What voice do you read Holla Forums posts in?

what voice do you read Holla Forums posts in?
to me they sound like a pubescent Ben Shapiro.

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It depends on the flag really.

most Holla Forums posts

pic related

Mine. Is this strange?

nope, same here

Ancoms sound like screeching
Communalists, synds, and marksocs sound like Orson Welles
Marxists sound like MSFD
Catgirl sounds like Abbey Rain.

an effeminate 20 year from new england


Who is Abbey Rain?

Zizek for most things and Chomsky for sexual posts.


Record scratch freeze frame voice for halfway articulate posts
Vid related for shitposts

Bobcat Goldthwait for people trying to rationalize their spooks. The rest is my own

Catbug is all the voices.


Who the hell reads posts outloud in their head

A significant number of people, I'd reckon. Most of them come to me as a 20-something year old duder, with various levels of intonation and anger based on their fleg.

The only exception is certain tripfags. In case you're wondering, you manifest as an Asian-American girl with anger issues.

Kill yourself, socdem
you made me agree with you

Well I suppose you're not wrong

OP is always a massive faggot, and the rest are autistic retards.

I really shouldn't find that as arousing as I do lmao

that guy sounds like a mouthbreather

Someone with incredibly low energy but who talks really fast.

My own voice. I always find it a very strange thoughts that other people apparently think in different voices for each character they read. I find it hard to ever think in another voice than my own and seriously have to concentrate to do so.