Why are so many nazis non white now?

Why are so many nazis non white now?

This account is completely real btw.

Same reason many Fascists are beta and homos, self-hatred


national "socialism" doesn't only apply to whites, but the banner just shows that he's retar…
nevermind nothing to see here


thats nicaragua iirc


oh so he's spanish with a tan instead of german with a tan

Does the averange Holla Forumsar loves himself?

Why is nationalism limited to white people? White people are the most cucked in that they will prioritise the interests of other races over themselves.
All other groups except for whites have strong in-group preferences.

It's the the flags of Venezuela and El Salvador.
It surprises me how autistic nonwhite (aka anyone not paler than sour cream) Nazis are like they wouldn't be the first to be killed for simply existing.
No hate to my white comrades though, intersectionality and internationality > idpol

They think it will save them.

Well if you're a Third Worldist that's acceptable because it resists capitalism…somehow

Capitalists can be any race but they will put on a face of fake sympathy towards the proles but they just want the proles' labor to make them wealthy.
There is nothing wrong with a majority helping the minority gain the same rights or whatever it may be

Holla Forums really is a bunch of mulattoes arguing over who is whiter

Including white racists, i've never gotten a discount, job, or any benefit whatsoever from white nationalists. They mostly accuse other whites of being race-traitors, so much for in-group preference.


He is surrounded by brown people there. LOL

is it really that surprising? I mean, there was the integralists in brazil that were fascist. pretty sure honduras and el salvador were reasonably fashy as well in the 1980s and might still lean that way now. after a while i'm sure people internalize it and think "HEY THIS IS A GOOD IDEA" due to propaganda

Reality is a parody of itself

Why not someone at least somewhat closer to your culture like de Rivera?

race consciousness is rising comrades

We're all Ubermenschen with perfect mind and bodies, so yeah, we have a lot to love! :)

Why wouldn't they be, OP? Race ideology isn't based on the specific characteristics of any specific "race" because there aren't any. And if nazis can win over the descendants of people who Hitler invaded surely they can win over people a continent away.

What confuses me is why those that promote an ideology that speaks about one's racial pride continue to praise whites when they themselves aren't white. I've seen some that don't even care for Nationalist from the nation their family comes from or are knowledgeable of what is happening in those nations.


So autism is rising?


people like to claim it's vaccines, but I'm starting to think it's memes and shitposting that causes autism

it's the other way around tbh
autists make memes and normal people are affected and then turn into autists who makes more memes and so on and so on

Can somebody post the white power/pride cute drawing with 3 nonwhite guys?




first as tragedy, then as farce

Feels great.

Every day I see another Alt-Righter who isn't white. I wonder how fast this movement is gonna implode

I made this from last night

Holla Forums is getting their scrotums beaten with hammers these days and its only going to get worse the more that comes out about their demographics, their poor hindsight, and their utter incompetence at what they pride themselves on planning ability. But most of all, Holla Forums won't be able to defend or wrap their minds around the fact that the increased attention they sought will ultimately prove their humiliation, as they seriously under estimated how many people hate the fuck out of nazis. And then shit like this happens, where we find out a majority of actual, serious white nationalists

Aren't even white

All things considered, in the years to come, just like Chanology, Holla Forums will be a cringey activist shell in the opposite direction like Anonymous proved out to be.

And every day it just gets more hilarious

Forgot the best one.

What the fuck is that sissy foo foo shit on his head

I wish.

I simultaneously hate myself and have an ego the size of the remaining white Holla Forums poster's bodies.

Cat ears

Fuck I meant to respond to>>1364272

Any explanation why he's wearing cat ears or is it an unsolved mystery

Let's rush him


Because whites have been cucked beyond belief. I thought this was well stablished by now. Socjus events are whiter than the old Tea Party rallies.

tbh I don't mind, let them fix their countries and we will fix ours (if we can)

after all fascists often debate whether or not baathists are fascists and saddam and assad sure aren't the whitest bunch out there

Listenn gười nước ngoài, I'm not white, and I can say 100% I would respect you a fuck ton more if you were a white nationalist or whatever the fuck flavor of Holla Forums you are, who was white, but you're not even being honest with yourself. The only one being cucked here is you, I fail to understand how your brain has managed to fuck itself so hard you managed to shill for another race so much you otherwise consider weak.

Make your own god damn politics appreciating your race.

I know what you're saying, but South American culture is mostly homogeneous except for Ameri-Indian groups. But you hardly give a fuck about them despite their cultures being wiped out en masse at a rapid pace.

Your priorities are all sorts of fucked and you would rather shake hands with some bougie white fucker than ever consider the correct priorities when it comes to nationalism, or if South American nations even deserve nationalism.

Because last time I checked, Central-South American nationalism managed to be the greatest thread to overall Central South American progress. It has fucked South America in a complete and total cluster fuck brought to you by the CIA.

Holla Forums changes its ideology it prides itself on never changing. Just like that

It's almost like you don't even know what the fuck you believe. But that would be a silly thing to think.

fucking hooooly lol

This guy is the product of reactionary immigrants raising him in North America

fuck Holla Forums those pricks banned me for shit talking their retarded meme god

wtf why did my id change and lose my flag?

It's almost like Holla Forums is an imageboard, and it's stupid to pigeonhole it into any one ideology, just as it would be stupid to believe that Holla Forums was a Stalinist apologist board

>t. "culture is old vietnamese ruins and shit, since wy peepaw haven't made any of those lately they have no culture"