Can dat boi be /our meme/?

Can dat boi be /our meme/?

get your shitty tumblr garbage out of here

we just have to make him less tumblr like by putting him in different contexts.
we'll have our frog and pol will have theirs.

our resident feline mascot is fine

No, dat boi is cringy tumblr shit.

probably not, but that picture is pretty dope.
If there's more images of him killing pepe, it could be reconsidered, I bet.

dat boi has more potential due to his simplicity

How about we don't. Stop basing your fucking identity off some self hating mulatto spergs.

Don't think of what dat boi *is*

Think of what he could become

no it's a forced meme

stfu we're hijacking it

t. snow the ebin discord meme master

found this



dat boi is shit

just reclaim pepe


Thanks for bumping this atrocious thread faggots

How about Wojak being /our meme/?


forgot pic

Thanks for keeping us up to date, OP. I'd get bored after repeatedly bumping the thread for hours too.


this one is better


Get the fuck out of Holla Forums with your twatter shittery

Dat boy was not only the new doge in that it was forced and shitty, but it has been memed in other directions already and is dead now and should honestly stay dead

why do you even want this to exist, let alone be posted here.

rarely see it posted or getting OC