Some kid got a petition for being a nazi. People legit want this kid thrown out of school. Look at how awkwardly behaves. Our enemies are sad

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I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it. Voltaire

Another one bites the dust.

Almost feel bad for the kid

Yeah, it's tough being a retard.

Why are all these bitches face so god damn red

Thanks for reminding me of that quote.

Real master race right there.

Ridiculous is not the same thing as pitiful actually. At all.

The thing that you have to understand is that autistic adults have a tendency to join the alt-right because they don't feel like they fit in anywhere. Holla Forums gives them a sense of belonging. I don't like that my people (autistic robots) are voting for Donald Trump. But at the same time I don't feel comfortable with this lynch mob. It's like being a Black Republican seeing Republicans hit on your people. If that makes sense.

I have always been a complete misfit. Not fitting ANYWHERE. I am even more alienated than the aut-right. I don't fit in with liberals, socdems, socialists, far-right, anywhere. I have learned early on in life that you can't trust anybody. You have to look out for yourself first and foremost.

Pretty much my experience of it.


I'm mildly autistic and I don't feel even the slightest bit of sympathy for them. They never went through anything I didn't go through, and I've never felt even the slightest urge to become a Nazi. You need to realize that being autistic doesn't translate into being a good person. These people are abhorrent dickwads that happen to have a disability.


I alienate pretty much everyone when I talk politics. I would consider myself more of a liberal than a conservative. So my options would be to just keep unpopular opinions to myself when socializing with liberal friends. Or continue to be a hermit. And quite frankly, I prefer being a hermit. Friendships are extremely superficial. I don't even theoretically understand what socialization is for normalfags.

I enjoy sexy time and cuddling. But you have no idea how much effort it takes for an autistic man to learn how to socialize with a woman and put up a facade in order to get to that stage. I've managed to bed some women not long after meeting them. But there was no foundation to hold relationships together. And my ex-girlfriend was a total psycho. Though I'm a psycho too. I just told her that I hope Chad gives her HPV and that she dies of cervical cancer because she's not returning my messages.

Honestly socialization is really just people using people. But with the expectation of reciprocation. And autistic people I think tend to have less to offer to normies socially. So this is where we are fucking doomed.

I agree with this post

Remove that socdem flag, Stirner.


You can have a disability and still be an asshole yea. But in the case of autistic Holla Forumsacks, many of them have a chip on their shoulder because of the way that society has treated them as an autistic person. That's why they are assholes now. I am the same way except I'm not a nazi, I'm a misanthrope. And I don't normally enjoy things that are enjoyable for normies. Sex and cuddling is enjoyable. But women expect you to hold a conversation. My last ex didn't mind that but then she was a fucking psycho. And now I have turned into a fucking psycho because I haven't felt the insides of her moist vagina in nearly 10 months. I feel extremely alienated from society. I don't know how all these normalfags are so happy.

There is no Stirner or Egoist flag

This is also the kind of shit that creates elliot rodgers. You deal with these people by being decent to them and persuading them that their views are wrong, not by further alienating and mistreating them.

Yeah. I also agree with that post and I don't even have autism.

Autism impairs your empathy, not your sympathy.

The Aryan race is cringy…

Fuck white people lol revolution when?

You got a case the spooks there my friend

Shitty attempt at blending in Holla Forums

Nice try, /lit/. We're keeping your spook memes too. Go back.

Wrong. Began here on Holla Forums. Shitty subversion again, Holla Forumsyp

I'll admit defeat. You win, I lose. You are also smarter than me. Nice meme-fu m8.

: ^ )

Beautiful quote

Politics are no different then your average high school 'cliques' I'm afraid

I agree with you in that, no disability makes up for a lack of character. If nothing else, I would imagine someone with a disability would hope to become a good man - a virtuous man - to fill the void that "good looks" or perhaps "mental-capacity" to be replaced with "kindness" and "integrity"

You have not one but two hands to pleasure yourself with, why are you so obsessed about the vaginal commodity?

There are a couple of socdem posters on this board and all of them are like that. I think this one might be the Canadian socdem but the Finnish and swedish are similarly obsessed with r9k type shit

It's not the same. When you cuddle with a gf after sex, oxytocin is released in your brain to promote "bonding".

probably a false flag. whatever who cares.

I wonder what makes someone into this

Is it bad character? Bad parents? Bad genes? Bad peers?


hell yeah for radicalization. Another soldier in the coming civil war. Call him whatever names you want but his gun won't give a shit lol

Newfag please
Stirner started on /lit/ but back then /lit/ was too small and so not muc content was produced
Holla Forums is /lit/ wihout fiction anyway

He's a furry

I'm autistic and can confirm this is true.

White people have shitty skin and are sensitive about it.

Back in my days that faggot would've been simply bullied to dead without the need for petitions or expelling. You kids have lost the art of bulling.
Expelling people for being bigots makes Holla Forumsyps feel justified in their persecution complex.


Holla Forums pls

that should change

I think being decent should mean "tough love," as in, if they keep doubling down on their views, give them some hard punishment. But I agree, this whole bashment from society makes it worse, only because it leaves them to seek out support from the only group left in society that might give it to them: Nazis and fascists.

I dont think people should target indivual nazis until they try anything in terms of organisation, like involvement in protest, fascist organisations etc. Though this person in particular seems to have harassed folks at his university, in which case his expulsion would be perfectly justified, IMO.

Does he too like getting peed on?

This kid is an idiot

Do you mean the retard who put her real name on the petition?

You cannot fight fascism with free speech. They are organising themselves already. They don't need to hold physical meetings. Their mere presence on the internet is already enough to incite hatred and get others to join their ranks. Have you not seen how crazy shit got since ~2008?

Merely tolerating the dissemination of their ideas is enough for them to grow and cause harm.

I don't feel bad for the kid at all, but this lynch mob mentality is a terrible way to deal with far-right sentiments because it vindicates their beliefs that they are being actively persecuted. Fascists literally believe that everything they do is in self-defense.

It also goes to show that "left wing" politics among college students are just a fad.

Some kid spitting memes at a retarded Black pedo on camera isn't Fascism you dolt.

Trump isn't a fascist, user

You're that same fag who keeps posting about this guy getting doxxed, right? I don't know what obsession you have with him, but no one cares about some idiot getting expelled. There's much better things to focus or time on. Its already bad enough I'm wasting it right now on this board, I don't need to waste anymore on some crusade on a single irrelevant Holla Forumsack.

beware the internet toughguy


The fact that people don't understand this after the us presidentials is mind bogging.

No, this is always how the right wing operates, they will always feel persecuted because it's a requirement to buy into their utopian society. One minority group away from reaching eternal utopia. I have no qualms with denying fascists into positions of power.



Read a book faggot

The internet nazis on chanboards and twitter are completely fucking useless. They talk big about having memed trump into power, but this is far from reality. In reality they are loser neckbeards with a terminal case of virgin who will forever be hated by everyone who actually has to spend time around them.

You tell em, that's a novel analysis deep with reflection



poor kid pls no bully

Holy fuck the left is desperate.

Pitty, you can't just bully the mentally disabled.


First they came for the austic nazis… then they will come for the autistic commies. Nobody on this board is safe.

aww poor guy