Is Holla Forums one of the biggest, most active leftist forums on the English-speaking internet? We have more than 20...

Is Holla Forums one of the biggest, most active leftist forums on the English-speaking internet? We have more than 20,000 post per week, and 900 to 1000 unique posters just in a three day period (probably way more in a month or year period). Is there any other lefty forum this big and fast?

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Every other site I can name is the same as us or smaller

Its actually the largest

not that useful for comparison. didn't 8ch have some traffic metrics somewhere?

We're the biggest leftist in America. We are YUGE, okay.

We are literally the 5th International and it's time we treated this platform that way.

it's kind of crazy when you think about it

Definitely the largest that is not dedicated to slacktivism and masturbatory elitism.

If I can't shitpost then it's not my revolution.

I hate to endorse serious politics on an imageboard, particularly remembering how chanology and Holla Forums ruined 4chan, but that might honestly be the best direction we can take. Not like imageboard culture will die out though this is the only board I browse these days. Was actually not a fan of leftypol in the beginning with my memories of how revleft turned out, but in the end leftypol actually became the best leftist discussion forum I've ever seen. I have personal doubts that anything serious can come from the board, but I am fully on board with any attempt at serious organizing. Without a doubt we are both the largest and most diverse leftist forum the internet. Clearly our rejection of idpol tokenism and other racist bs has made us much more inclusive and relevant than reddit and revleft. I will support any serious efforts, but don't expect me to get on board with yet another half baked attempt by newbies with no organizing experience. We've had enough of that bullshit, particularly with the incessant support there was for the Detroit commune despite the much more realistic goal of similar organizing in the rest of the country(like Alabama). Really a distorted view of the south in general has always been disturbing to me.

most posts are nazi propaganda and forum sliding though.
just look at the speed with which important threads move to the back pages, whereas complete nonsense threads stay bumped for days.

This is an ongoing problem. I wish the volunteers and BO would do more to combat this. I think they're afraid of alienating newfags that make up something like 90% of the board. Feeling like I should make more effort for quality posts and direct attacks on nazbols and the various "Anarchist", "Marxist", "Leninist", and other tendency war faggots that never read any actual theory or history.

that is so fucking retarded i doubt this is true. do mods get paid on a per-user-base or what?
if you try to turn leftypol into reddit then everyone will just go to reddit.

not to mention that it is a common technique for shills to play stupid. i think it even got leaked in some snowden docs.
would look it up but tor users can't upload images on this cancer board anyway because mods are retards who don't understand that CP can also be uploaded as ASCII and this is just how the NSA makes sure they get to collect everyone's IPs.

Marxist missionary zeal is one charitable explanation.
Search JTRIG effects operations for a less charitable explanation.

If this is true, the Left is doomed.

i just want a place where i can hate thots and be socialist at same time

since we're not getting raided anymore, we should post on the board to redirect people here again.

70% of this board is just Holla Forums raiding and the rest is 'tfw no gf' posting and COINTELPRO.

Not really. There's maybe five or ten nazi shitposters or Asserists on any given day.

These are some recent traffic stats. We are almost even with /r/socialism in terms of daily pageviews. I think we must be a good deal ahead of them in terms of actual post counts, since Holla Forums isn't as strict or autistic. We are also probably ahead in terms of getting people's active attention, since people have to choose to go to Holla Forums instead of it showing up in their subscriptions.

oops, was misreading the stats. We get way less pageviews per day than r/socialism it seems. however, the other stuff might still be true lol.

oh fuck, I'm extra retarded. That graph is just the post count. Please disregard this, I suck cocks.

Then yeah we probably DO get more views than /r/socialism.

Because of autism, I've been tracking the front page for board stats for the past month

There's also a large leftist community on Twitter, if you include socdems, demsocs, and tankies

Holla Forums has also gotten extra shit recently, sponsoring that episode was a mistake

Yeah, I just wish ribbit had pph stats or an active user count so we could btfo them

Luckily my autistic archiving ass has saved much longer.

Yeah but at least 1/4 of those shit posts is mine. I cause rapid hyperinflation and devalue the posts here so I can eventually buy this place Soros style.

Good work, fellow autist

What happened on Tuesday the 17th of January?

We sponsored one of Wolfe's episodes which sent some people over, and it caused the r/soc mods a bit of butthurt. Eventually someone from here trolled them into banning cat girls for being woman hateric using the report function and they became a laughing stock of reddit again, sending even more people here.

We're losing memebers!

that would imply there was ever a 4th international

the tankie community is pretty based

phil greaves is a fucking legend

not aware of the socdem/demsoc ones though

No but if we called ourselves the fourth international people would think we were trots so we're just skipping 4


We're definitely the biggest communist revival in America since '68 if not not even earlier.

Good point

tons of people here probably started by shitposting nazi propaganda, read some threads, realized we were correct, and stayed

Its actually called the fifth international because the state of it makes you drunk a fifth of vodka

Then it would be the entire international

A fifth is a unit equivalent to a fifth of a gallon. Generally a fifth is the whole bottle. It does not mean drinking a fifth of a bottle that would be a twentyfifth

You're underestimating the retardation of people posting here.
I also sometimes give into the temptation of posting in a shitty thread

Unfortunately, much of the cancer seems to have stayed.

Do we have to number the Internationale? We should disregard all the others since everyone has either been excluded/has disbanded themselves/become irrelevant at this point.

You don't have to, but they'll be numbered regardless. I don't have to actively designate my second son as my second son for him to be the second, ya know?

your beloved 2nd International caved like cowards when WW1 started

Wasn't there already a fifth internationale by like five British guys in their living room?

Yes, but also nobody gave a shit so it's not like anyone would bring it into their ckutn anyway


suckdems gonna suckdem

God I hope not

I don't speak american, sorry

polite sage for off topic =^)