Dear White People

I'm sure you guys heard about this shit? This is literally the ultimate peak of Identity Politics.

Netflix is like Buzzfeed now

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honestly all of it is garbage, however there is something that stands out between all the garbage, i know it is all written by porky, but still i bet there ar some people out there that could think the following

no shit, have you ever thought some people are not racist and actually appreciate good things despite whoever produces them?

Okay. Why should we care?

Our biggest downfall [in recent decades] was to let liberals get tied to our image


I know its so horrible. We should have tied ourselves into real reactionaries instead!

it's been 3 years, my dude. it's time to move on and not have an autistic meltdown


That is literally textbook Holla Forums just reversed.

Also that scene in which that whacky white guy acts like a retard when being a DJ. It's almost like you're saying normie college bros are retarded - but no, make it about race and contrast it with the black chad that is 2deep4me

Holla Forums is a diverse and multicultural board. We don't care about white people hate. I'm posting from Argentina right now. I'm just a young brown kid with a head full of revolutionary ideas related to economics.

no its not you stupid tankie

I don't enjoy hip hop because I am not racist or a libshit, I am not racist and I don't enjoy hip hop as a form of anti-racism

you are the same faggot who made the thread on the jewish question, everyone can tell you are from pol



It's almost like you are implying that the first one doesn't act as a liberal superstructure to delegitimize the latter

Of course a subversive SocDem would say such thing.

Race is a spook.

Go back to /r/socialism.

Who gives a shit about a bunch of liberal trash?


I didn't you absolute spaz, I'm not the only guy who uses that flair

This. Posting from India here. This thread is stupid and pointless

feel free to point out where did I atributed cultural achivements to an specific skin color

go back Holla Forums. our faq about not discussing idpol isn't only for sjws

Because it has influence on impressionable young black people and shapes their discourse, preventing class consciousness. Look how everybody in this show is a fucking college chad, yet they cry about muh oppression. It's literally classcucking propaganda


Argentinians are good at shitposting

Not all hip hop is snoop dog and jay z, there are actually some woke rappers. wait

nevermind, kill yourself unironically mah dude

I know, but in the video they simply mention Jay z, I extended my post to the bigger spectrum that is b"lack culture"
I am not argentinian dummy

You said that quote isn't just Holla Forums reversed. Otherwise I have no idea to what you are referring to because your post is an mess or you're drunk

congrats on the autism

Holy shit, get sober.

You greentexted that quote about Jay-Z, I said that's Holla Forums reversed, you spazed out and called me a fag, then I asked kindly if that was what you were referring to when you said "I didn't" because that post had no reference points whatsoever.

Also to use Jay-Z as an example of Hip-Hop. It's like using Bon Jovi as an example of Metal

Hoochie Minh will defend this.

you posted this after quoting me

nowhere in the video did they mention that, that is my opinion, how the fuck is that Holla Forums reversed? you neeed to lay down the vodka fam

i'm just pointing out that your bitching about idpol in a movie that has been on netflix for 3 years is clogging up room on a board focused on leftism and not social justice

What the fuck? It doesn't matter if they said that in the trailer (even though they had practically the same statement in it), you greentexted it to illustrate liberal thinking patterns because after that you added:

So I obviously never implied you define culture based on skin color, I was quoting your fucking greentext it wasn't even meant to be a personal attack

You managed to make everything borderline assburger now, congrats

It's the first time I heard about it since it sparked media coverage only now and I'm not American.

Also, the problem of IdPol being addressed doesn't necessarily imply you have to engage into actual SJW content, you can also talk about the superstructure that enables people to produce that and the effect it has on the masses. That's decided left-wing content since it needs, well, the masses to work.

Also no fun allowed?

do not name tripfags

wrong, what they implied in that segment is that all white people listen to "jay z" because of white guilt, this is false

yes, but part of that greentext is not actually pol-tier
this is not a pol-tier statement you spastic

In said context it implies that cultural (read: racial) appropriation is real which is the Holla Forums standard argument how niggers aren't entitled to live a life in white civilisation because muh white man's burden.

it's dumb but i don't get why some people are so butthurt about it. get over it lol, the more you cry the more publicity it gets


Nope, is this an actual show?
I wish I never had heard of this.

I thought the video was bad until i saw first the socdem, then the anarkiddies shitposting all over the thread.

This is literally what drives people into being unironic nazbols.
Liberals and anarchists are so dense and retarded you really wish Stalin had done to them what the propaganda is painting it to be.

yeah, the wars aren't though.

We are not on the same side, capitalist. Your appropriation of the word socialism to describe your idiotic short-term ideology which collapses the moment capitalism runs into trouble is also a problem to us.

It's not about you, self-absorbed liberal bourg parasite. It's about your arrogant expansionist behavior.

Congrats on the autism

I`m not of the class enemy but an humble servant of the real workers and their representative parties and trade unions.

Fucking hell this place is racist. Literally Holla Forums-tier. Highlighting white supremacy in a humorous manner isn't "idpol" you nonce.

Then you can fuck off back to reddit, cunt



This makes the martyr.

kek, love how you foam at the mouth when someone suggests anti-racist comedy perhaps doesn't deserve total condemnation. truly disgusting people.



This kinda. It's liberal garbage, it shouldn't be giving anyone much of an emotional reaction good or bad. It's benign and annoying. What I would say is disgusting is by comparison, right-wing propaganda is hardly given serious consideration and that's more see-through than anything.

Yet we put unnecessary focus on the annoying harmless one. Why's that?


Jeez, okay, I have some bad news about every anarchist revolution ever.

Boogeyman. The problem facing the black community is today entirely socio-economic.

They are. It's just bourgies who happen to be minorities clamoring for a bigger slice of the pie rather than fundamentally reforming a monstrous system. Which is why it is so insidious; it has all the flavour of genuine struggle, but none of the calories.

You divide the working class and assume whites are all jocks with rich parents or KKKlansmen.

Also, there is a worrying tendency to insult so called hillybillies as idiots and inferior. It's extremely divisive, and probably hides some sort of racial revenge by your kind.

Hillybillies and ghetto blacks should unite against the bourge. You are giving fuel to the right and still deny it because the Critical Race Theory has given you the platform to go against evil 'whitey'.
You are almost ad bad as Holla Forumsyps with their jew scapegoat.

Want to attack actual racists? Go for it, but do not lump the entire populace with it when addressing the issue.

Make a show called 'Hey, nigger !'

Problem solved.

If everyones so offended by this damn movie then just dont fucking watch it. simple.

Stop giving it attention retards. God damn you're like a bunch of Holla Forumsyps.

TFW you are a tank but care more about a new mediocre series on netflix created to win money of liberals than anything else.

hahahah. sorry black people, you are mistaken about the racism you face. let me, the learned white man, explain it to you.

as far as I can see this movie doesn't address "hillbillies" it attacks "well-meaning" liberals for holding the values they claim to abhor.

everyone on here loves that sort of shit when phil ochs says it though.

let's ignore our problems

especially racism

maybe then it will go away

this is true, tho

Yeah, why listen to oppressed people's thoughts or opinions about their conditions. Just dictate the confines of revolution to them from on high! That'll work! fucking idiot

Racism is simply the classification of people by "race".

"Race" is bullshit.

There is only the human race.

That's not said at all.

The point is there is no "race".

We are all the same.

what sort of backwards logic is this? there is no race, but we should totally ignore the impositions of "race" on african americans, and the abuse they receive as a result?

people on here are so spineless and clueless, they can't even bring themselves to condemn the most obvious crimes of empire

Shadilay, my brothers.

The times, they are, a changin'.

Preface: the idea that the truth of statements depends on the person speaking them is pure poison.

Body: it is entirely true. All of the indicators of "systemic racism" are in fact just outgrowths of the socio-economic position of blacks. Correct for crime rates, and there is no disproportionate policing impact. Correct for income, and pretty much all other disparities disappear. That they are today in a worse crime and economic position might have its origin in historic racism (which has been thoroughly stamped out by now), but unless you have a time machine, that can't be helped.

We aren't the ones imposing race, libdouche.

Treat them differently, you say ?

Why not treat everybody the same.

Addendum: in a true universalist system, there would be automatic reparations of sorts anyway, as blacks would be supported by the system more purely owning to their lower economic status. They would automatically benefit more from redistribution.

No, racists are, and you are proposing that we silence all attempts to criticise them.

Fucking hilarious how you see anti-racism as "liberalism".

pic attached is famous liberal

Denying the existence of racism takes a mind-boggling amount of mental gymnastics, bravo.

I don't deny it exists. I deny it is in today's US systemic.

Your posts barely make sense.

The film in question isn't even attacking "systemic racism", so i'm not sure i understand your point.

Racism is woo-woo morality crap, like everything liberals do. You munge thoughts, actions, and official acts together into the same sin like some Baptist cokehead. kys liberal

Thumbed it up because i am not an insecure racist white fuck.

Only white people who are triggered by this are insecure scum who care more about being called racist than their racist, homophobic, sexists actions


They are encouraging the niggers and each others to hate more. Netflix is definitely going to lose the profits.

Gay as fuck

Tumblr in the hoooooooooooooooouse

Dear White Army

I'm sure you guys heard about this shit? This is literally the ultimate peak of Reactionary Politics.

Not true, bro.

Peep the hate creep.

You called me "white" bro. Fuck you. I am an American !

See how easy it is.

Checked ^

Do you think the shallow jocks this movie makes fun off are genuine racists?

This was my whole point of the thread. Not to silence or ridicule any genuine concern for actual racism but how this sort of shits lumps every white person together. You wanna make a movie to make fun of college chad? Go for it. Don't make it about race, Jesus Christ.

Before I came to the US for a semester I didn't even know what "things white people do" or shit like that was. I had to find out the hard way that I was literally walking on egg shells when talking to a black person because this idea that there is a collective white guilt even transcends borders even though my country had shit to do with slavery and all I knew about it at the time was that my mom loved to watch "Gone With The Wind" but knew it was kinda racist. The few blacks I met in Europe were ten times more laid back about this whole background tension that you have when talking to someone with a different skin color.

Wow way profound dude. I've never heard that before. Are you colorblind too?

gee, maybe that's because they regularly experience racism from white people and are more sensitive to off colour jokes and comments etc.

hilarious how the pampered foreign white student is the victim here.

Too spooky ITT for me. Really wish Holla Forumsyps and liberals would funk off tbqhwy.

Forgot muh sage.

What the fuck is so wrong with America? How come every white person there is christian and can't stand black people?

Forgot to take off my shitposting flag

Netflix still has every episode of the X-Files in 1080p and I'm sure as fuck not torrenting 20 gigs worth of shit for that.

I am reluctantly subscribed just for that. But also seeing albinoids getting their panties in a twist or some really shitty show always makes me gleeful.

Bitching about identity politics more than class action and labor rights is a fruitless affair anyways, you're doing exactly what they're doing.

This thread is a mess

We should be allowed to talk about the effects of idpol, since doing so won't split up the proletariat in the same way actual idpol does.

Are you blind? We get shitty threads every day, at least this one's about something new.

It's time to log off.

Not the point.

Just because something is a social construct doesn't mean it doesn't have effects on society you mouth-breather.

If you're so triggered about this thread then just don't fucking click on it. simple.


98th post worst post

The torrents available are DVD quality. While some find that nice, I'm not wasting that much hard drive space when I could get better image and audio quality. Not to mention, if I wanted a movie, I'd torrent it. The same goes with Star Trek and Next Gen, Voyager

It's just with long lasting 9 year Television show. 20 gigs was being generous, I checked and it was like, around 50 gigs.

dame la mochila hijo de puta
que provincia?

great blogpost

Hey I'm just saying Netflix has its uses. Which is not wasting over 60 gigs worth of TV shows to torrent.

Films I'm fine with. Torrenting TV shows is just a waste of time and drive space.

Can someone b& this tripfagging gook already? So glad gooks were treated like complete shit in Stalin's Russia.


Also you're geographically incompetent, seeing as how far Vietnam was from Russia, tankie.


This, i am white and didnt mind this at all, you must be really insecure to start bitching or whining about this shit that is clearly targeted at republicans and other forms of racist faggot whites

ikr, Holla Forumstard hypocricy is enormous sometimes

First off I'm surely not pampered and secondly it's because America is the worlds capital of Identity Politics. It was founded on the basis of Identity Politics.

Minorities that have been oppressed in Europe don't seem to have that idea of mixing every person who shares a phenotype with their historical oppressors into their collective guilt-trip. I'm not saying this is the fault of the black community, rather it is the liberal way of creating division and an anti-economic narrative to eventually achieve a commodification of racial struggle.

I feel like you're focusing on identity politics just as much as the people you're pointing out. The truth of the matter is there are gay proles, lesbian proles, all sorts of proles.

And focusing on the identity politics encourages them to shift into the groups you suggest are counter to our own interests.

Well considering you are bitching about white IdPol to the point of obsession you are walking on thin ice there.

Give me examples, and I'll return the favor.

The problem due to socio-economic conditions blacks are naturally the vanguard of potential economic change towards a more socialist society; the fact that since the Black Panthers they have been indoctrinated never to work with the white working class is a fact which is in our interest to adress.

You can't have a revolution if any sort without blacks but you can't have them without whites either. I'm not bitching about sime black IdPolers like Holla Forums I'm just pointing out that stuff like this is a tool to create division considering the set up is ridiculous: Some elite college students are struggling for all sorts of imaginary oppression but don't you dare to mention class.

You love to derail threads with your """ironic""" bitching how white people are insufferable twinks just when there is a Holla Forums glorious uprising. I've seen it enough and you know it yourself

*glorious uprising
Walked right into that word filter

What on Earth are you talking about. When have I ever been for Holla Forums. I'm a lesbian for fucks sakes why would I roost in with those man children.

Holla Forums shitposts here every day and you love to take the bait…

Because I love annoying Holla Forums posters. It isn't much taking the bait, but proving which points are completely wrong and negate the post.

Sure, say that doesn't matter to them

But also, I'm not about to let them on the board without push back in some form, and debunking much of their beliefs is a fun time waster.

Fair enough as long as I'm entitled to push back liberal IdPol as it is as hurtful to the left as is Holla Forums - probably even more. And maybe not being called out a racist for that one (I know you didn't do it but some others here are pretty paranoid and the tankie flag doesn't help)

You almost got me!

You're too late dumbass, all the class conscious singers are dead.

McFucking kill yourself

We're not racist you fucking nigger, get back in the oven!

aww yiss

When I was seeding the book archive I got connections from all over the globe

I'm pretty sure most of these people have more important things to worry about than white people and what they think of them

haven't watched the show but from what i've heard it makes fun of the kind of idpol that people think it actually implies. still probably trash though

All western media is garbage tbh i wish it didn't exist

Netflix has shit-tier encoding though.

They need to take a page from the japanese. Anime is the only true artform left tbqh

doesn't respond to serious discussion, backpedals and and makes a point to say "I was only posting ironically" whenever inevitably proven wrong
in a long enough thread the chances of hoochie getting btfo and scurrying away with an empty insult approaches 1

Underrated post.


My stance on stuff like this is I personally don't like it because it's porky backed idpol (idpol done by liberals)

I personally don't mind idpol so long as it promotes class consciousness as well, like I know plenty of anarkiddies IRL who focus a lot on idpol as well and tbh that doesn't bother me because it takes class into consideration as well.

I just care when it promotes capitalism as well, because a black trans woman porky is still a porky

Has also admitted to being a liberal and disdaining working people on various occasions. Enemy of the People tbbqh famalam.

Everyone here is getting trolled by an obviously provocative title that hides what looks like actually a pretty milquetoast college drama with slight race elements. The fact that everyone's sperging out so hard over this as if this is some emblematic milestone of culture just buys into whatever marketing dept. worked hard on getting viewership for it.

Either ignore it, or watch it and do critical analysis on it as it speaks to modern culture and race trends. Analyzing a trailer is scrub tier and a waste of everyone's time.

japan is the west of the east and anime is degenerate why do you think so many Holla Forumsyps love it


iirc the book was completely different from the show, but it got hijacked by some white shitlib who drove the series into the ground.


I'd laugh if it wasn't so depressing. If you give the slightest shit about intersectionality, go and read

As long as your push against idpol isn't the typical "right wing idpol isn't idpol"