Let me beghin by shhaying, that anti semitishm is disgasting...


statist showing his true colors, nothing new

Is that supposed to be an accent?

zizek acknowledges that nation-state are spook

Zizek doesnt encourage closing borders, he supports an organised international response to crisis and ending the white mans burden bullshit. Countries like saudi arabia don't do shit, and while countries like Germany say welcome, people insist on going to places like Sweden.
And as for Trump, he is clearly going down the accelerationism road.

saudi arabia took 1m refugees

Dere est someshing aboudt zis thread dat *sniff* really app-peals tu me. *sniff*

Completely false.

I think Turkey and Lebanon have the most(the former treats them horribly though) but yeah the KSA hasn't brought in nearly as much as they should, but if they did they'd probably just enslave them.

that post gave me capitalism

It's hard to misrepresent people that are widely read by the audience you are speaking to

However, obviously

black flags are idiots and moreover have never opened a book in their lives


Where does Zizek defend holocaust denial?

He doesn't defend it. He says it is taboo to deny it, like depicting Muhammad.

Literally Sargon of Akkad tier analysis

le mastertrole

Isn't he just useless?
He won't acknowledge the global backlash against globalist capitalists and their media shills.
He is still deluded into supporting globalism.

who ya gon call moment those bombs start falling?

there are post-leftist/nihilist books you know.
like allot actually.

Globalism != Internationalism

this 100%
The only thing that can battle strong global capitalism is strong global socialism. The 20th century is over.


holy fuck, it's true.


He is dreamy :3

t. liberal who doesn't understand Zizek


So, you've actually not read Zizek?