42k a month

I love the Chapo boys, but if they're actually interested in countering the right's cultural hegemony then they need to step the fuck up and stop being so fucking lazy.


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better that way

Literally how

Even folk-punk bands are wising up to the whole, "its an aestethic~" of having shitty equipment is utter bullshit.

Just look at the early stuff for Leftover Crack, Mischief Brew, and ANNOYING, and compare it to the later stuff.


I always thought that of all lefty podcasts Chapo does a good job gradually improving and promoting itself.

Still blows my mind btw. It shows how bad there's a demand for left-wing content that is not boring and predictable.

make sure to donate in order to smash capitalism

yeah yeah yeah, I know real socialists don't worry about money, my fellow leftist

because that's how it gets watered down and boring
who cares
who care

better equipment would make sense i guess

But wouldn't you rather see normies on Facebook sharing ChapoTV videos instead of Young Turks videos?

yeah man gotta hand it to Soros, he's one of us!

I think they would suck doing anything like that tbh.

that'll only happen if chapo gets extremely bad or they take something they do ironically and don't realize it

Even the Cum Town boys have a studio now.

Holy shit, the mid-20th century called, they want you back.

Milo, Breitbart and Holla Forums as a whole say hi.

Get real.

Agree tbh. I can see this falling on it's ass the moment it goes to Youtube

Trump is in office, Bannon is his chief strategist, and TV is dominated by reactionaries and liberal "centrists", how is that for culutral hegemony

Stop falling for the meme that the people who elected Trump share Bannon's culture and ideology. The vast majority of them voted for him out of concrete economic anxieties.