Marxism is eurocentric

Marxism is eurocentric

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Unironically true.

Third worldism is still shit though.


Define Eurocentric

Come up with your own ideas for once instead of always autistically screeching about Western Imperialism

Yes and?

So is pretty much every political theory since politics as a philosohy was invented in Europe and maybe China

My dick is eurocentric.

Maybe you should produce something of value that the west will then adopt and subsequently have it called eurocentric.

Yo mama isn't.

Good. So what?

A bit yes. But internationalism isn't.

Considering the abominations of political thoought favoured in other places thats a good thing.

It's true, but then, the whole world will inevitably be Europeanised as Capitalists search for new markets so who cares?

Arabs were tinkering with Plato and Ristotle centuries before Machiavelli.

come on now.

Its kind of funny how the German Not Socialism was far more eastern in many respects.


Nazis do believe that their "Aryan" (alien) ancestors landed in the Himalaya mountains.

According to some of them they claim that earth is a punishment planet which is supposed to explain the many races that originate from other aliens that dropped their criminals here.

This is unironically correct

We also believe that our white alien space empire is still out there and that Hitler saved the white race by managing to send the first radio message into outer space about the jew so our fleet should be picking the signals up soon

They call it the Aldebaran Empire.

Also the swastika is meant to be a representation of cyclical history and we like the Hindu Caste system very much because the Aryan invaders wuz white and establish a racial caste hierarchy which we are planning after our inevitable world conquest

I wish I was crazy enough to believe this.

Another reason we picked the Swastika (now this shit is highly esoteric) was for propaganda purposes because we were originally planning to Invade India and cuck the British empire that way and we would have been greeted as liberators that was the purpose of the Africa corps and the reason the UK and the Soviet Union invaded our Ally Iran and put a puppet in charge to block access. Then the clever anglo jew tricked Germany and the USSR into fighting each other when we were originally planning to invade the USSR through it's underbelly in central asia.

Most of written history is Eurocentric thanks to Mongolians and Barbarians.

i personally don't give a fuck if it is or isn't, it's a good idea and is possibly one of the few realistic avenues we have to go down as a species if we want to achieve some stable form of existence for the 7 billion people that are here on this planet