Operation Troll Nazis

My name is Lt.Super Damn 3, and I'm
puttin together a special team.
And I need me some trolls.
Leftist - trolls.
Now y'all might of heard rumors
about the armada happening soon.
Well, we'll be leavin a little
earlier. We're gonna be dropped
into twitter and other places, dressed as pepes.
And once we're in enemy territory, as
a bushwackin, guerrilla troll force, we're
gonna be doin one thing, and thing
only, Trollin Nazi's.


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shoo reddit

The stinkin Holla Forums Nazis have been combing hashtags on twitter and reporting people to ICE. Our mission is to disrupt all Holla Forums troll activity. Warn people. Report them to immigration activist twitter accounts. But let’s not stop there disrupt all their stinkin’ Nazi attempts. Any time you see a Holla Forums thread that calls for a against left allies, disrupt it. Join me comrades Twitter.com/superdamn3!

we in the trollin' Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin'.

Join me on twitter comrades!


Way ahead of you, I've been reporting all those threads to undocumented solidarity groups on facebook.

Didn't some brownish looking Holla Forumsyps get dox'd?

Think it's time we reported them to the feds.

Any type of terrorist threads making threats or anything like that I've reported to the FBI tips site.

i ain't see that but that's good. Holla Forumsyp natzies ain't got no humanity. they need to exposed for ruining people's lives.

disrupt all troll threads. report all their threats. good work brother.

Does anyone else think Holla Forums has been completely co-opted by COINTELPRO? The fact they are now pro-FBI and nobody there seems to find this suspicious is telling.

Like what?


I'm all for this but we need a better strategy
How about warning the tweeter users Holla Forums is targeting?
Misinforming the threads?

why should I care?

yea i did some of that pic related. i tweeted the specific people they targeted. I even found the emails of Undocumented Worker Solidarity groups and warned them of Holla Forums's efforts to get people deported
[email protected]
[email protected]



A principled leftist wouldn't need to ask that question. I want the help of people who feel solidarity with undocumented children watching their parents get deported. These people aren't toys for the Holla Forums fascists. They matter.


you losers need to go get lives and leave people alone


I can't tell who's cointelproing who anymore.

Moralfaggotry was a mistake.
Just say they are part of the undocumented peoples' group or whatever.

Just disrupt Holla Forums's fascist trolling campaigns. If they try to send 100 pizzas with swastikas to a jewish person. Call the pizza place they ordered from and cancel the order. That's just an example. If you stumble upon a raid thread on Holla Forums. Disrupt it. Period. I'll be doing it like OP.

(you) read this post

it explains the point of this thread simply.

This thread is not condoning violence in any way. It's calling for counter-trolling efforts as mentioned in this post

You are not intelligent or creative and I can tell this because you already let us know you don't think you are.

Disrupt them how?

If you see a raid thread on half Holla Forums or full Holla Forums disrupt it. Work against their interests. An example was given about the pizza. Another example is If they're trolling a journalist on twitter or Facebook inform the journalist who they are and where they come from. Even link the thread. It deflates them and they quit doing it afterwards lol. Ignore the shills in this thread trying to discourage us. They're obviously Holla Forumsyps

Sorry meant to reply to you with this post

It's just not a particularly exciting thing to do and further encourages them to derail whatever we're trying to do. At the moment they just stick to having a cry and a report whenever we zerg a 4chan thread.

I can get behinde that
Now i need to make a tweeter

Making them bitter is not a lost

Full Holla Forums has a campaign to troll Tumblr if you look at their catalog. We could've be creative and disrupt that too. Let's shine some light on the natzies ;]

No, but having all of our plans ruined by salty 15 year olds in the name of people too fucking retarded to think that maybe joining a pretty obvious potential honeypot for immigration officials is a loss.

contribute anyway you see fit, comrade. Whether it's reporting these threads. Or disrupting them in the ways I mentioned. You'll be helping people being victimized. So it's a good cause .

everybody knows this already.

t. /pol.


I wish you and the other newfag ITT that posted would fuck off to be honest. You've probably been here like a month or so and will just fuck off without a care when you've made it a shithole with your newfaggotry.

Also fuck off mod.

So this guy got reported for falseflagging
His posting history shows that he's OP, normally that will be enough but after looking at his tweeter I'm not sure if he's a troll or if he's a very ironic memester.

Around two people on the whole board are interested in this idea and OP waits until it's dropped onto page 2 to reply.
This plan can:
Save a handful of idiots that willingly put on social media that they are staying in a country illegally
Brings hundreds of 4pol and 8pol shitposters here for weeks
Give them cause to fuck up every single plan and raid we ever do because a few users were stupid enough to shit in their own backyard.

lol you're a sneaky Holla Forums nazi. Anyway anyone who reads this thread disregard what the board volunteer says he's samefaggong and false flagging. He's trying to disrupt this thread. The natzies are everywhere. It's our time to disrupt them back. :) . Spread this message!

How on earth did you obtain his twitter?

I fail to see how will it harm us or our individual users


Mainly since we haven't set a precedent of derailing other boards and chans raids and schemes yet, and they haven't done it to us besides getting butthurt and snitching on us when we spam 4chan threads.
Nobody tattled on us when we were trying to overthrow r/soc mods or anything else we've tried doing, but if we do this then they will.

Here's a fucking YUGE one, is this breaking federal law?


Yup. Disrupt. Report. Forward the info to authorities.


I'm not a burger, who do I report this to?

Holla Forumses come here and shitpost all the time, I don't think disruping this scheme will make them change tactics

Right now I feel the best thing to do is what other Anons said like informing immigrant protection groups

Okay, fair enough.

Don't report to the mods, but forward it to the feds :^)

any specific agenices, is the FBI good enough?

Email the ACLU. Or tweet them and provide screen shots of what 4pol is trying to to do .

Here is the number 212-549-2500
American Civil Liberties Union aclu.org/contact-us v
Twitter: @aclu‬

No idea, I just thought it would be funnier if you let them dig a big fucking hole and make themselves hated by 40% of the American population rather than impulsively smash every bit of the raid to bits in its infancy.
Forwarding all evidence of the fake reports gets them fucked, and they take the negative publicity with it. It also weakens the legitimacy of the American gov. and redeems the smashies a bit (who we are connected to whether we like it or not).

I couldnt care less if a natzies changed its tactics. It's not a human to begin with ;] .

This is dumb.

Really dumb. Everything about it is. It reeks and it's gonna backfire. And who even cares? Don't do it. Stop it.

Report it to the Feds and report those type of threads as illegal activity on half pol so they get pruned/deleted


I tweeted it to them on twitter.

fucking faggots get off my board.


Butthurt much subhuman commie???

do you never get tired of being such a flaming faggot?

Maybe if you would stop giving the OP something to reply to, he would stop religiously bumping this thread every 20 minutes.

cucks, just know you're being watched by pinko's

I thought this was meme but it's real. You guys are the biggest faggots that ever lived.(USER WAS SENT TO ANFEM'S BREEDING DUNGEON)

y-you can't do that!

they're hitting a new low

No, if you go on reddit or facebook you'll find hundreds of liberals willing to join you in this moral crusade, the radical left will gain nothing from this.
Join some antifa page and teach them some basic raiding skills, this doesn't belong here.

If you want to know what happens when you try to start board wars, look up what happened to Holla Forums.

Are these real protection measures or 7pol/ desinfo?

Tell me

This is going to fuck you guys over incredibly. I would not do this at all. This is a terrible idea to set boards against each other and will backfire like you have never seen. Don't do this, anons. OP is a falseflagging faggot aiming to disrupt chan communication. Holla Forums would be wise not to take the obvious bait, as the snowball effect can become a real thing.

I kept telling them m8 but they don't fucking listen.

Holla Forums really only stopped once they started getting knocks on the door.

obviously it's Holla Forums disinfo

too bad this isn't for teh lulz bullshit, this is something that can and will permanently ruin peoples/families lives

Basically this, fam. Daily reminder that Holla Forums spergs continued to try to get us to raid other Holla Forums boards a good year after the board was removed and they fled to free.ch

I don't have evidence of it, but one outright tried to 'link' us to them by constantly mentioning Holla Forums and trying to get us to raid, some time in 2014-15. I can't remember the exact date, but I'm pretty sure the goal was to try to get Holla Forums to destroy the then-over-ten-times smaller Holla Forums

Anyone who is over 16 and considering trolling/raiding anything is a retard and should remove himself from this site.

So as other anons said the best course of action is just to report Holla Forums bullshit to pro immigant organizations

I don't give a shit about raids, to be honest. What I care about is the below leddit tier OP that people didn't immediately ignore and laugh at.

Stop being a faggot. You've been told repeatedly to knock it off with this stupid thread when you're blatantly some egofag on a moral crusade against Holla Forums, deliberately drawing attention to imageboards on social media and you've now decided to start drawing attention here.
I have no idea why the volunteer let this shit stay up as all it's going to do is draw trouble and petty like for like bullshit from Holla Forums, and you're lucky in that you posted it when your fellow clueless newfag redditfriend Spain was online because normally it would be completely ignored for all the reasons people are trying to drill into your skull, but you feel compelled to bump this thread every time it hits page two with a mindless reply to any sage or minor response even though the vast majority of users are not interested because we've been here longer than your despotic moderators on reddit throwing their toys out the pram at catgirls.
Not only that, but you've been given an alternative to doing this shit here that you flat out ignored. I hope Holla Forums doxs you and has everything from pizza to ICE raids at your door.
This thread stinks of some high level goon fuckery too, but normally they're too stupid to attempt anything that takes over twenty minutes of planning (if you've actually graduated to warming up falseflag twitter accounts for two weeks, then well done).

Not sure how helpful this info is.

But the two seemingly most active people in the anticome discord are

Anime Israel
Real Name: David Davidson
Lives in Glasgow, Scotland


List - NH - Intelligence
Near Boston, on border of New Hampshire

The email for their org is
[email protected]
I'd suggest signing them up for some culturally enriching newsletters.


you do it. stop being so lazy

the name of their anti-antifa larping org, I'm presuming standing for anti-communist

I don't know if you're Holla Forums or are just being psychotic here. Not every response from individuals actively preventing alt-right retards from organizing and effectively becoming brownshirts is trying to start a board war.
mhmm, I'm not even American, and go fuck yourself Holla Forums, I won't bump this thread anymore if you care this much about bringing heat to this board, but people should be anonymously combating this bull shit.

Every person that is trying to build some sort of operation to do that should do it somewhere else. Holla Forums is for discussion and peaceful organization. If you're trying to start gang-fights and doxings there are already several facebook groups doing it, join them.
Make a board and take your people there, it's free, you might even get a cyclical here for a week or two so you can recruit people. Just don't threaten Holla Forums with your project.



Ayy lmao, judging by his twitter, hes an snp cunt too


check out what they're doing here


likewise nazi

pin pls