro globalism. When exactly did that happen?

Globalism isn't a thing. Globalization and internationalism are though.

When their opponents has a grassroots surge due to anti globalism became the voice of the underclass and ordinary people.

No. I said Black panthers. Please read what I typed.

Yes it is bullshit. Please look up the the website snopes unless that's Soros propaganda too.

Poor baby. Also nice use of the bell curve meme.

You aren't left-wing and don't know what you are talking about. Soros is not a communist and nobody here likes him because all he does is fund "democratic development" aka capitalist development.

Communists are pro-internationalist, which means that all countries are sovereign according to their own culture (insert that typical Stalin book on what is a nation here) and allowed to develop their productive forces to the extent that they are self-sustainable then are able to engage in globalize communist planned trade / economy.

You said Black Liberation

I honestly can't tell if you're severely uneducated, or are a false flagging Holla Forumsyp. Nice digits though.

it's also painful to see working class people spout the worst porky propaganda, yet they infallibly do, every single time. That's your brain on ideology.

Gross, liberal detected.

Black Liberation and Black Panthers does not equal Malcom X.

Now you are just stormfagging. Yes the bell curve is a meme and has been disproven. Also, thanks.

Not an argument.

If you gave a single fuck about improving the lives of blacks, the vast majority of which are the proles you pretend to care about, you would address the problems with the black community in an honest and straightforward manner.


Too bad its not:

Also the Soros connection was proved in the hack of the Open Society foundation. Change your homepage back to reddit then hang yourself.

Is "The Movement for Black Lives" the same as/affiliated with Black Lives Matter?

Learn to read.

The wikipedia page says that they're "affiliated."

imo it sounds like a porky move to try and co-opt it

If you weren't actually being snarky, then I apologize.

Read 'funding'

protip: literally every left-liberal media outlet is funded by the liberal ruling class through foundations such as the Ford foundation, Tides foundation, Soros foundation, and the like. EVERYONE is controlled opposition, and this goes for the right-wing alternative media too, but through different outlets - Alex Jones has longstanding CIA ties to the American far right through the John Birch society, for example.

its funny because i was one of those poor black kids and then went to a private white school on a scholarship funded by liberals who felt bad. i realized rich whiteys only cared about "saving" me when they thought i was a poor dumb black kid. When i began to do better than them academically and realized that they only gave a shit about giving 2 scholarships per year to muh poor blacks so they could feel better about raping the black working class in my city, then they were all REEEEE affirmative action, fuck you ungrateful nigger, muh bootstraps, all other black people are shit and you should be grateful we saved you from them.

also poor blacks kids are in that crab in the bucket situation because of the shitty situation they have been dealt by capitalists and minimal attention by liberals only when they can prop up muh one high test scores nigger. unless your help for them starts with ending economic exploitation and providing jobs that actually give workers dignity then i doubt you really give a shit about those poor black kids.

Yup. Also, the liberal aristocratic (aka "democratic") order is built on the conceit that the people have the right but not the competence to govern themselves, which is true today only to the extent porky and piglets haven't been put to the wall and thus can continue defending their aristocracy and distracting people.

My help for them starts in getting rid of the welfare state, which would immediately end the single mother epidemic that has raised generation after generation of broken, fatherless young men that aren't compatible with the society they're being brought into.

Want to see your revolution come to pass? Cut off EBT for a year.


You're really stupid in a number of ways

top dialectics, lad