How will communism solve the human trafficking problem we currently have in the world?

How will communism solve the human trafficking problem we currently have in the world?

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Social ownership of boipussy.

No more paying for sex since no one has to self-exploit for a living.

Its literally the only thing that could fix it.

How would you sell people without selling them?

Well most people aren't actively kidnapped but rather think they're going to get work in another country, so these people not being so desperate for work will help.

There will still be paying for sex, most of the desperate ugmo male population will break their backs to land some pussy. There will always be an 'economy' of favors no matter what, and women want the best exchange for their sexual capital.

Sounds like people will actually be in relationships, helping each other out for sex.



"The chains of marriage are so heavy that it takes two to carry them, sometimes three."


Purge and gulags.

Women can be proactive, if you give the the environment, that allows them to be so.

Which is pretty perfect for shy guys.

By creating virtual reality QTs for people to enjoy so there's no longer any market for 3DPD.

Great documentary. Also, assertive girls are tops.

people will overcome hedonistic sex and find a partner for life. love will beat capitalist fornication and sex as a commodity will cease to exist

Fat chance, moralist. More free time generally results in more sex, and the DDR already showed how women can get substantially more sexually libertine if they don't have to worry about the class status of their partner or the possibility of children.

With violence.

By ending sex trade

By ending trade

Not always.
Still waters run deep.