When will we get another man like Lenin?

I'm waiting

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The original one is fine too.

I guess I'll just grab linen's corpse and have a revoultion with that.


we have one in the making


I've heard that corpse is fake and that when you go to visit it they usher you past it quickly (and don't allow photography) so that you won't notice it's fake. Any truth to this?


Its looks pretty waxy.

He is already here.

Fuugin firest worldest

I've been there. Lighting is very dim and photography is not allowed. You have no way to approach his anyway so can't examine if it's the real thing anyhow.

to approach his cask*

although you don't have to move quickly, you can stay and look a bit, the problem is that there isn't much to look at for very long.

there are videos showing how the corpse is washed


Any corpse would look inorganic after 100 years of preservatives.


Never were all going to die.

Aliens stole the original corpse.


When Rojava gets destroyed by SAA in a few years PissPig will escape to Uruguay and start reading Hegel

im coming, hold on


We already have one, and he is the shadow president.

give me some time, ffs

If you keep waiting around for a dead man to lead your revolution then im gonna say your shit was fucked before it started.

quads of truth

everything is coming together, accelerationism, Trump, class agitation

Utilizing the right as the useful idiots they are.

It was, after all, 4th dimensional chess.

damn…. btfo

I would not be surprised if this is true but it's a strange thing to lie about

He's been here for the entire time.

Just someone with his determination and revolutionary spirit.

He's Lenin without the ideals. In other words a dangerous cancer that needs to be wiped out.

Lenin was a better twink anyway

My dad is the same age in 2017 as lenin was in 1917 + he's a commie

Stop with the hero worship, it's fucking pathetic

This reminds me of those gay dudes who for some reason want to be infected by aids so go around having unsafe sex or whatever.

Lenin was aids. What kind of rational human being would want aids?

While I admire Lenin for his ability to seize the moment and create a full socialist revolution out of a situation which had been heading towards bourgeois parliamentary compromise, we need more than just a great leader to replicate his success. Remember that Lenin operated in a state which was home to tens of millions of horridly oppressed peasants who lived as little more than slaves, which had already been struggling with political instability for decades, and where the bourgeoisie had just murdered an entire generation of commoners for their imperialist ambitions. It was only under these circumstances that Lenin was able to lead the Russian socialists to victory, and he still had to fight a lengthy civil war to do so. Even if a new Lenin arose, the modern states are far too strong and stable to be subverted at the present time. We'd need another calamity on the level of World War 1 to bring them down.

God I wish they'd just toss him in a hole in the ground already, it's sickens me the way they fetishized the man. His theory is what is important and should be immortalized (and critiqued) the man should be left to rot in peace.

I am the new Lenin.
Listen to me, workers! The time has come to create a giant national bank and make State Capitalism. Then we can compete with the evil capitalists, and when we buy 51% of the world's stock, take over the whole world and institute total state capitalism worldwide to trade with the state capitalists of other planets when they arrive. Then we can burn all the books of Marx (he never existed) and you can finally be happy,.

it is me