Socialist Video Game Reviews: My First Video Now Complete!

Pretty much in the title, please go and watch it and share it to all your friends! Thanks. Leave comments/feedback here or on Youtube.

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i'm retarded

I never thought you would actually finish it tbh.
I will try and give back some constructive criticism.

my voice sounds so dumb. but oh well not much I can do about that.

thanks my man

Good shit fam

it's a good start, I think there's some potential to this series if you make it one. Your voice is fine, it has an Ashens quality that makes it decent to listen to, at least you don't have a nasal whiny type that some people do. I'd seriously avoid mobile games because they are 99% garbage clicker or IAP shit, go for PC/console games, preferably PC. There's actually a vidya thread around here with a large list of approved games.

That's my list haha. And yeah I just did this one first because it's easy. I have the filming done on Neocolonialism so I'll probably do that next.

Thank you!

And thank you as well!

Oh and could someone post this on r/socialism? I'm banned from there. Don't tell them I'm from leftypol lol.

being banned from r/socialishism is a badge of honor

I agree but regardless they're a big-ish audience. ?I can't really think where else to post it that people would be interested.

Ha I could try it on Holla Forums

you could try, but you'll be shitposted with cuckposting, and dead horses, I'd try fullchan Holla Forums, but even then most people are tired of the political angle. r/latestagecapitalism could be one, but they suffer similar crap that r/socialishism does, and likely both don't like gamers too much. Really I can't think of too many places to post.

its not a badge of honor when literally anyone could get banned from there.

it's a participation trophy, since everyone on r/socialishism got one as children, it's only natural they hand them out now


this is cool

do you happen to stream or anything?

Why would you want give those fuckers anything? Let them rot.

Pretty ok video, turn down music a bit and try to get better quality microphone.

Holla Forums - video game reviews

but the views man

Well, I don't, maybe I could but I'm not sure how I could keep people entertained for hours unscripted haha.

fair advice, thanks

better than 'I want to be socialist but X' topics right?

Gotta go where the people are chieftain


please review fascist games too kthnxbyia

I will if I keep doing it (or reactionary games anyway)

It's not about ad revenue, it's about knowing my time was worth the effort

do anybody know some nazbol vidya?

HOI/Victoria II