Take a punch for the left

As any of you may have noticed all the incidents of White Nationalists being punched only gained them sympathy and people being mad at Antifa and the left in general. I propose taking advantage of this emotional leverage. Leftists should try to get in situations right wingers will try to punch them for just talking about economics and ideology. Make sure it is caught on video and spread it all over the net and news to gain sympathy for left and resentment of right. Avoid being obnoxious or rude when talking waiting to be hit, be polite but bluntly honest. Also such a person should be attractive but not too attractive. Too ugly and no one cares, too attractive and people out of jealousy enjoy them being hit. So who wants to take a punch?

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Except it looks like people fucking loved it which is unfortunate for this narrative.
Please post opinion polls to prove otherwise before making these threads in the future.

Polls are only as good as the sample selection. I didn't think of that though.

Only managed to find this so far


this will happen and you know it

I'm actually impressed someone did some polls on it, and they didn't even mince the words. I find it funny Stein voters are pro-punch.
It's interesting that Trump and Hillary supporters are pretty much exactly the same on punching Nazis, if you look at the actual polling results the part not mentioned in the summary is that they are also within 2% disapproval for punching Nazis. It's the Johnson voters who are mostly against punching at 59% compared to H52% and T50%.

Younger people are much more in favour of punching Nazis, with 36% approval and 39% disapproval, blowing the fuck out of Holla Forums's meme war narrative. The eternal boomers are 16% approval and 57% disapproval. This is good for us because our strategy has always been one of demographic attrition.

I didnt suggest they should not defend themselves. They just should wait to act till they get hit. Also the situations should be picked wisely. Bad idea to be outnumbered or up against someone who looks like they could be carrying weapons. I dont want anyone hurt beyond what they can handle.

The polls say 80% of people think you're a faggot & 20% say you pulled these numbers right out of commifonia asshole. I have an indea how about "lead for left"? Maybe if you kill yourself and live stream it you can get some sympathy.

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The numbers are linked at the bottom of the article.

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Not a Holla Forumslak I'm serious. Notice in further replies I say they should self defend once hit and know how to take a hit without being too hurt. They also should not be totally alone in case they got knocked out so someone can help. The laws for self defence should be looked up. If someone punches you and runs off and if you go after them it's not self defence. If you beat them beyond necisary to stop them hurting you its not self defence.


Go to DAPL, plenty of opportunities to get punched