Will capitalism ever end?

Will capitalism ever end?

What if it doesn't?

I was talking with some ancap who seems to think that capitalism will last for all eternity. He also seems to think that full automation will never happen, because "technology will create new jobs"

He's delusional. Global warming and automation are going to end capitalism in your lifetime.

Most likely they will end our lifetimes in fact!

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never underestimate the power of porky to create more jobs. lot's of jobs we have nowadays is useless, artificial. the longer we wait, the bigger chance will be that central planning will be able to bring us near-workless society.

but of course, most of us is not gonna survive third wold war

What fucking new jobs?
"ONes we cant even imagine yet", right?
There is literally never, ever, ever going to be a need for billions of engineers and scientists, unless that number is spread out across our arm of the galaxy or something.
Nor will there ever be any natural way to have an economy made mostly of artists.
The only way new jobs would be created is if instead of universal free money we all got jobs digging holes in the desert then filling them back up.

right. Every change in technological paradigm will bring new jobs, however odd they seem to us now. There is very small chance that you could explain to people 100 years ago that there would be people making money for odd jobs like typing out captcha on their computers (best way for bypass spam protection, low price from india).
The difference is that there will be new jobs, not more jobs.
Also, there is very low chance that capitalism will be able to automate all production during our lifetimes, often is much cheaper to just move jobs elsewhere.

It's going to end badly. I don't think we'll witness it but the destruction of the human species will probably happen.

The thing people ignore is that, yeah, industrialization created "more jobs," but it also fucking ended feudalism. So OK, maybe people really will all be able to work as artists or community organizers or whatever, but automation is simply going to end capitalism and the wage system.


yes, that's for sure. I'd like just know if we will live in new socialism or die in massive purges of unemployable and political dissidents

Theoretically we could provide work for billions of scientists and engineers. The problem is that there's a very small gap in intelligence between a machine which can do everything a janitor can do and a machine which can do everything an astrophysicist can do. The hard part is making something as smart as the stupidest humans. Once we manage that, we'll see 100% unemployment in just a few years.

It's been in the low 70s here over January and February in North Carolina. This shit ain't fuckin' normal y'all

y tho

I think it hit 85 a few times here in South Georgia as well

i know him from school
he decided to spread the good word of his autistic ideology in a discord server and i debated him
he also watches molyneux and likes trump, not really surprising tbh

Are we talking about the weather? It's fucking freezing here in the UK.

I believe some ancaps are just confused mutualists. I have a friend from high school, he is very deep in "an"crapism since then. I'm thinking to read some mutalist theory and try to convert him when we'll smoke weed next time.

middle/eastern europe had some recordly low temperatures this winter

Build self-sustaining space pods fixed at a good distance from the sun.

Tropical climate

No technology

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fucking snowed today in London,sure it didn't settle and it was only a bit but I haven't seen it snow in mid February in years

it's not big but ok. I think I'm gonna make thread on Holla Forums, I'm not gonna shit this board, w8 a moment

We aren't even going to last an eternity.

I mean aside from the very obvious problems with that statement other than that. It just really shows the lack of imagination to think human society will always be the same after this point, when capitalism is already stressed beyond capacity.

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Yeah we've been getting the odd bit here up north but it's only ever lightly for a few minutes.

I remember it snowing plenty when I was younger. If anything it's been getting steadily warmer each year.

capitalism will end but it may not be replaced with what we want


It's not because capitalism is only 400 years old that will not live much more than that. How long did other economic systems lasted?

Lets hope it ends with humanity

It depends on how finely you want to dissect "economic systems." Even capitalism isn't some monolithic entity. It's developed and evolved through various forms and continues to do so.

In North Carolina again, January we had 11 inches of snow in one day and a week later it was 70 degrees.


Automation will simply liberate human capital so we can go on to do more productive stuff.
If the university is, as the anglo and the Jew, truly eternal human capacity is also eternal and capitalism/free market is the most efficient system to use.

Tell that ancap that capitalism hasn't colapsed yet because the taxpayer's money that bailed out the banks in the 2008 financial crisis. Otherwise it would have been kaput.
Still using the taxpayer's money to bail out the banks didn't solve nothing, it was just using band aids on a massive open wound.