Russel brand's finally getting radicalized

>Without a willingness to change our own powerful institutions there will be no end to this. The elevation of donald trump has escalated this problem, made it more obvious. And hopefully its leading us to crisis because I longer believe the liberal, progressive narrative will lead us to a solution. I think crisis is going to be required. And if we can rely on donald trump for one thing, its to lead us face-first into a crisis. And then perhaps real change can occur

Wew, I guess when he said he was reading into marxist theory he actually meant it

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Nice one.

Has he dropped the hippy shit?

Cool fuckin shit. Dudes got a lot of "pull" with libs don't he?

The "dudeweedletsalljusthug" shit, yeah. But he still believes that spirituality is very important and I agree

Yeah, he was the one who turned me from a dumb liberal normie to a slighty intelligent socialist normie over the span of like 2-3 years, so I have a special love for him

Someone with a twitter should send him Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts if hes reading Marx, let him hone his spiritual arguments with Marx's writings on alienation.

Well I can't say I expected him to be anything but a "liberal progressive". Sad as it is, celebs have pull and we really do need more recognizable faces, and diverse personalities, advocating for socialism.

I don't know why this guy gets so much shit, to me it was always obvious he was one of us.

It's mostly for his weird spiritualism

The spiritualism but also because for years he'd tiptoe around advocating socialism but never do it outright. Only recent (like in the last 3 months) has be been outright about it.

And aggravating voice tbh. Also, the "trews" came across as an ill informed "anti capitalist" liberal's rantings. I can't say whether or not it was ill informed, but it was hard to take seriously just from the tone.

He's kinda stupid and a bit of a "dude weed lmao" hippy guy. Also a lot people bitched at him for telling people not to vote and then he went back on that saying it was everyone's vault the Conservatives won because no one voted.

I think he's a cool guy tho. He said some hilarious shit about the Queen.

I thought he endorsed Shilliband?


did you expect him to endorse david cameron or nigel farage?

That whole fiasco was actually what made him start getting educated. He recognized his miistake and left youtube for a year to read up a bit more and recently he's come back

Somebody give this man some bookchin

Cool stuff.

I was responding to user saying he advocated for abstention.

Holla Forums ruined everything


He's probably using this as an excuse to write yet another book to pander to pseudo-leftists.

I was telling y'all all along, Russel is /ourguy/

Nah. he was really pretty liberal at one time.

what do you mean by liberal? laissez faire economics or not a racist edgelord?