It's Jeb's birthday today. The cake has been sent to him. Do you think he'll eat it? Will he read the books sent to him...

It's Jeb's birthday today. The cake has been sent to him. Do you think he'll eat it? Will he read the books sent to him? Will he say anything about this?

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Happy Birthday, strongest comrade Jeb!


Today begins a new day in revolutionary times. A hero rises!



we should retire the black cat and instead use a turtle as the symbol for anarcho-syndicalism



how did i not hear about this

How are there people who don't know about this?


Gives whole new meaning to Red State

fucking smashies can't even smash properly

I doubt he'll eat the cake since it could have been poisoned or something. I don't think it's impossible that he'd read the books.


post more memes please


What books were sent to him?

>>>/reddit/ though

How did this become a meme?

Who came up with smashies? It seems to have cropped up at the same time recently.

as in lifestylists you double nigger

Started immediately after the /r/socialism thing.

Yeah, but antifa weren't doing any smashing before then. Reddit started saying it around the same time (like the same day) as us going from google.
I'm going to say we came up with it based on the statistical impossibility of reddit coming up with anything original.


I'm going to say it's from reddit because it started happening right as we got an influx of people from tankie subs and that's too good of a coincidence to ignore.

It wasn't right after, it was right after they started smashing everything. Reddit has never come up with anything.
I almost accused you of being reddit since you seemed to have some kind of reddit insider knowledge.

There are no 2016 results for smashies on reddit, but one or two for leftypol archived posts (by spambots using 8ch to generate content). A site called seems to have invented the phrase in 2012.

Das Kapital, the bread book, the state and revolution

I just wonder how Jeb Bush is going to react to this?


for real? that's fucking hilarious

yes, for real. I hope he reads them

We can do this Holla Forums

Happyb b-day @ Jeb :)

If it's delivered by the bakery I don't see how any threat could be posed.
Besides, it's not like he's actually important, why would anyone want to try to hurt him?

Man, I hope he isn't regretting saying he'd kill baby Hitler. If I were a Republican I'd be mortified.



Can a journo here actually call him up and ask whether he received it?

I would love to know his response. lel

Maybe ask one of the weird irony twitter people to do this.

wait. some people are actually on this

You really think Comrade Jeb hasn't read all these multiple times by now?

Srs question, if an American socialist revolution happened would you guys spare Jeb! for the memes or would he be gullotine'd as well?

I would spare him so he could see how compassionate we are and possibly join our ranks