Is fascism pro-capitalism or anti-capitalism? Or does it depend on the particular strain of fascism?

Is fascism pro-capitalism or anti-capitalism? Or does it depend on the particular strain of fascism?

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It's pro capitalism, but real fascists know that life under capitalism is hell for most, so it explicitly pretends to be anticapitalist.

i mean not socialism is allegedly anti capitalist but it doesn't matter


What socialist measures has any facist state ever implemented.


It is capitalism in decay.

Capitalism that larps as anti-capitalism.

Most don't realize that fascists hate the bourgeoisie. Partially because they're jewish, partially because fascism is usually a movement supported by the lower classes.

To expound, fascists don't want to destroy the upper class or classes, they don't give a shit if people are rich as long as they don't abuse the nation. As long as they act for the betterment of the nation, it's ok.

Brilliant anti capitialist theory youngitbthere.

Whos exploiting the working class? Under Nazi Germany the working class lived better than it did 16 years later under communism. Nazi Germany had extensive welfare and healthcare programs for everybody – working class or otherwise. This was while other nations were still in the depths of the depression. It was the envy of other nations.

No matter how much it pretends to be pro-worker and 'third way', it's pure class collaborationism.

stopped reading there

It depends. Some lean more to the left, giving more power to the worker corporations, others to the right, giving more power to the industry corporations. Mussolini started closer to the right, with powerless worker corps, but moved a lot to the left near to the end of his rule. Hitler was the reverse, when campaigning he was more to the left (it was even in the name of the party) but moved to the right after becoming the Fuhrer.

If you count Not Socialism as well, the Black Front was very anti-capitalist.


Fascism is neither pro nor anti-capitalism. What is true is that decaying capitalism is what allows fascism to rise (and communism too btw). For fascism the economy isn't a goal but merely a mean to a goal. The goal is the perceived interests of the nation. Fascism will readily rely on a capitalist economy or on a socialist economy depending on what will better allow it to further its ends. It is first and foremost opportunistic as far as the economy is concerned. That doesn't mean it is compatible with just about any economic system. I've heard about anarcho-fascism for example but i doubt it could work in practice.

Fascism can definitely work long-term under some forms of "socialism", that is state-capitalism. On the other hand, I doubt it could tolerate orthodox liberal-capitalism for more than a few decades. Liberal-capitalism implies a high degree of autonomy for the capitalist bourgeoisie. A regime that is focused on state control at all levels would sooner or later give in to the urge to nationalize everything. Basically fascism must become Stalinism at some point.

Hitler started a fucking war for fucks sake. But I'm pretty sure that the working class loved that, right?

Indeed they did. At least for a few years.

Learn things.

A war to retake occupied territories and which lasted a month (because the Polish "allies" didn't give a shit about Poland). Very different from the war England and France started and refused to end until the pile of corpses reached many millions.

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Fascism isn't a working-class movement. Mussolini's Blackshirts were often used by wealthy landowners as violent strikebreakers. The class that voted Hitler in was the petite-bourgeoisie and state bureaucrats, not the proletariat. Moreover, both Fascism and Nazism enjoyed significant financial and political backing from the ruling class of their respective country.

It does originate form syndicalism but within market framework so yes and no.

depends on your definition

Our issues with capitalism are different from the lefts, we see capitalists as pro democracy pro liberal filth, pro weakness, and anti tradition. we have no problem with there being a "market" of labor where people work out wages and shit, we just don't like kike bankers and corporations like apple promoting faggotry

parts of the upper class support us when the choice is a bullet or shaping up

Thank you for summing up Fascism's stance regarding capitalism better than anyone else could.

I never said such a thing. Besides, there exist working-class people who support neo-Liberalism but that doesn't mean neo-Liberalism is a working-class movement.

What I claimed is that pretending Fascism is a working-class movement is a counter-factual manipulation of history.

There sure were no guns drawn at the February 1933 fund-raising meeting between Hitler and some of the country's top industrialists.

The bourgeoisie in Nazi Germany welcomed the ban on labor unions, the regimentation of the workforce and the prospects of profits from military production.

There's no room for individuals practicing capitalism in a society where the state controls all aspects of life. No nation has ever gone 100% fascist, but I think technology just made it possible to create true 'totalitarianism'.

Fascists hate ridiculous caricatures that the bourgeois create for them to hate.


mussolini was a former commie wasn't he?

he wrote for a socialist newspaper. he also got money from the brit secret services at the time.
One of his friends and allies till the end, Nicola Bombacci, never renounced communism.

he apparently liked Max Stirner too.
really makes you think

He was born to a socialist father and later wrote for a socialist newspaper. He was kicked out of the party for being a nationalist who supported WWI.