Anyone have any tips for starting a squat/opening a homeless shelter in an abandonded building?

Anyone have any tips for starting a squat/opening a homeless shelter in an abandonded building?

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something like this?


is it lifestylism is i set it up not for myself to use but to make the lives of the poor in my town better?

Get help from churches and other instances

do you think they will help or be like muh private property ur infringing on someones property

Ask her for help to gather food, organize monthly donations and make a facebook page, dont have to tell them where are they tho, tell them you just search for hobos and give them food

Represent those colors tho, the left already proved itself capable of violence in the last months, now we need to show we can get shit done, charity is a good way to start


I thought about squatting to escape high rents, though I would want to avoid other squatters.

What I'm saying is, how do I steal a house?

the place i've scouted out is on land bought for a housign development but there has been no work for ages to it's a good tim ot strike. just look around, if you see a place that looks abandoned, sout it out for a while until u r sure it's empty

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Homeless people are disgusting and they ruin everything with their behavior. I'm not writing up a crypto-nazi theory here about how all this is due to genes, since I believe being homeless for an extended time will turn almost anybody into a mental trainwreck, but I would avoid trying to hang out with them. Suppose you meet a homeless man very close to where your apartment is. You give him some money. You know what happens? He will stalk you, asking you for money. Again and again. And again. Aaaand again. (And you would do the same in the same situation as him.)

That's not to say you can't help them. Giving away some sleeping bags or tents could be a good idea. Take care.

don't listen to the Trotskite, your building organization and support for the movement.

Why not get a camper van?

does your town/city have no squatter scene?

They actually don't - at least not anymore - my friends mum used to go to gigs in squats and stuff like that, but there isn't anything - same with the anarchist scene

Finding the right building is probably the hard part because porky will want his investment back if you use a foreclosed building, but something condemned will probably kill you.

A stab vest


They tend to be fed honeypots, just move place from place dude. You either vagabond/vagrant around the country via train and hitchiking, or you are wasting your time.

The methods depend on your location (the laws, the mentality of the general population).
Do you have a group of friends willing to help? That's the first step. NEVER SQUAT ALONE. You need at least 5 people inside for the first couple of weeks, food, and tools and barricades. And a big enough network of friends to bring extra provisions and to back you up if the owner/neighbors/thugs or police make problems.
If you don't have that start an FNB and distribute info to radicalize participants until you have enough people to make a squatting group and plan out the action together.
Talk with a left-wing/activist lawyer and have their number with you during the action.
Make a banner to hang after a week (or when you've been legally staying long enough to declare yourselves as residents) with something like "housing is a human right", "homes not jails", etc… and have info printed to explain your project and goals to the neighbors.
Good Luck!

Don't work with churches or any other class-collaborationist or reformist groups. Remember that you're trying to create an alternative to churches and charity and the alienated bourgeois morality that come with them. And don't use Facebook. Ever.


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I went passed and there was a scaffold on the chapel, i think they are fixing it up but idk. this is the first tiem people have been working there for a while

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Anyone want some info regarding preserving meat and other foodstuffs in an urban/semi-urban environment?

When I was younger, I was taught by a homeless man how to go about preserving fish meat, via cold smoking with a Dakota Firepit with three holes. If anyone is interested, I can MSPaint a guide on what to do.

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Do you have a local FnB? Id suggest getting involved with them or other groups. Dont squat alone.

When I was a teen, I gave money to an adult man who was asking for change. He stalked me for over a month. That's why my advice is to do things at some distance from where you usually live. (The place I met him first wasn't close to my home actually, but close to my school.)

Sorry to hear it, that must have been a pretty scary situation, especially for a kid. Even now, where I'm carrying every day, I give the homeless a wide berth since they tend to be both mentally ill, and have nothing to lose, which is a particularly deadly combination.

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