Wasn't vaporwave a leftist meme?

Wasn't vaporwave a leftist meme?
What does Holla Forums think about vaporwave and what can we do with it?

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History repeats itself, first as a tragedy then as a farce, in the same way Hitler apropriated the labour movement of the 10's and 20's, the alt-right aprorpiated vaporwave

Why is vaporwave a goddamn meme? Isn't it just an art style and music style?
Saying its a meme is like saying Death Grips is a meme right? "People must only like this IRONICALLY, Thats a thing people actually do in real life, not just a joke to make fun of other peoples taste. Haha, A E S T H E T I C, wouldnt that be dumb, haha!"

Its a meme because it started as a joke

Exactly how so? I never started seeing it talked about as though it were a joke until after it started to spread.

The original before it became a high school joke mocking mindless consumerism and empty statements by politicians and media men and old boy bands from back in 2010/2011


Post laborwave

you can start by hooking me up with more vaporwave images of Robespierre, Rousseau, etc.

It's both.
but Death Grips is a meme.


Fucking HOW?
There are jokes and shit *about* DG, that doesn't translate to 'Death grips is a meme'
Don't fall back on some kind of definition of 'meme' broader than the common understand of internet may-mays, literally all culture is memes by the dawkins meaning.

I made this image in commemoration of the it workers gaining class consciousness (will probably organize under iww in 1-2 year)

Dont know if it count as laborwave though.

I hope one day lenin can be uploaded into cyber space

Tbh I think that the alt-right attempting to take over vaporwave is similar to what happened with punk in the late 70's and early 80's when neo-Nazis attempted to take punk over. It's probably going to be a phase and then fade away just like the alt-right itself is going to fade away and like punk everyone will remember the good vaporwave artists and remember alt-righters as a fringe invasion of an artistic movement.

Most likely. Who will be the Skrewdriver of vaporwave?

It's definitely meant to be anti-consumerism and other anti-whatevers that puts it toes into leftism like any other "advertisements and consumerism are numbing our brains" music does. Especially Disconscious. I don't think it was ever a leftist meme though. I think it was a /mu/ meme.

Leftists literally can't meme so why would you ask why a popular meme isn't a leftist meme? The best we can come up with is pasting cartoon heads onto other memes or images. It's really depressing TBQW.

Shitty attempt at subversion Holla Forums. We have plenty of memes

you know
that aren't borrowed from /r9k/, /int/ and A Wyatt mann comics

thats fucking dope man

I know Holla Forums has memes, but they just aren't funny. I wish I was creative enough to help out the meme game here, but I just can't decide who's head is fashionable to paste onto something right now.

you know what they say, quality humour and higher intelligence go hand in hand

you are simply too stupid to get it

I'm not very smart, I'll admit. This may be the case. I'm still trying to understand all the economics involved with being a revolutionary. I wish I could at least make dumb memes for the stupid proles to chuckle at.

I'm kind of curious though, could you post some meme material that's of higher intelligence? I kind of want to see if I'll get it like you smart guys do.

lucky for you, intelligence is not fixed, so even if you have a low lQ, you can still learn




we got laborwave songs on the internet

Because it developed as one of the 'meme genre's' which were quickly developing internet based genres mainly springing from /mu/, tumblr and reddit so basically the musical equivalence of an internet meme.

Things like seapunk oceangrunge witchouse were forerunner genres to vaporwave and its where alot of the stylistic elements of vaporwave developed.

If you're stupid just make stupid memes

Well the name is based off VaporWARE which is a rather notorious corporate strategy