ITT: We suggest good methods for purging porkies and other reactionaries after the revolution

ITT: We suggest good methods for purging porkies and other reactionaries after the revolution.

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Porkies are as much slaves to the system as proles are, if they must be purged it should be by firing squad or hypoxia chamber. You debase yourself.


Anyone who truly needs to be purged just gets a simple bullet to the brain. We're not barbarians.

Relishing in the punishment and suffering of anyone is pretty wack and leads to a downward spiral of dehumanization and abuse.
The purge must be carried out in a cold, sterile and efficient manner. Out of necessity and not out of revenge or sadism. Kinda like farm animals.

the pic related, also it would be a great idea to breed them selectively to make them our pets in the future

you will be against the wall too my friend

Throw them from helicopters

violence is just a propagandistic tool guys, fascists will use it anyways, so you better support torture or fuck yourselves.

Gladiator sports no question, no animal abuse though only humans. Live streamed of course.

What if we say we heinously torture people and use practical and special effects in the torture videos we release, but actually we treat people humanely and only painlessly kill them?

Fuck that I want to see blood.

too expensive

We're not rejecting violence, you Holla Forums child.
We're rejecting unneded masturbatory indulgences.
A bullet to the head is all you need (yes, especially you).
Then move on and build shit.
No sense lingering on what is essentially just a tool.

yeah, one that will be used against us if we do it, besides all the other arguments. when it's not needed, we should avoid it.

After the revolution I'd just deport them to Alaska or some island and turn their lives into bad reality TV shows.

this, we cannot claim to be better than capitalists if we devolve into subhuman monsters during the march towards revolution. You need to kill someone? Kill them, do not roll in the shit of ape level emotions to do so.


you see, torture is necesary, it's not about muh feels, but about true pragmatism.

Forced Labor camps.


seek help

If you kill every single fascist, there's no one left that can torture anyone.
In fact, if you just shoot them in the head, you'll kill even more fascists in a shorter amount of time, speeding up the process.

This is true pragmatism, not the silly bullshit you're wanking off to.

That's not how people think dude. Otherwise Isis would probably have a lot more recruits than the US army

Well… America tortures people too of course. But they at least try to hide it instead of showing off.

Torture in order to EXTRACT INFORMATION from someone might become necessary from time to time.
Torture for no other reason but schadenfreude, is retarded.

it doesn't even do that, the only reason to torture someone is because the torturer is subhuman

True. If I knew torturing the fat man would let me find out where the nuke is that's one thing. But there's little evidence that torture really works that well in intelligence terms either anyway.

Look, all i give a shit about is more information that can lead to even more fascists getting popped.
If someone develops a method such as a serum that works 100% of the time or anything like that, i'm fine with it.
The method being painful isn't a requirement, it doesn't make any difference to me, as long as it lead to the identity and location of more targets, then it's ok.

im not talking about to kill every single fascist with torture, but to spread snuff material to low the morale of the adversary.

thats just dumb though, it will only make them more determined

fear doesn't create a good society tankie

there are other factors to take in count, obviously. for instances, isis would obviously lose against usa, so normal people will tend to support them.
the thing is different when it's your country that is in war, as the more cruel the army is, the more fear it generates.
torture is even more important once you won the war, as a tool for intimidating possible detractors.

I prefer a method where there's no adversary left.
Much more efficient.
Kill every fascist and every person that shows the signs of turning into a fascist.
It's better to remove the problem at it's root than to scare people into following you.

In fact, killing a large portion of the population in a short amount of time is a pretty effective deterrent in itself, so it has a twofold effect as it is already.

say what you want, tell me, where does a liberal tortureless revolution has succeed?

same, we should optimise the ratio of murdered-tortured in order to increase our defense.

no, you look, after all the CIA torture shit came out like a decade ago, and all the waterboarding and whatnot, everyone who actually is involved in intelligence gathering and interrogation has said in plain english that "TORTURE IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO EXTRACT INFORMATION'


neoliberals have pushed torture into normality what are you talking about.

and seconding this, because this is what people discovered about it.


Are you dense or something?
I just said i don't give a shit if torture is used or not.
All one needs in that situation is information.
Does the guy need wild sex with 10 bimbos every day for a week?
Does he need the best meal possible?
A fucking console with his favorite game on it?
To have all his nails pulled out?
To have his brain remotely scanned from another room until you can somehow determine what he knows via some scientific mumbo jumbo?

I don't care if it's something that hurts him, or pleasures him, or even affects him at all.
All i want is the information he has, that can lead me to more targets.
Traditional torture doesn't work?
Fine, no problem, give me something else that works then.

no I understand you perfectly, you're an armchair revolutionary faggot that wants to jerk off to real life guro because you're a sociopathic autist. Get out of your house and interact with actual human beings before you grow mushrooms on your ass sitting in that basement of yours.

You're talking to two different people and mistaking me for the other guy.
You're really fucking dumb, you can't even follow a simple conversation.

it's an anonymous board, fucking excuse me

i would love that torture wasn't necessary during the revolution, sadly im too de-spooked to believe such a thing is possible.

holy fucking kek

Agree about tfw no gf fap night. OP >>>/s/
On the other hand, criminals against humanity shouldn't be granted the dignity they refused to allow humanity. For general porkies I recommend their forced witness to the public defilement and destruction of their personal property, to be followed by live burial. That makes a clear point in a relatively decent fashion.


The only people that really need to be liquidated are:
Any current or former members of government (all of the way down to the local level), capitalist academics, 'trust fund kids' and 'born to rule' types that have never worked an honest day in their life and a small - select number of big business CEOs and assorted board-members.

Most 'porkies' are rather smart people and would be quite valuable to setting up a new government.

Also, firing squads or mass hangings really are the way to go in terms of liquidation.
Anything else is just pointless and edgy sadism that would undermine confidence in the new regime.

This. better to just give them some benzos and be disarmingly nice honestly

look how retarded it sound?

How do you join ISIS when they're attacking your house? Try to surrender and they'll take you prisoner. And torture you. Your only options are to fight them off, run away, or die fighting.

obviously you'll choose not to die aka, being a prisioner and work for them.

Sadism is undisciplined and can quickly spiral out of control.

But you cannot be assured such a choice exists, when they've been so successful on the "we torture captives" propaganda front.
YPG soldiers carry an extra cartridge in their pockets in case retreat is impossible.

If the revolution actually succeeded then all the porkies and reactionaries in the world couldn't do shit about it, since they would be the minority and the institutions that gave them power in the first place would be destroyed. Murdering them would be pointless, self-destructive, and effectively put you on the same level as them. Of course during the revolution those who get in the way would have to be dealt with, possibly violently if necessary, same with those who try to perpetuate a counter-revolution, but afterwards they're just powerless dissidents who will hopefully be won over by the virtues of the new system.

It is quite a sight to witness such depravity and self righteousness in one place. There can be no mistaking your judgement.

This. As socialists we want to abolish the class system and liberate everyone from ALL classes and not be mere proletarian identitarians. Bourgies should be dispossessed of their private assets and offered an opportunity to work in the new society. If anyone (regardless of class origin) chooses to become a reactionary and fight against the revolution then we kill them.

As for how to punish people in general: Mirror punishment (eye for an eye) is the most logical and fair form of punishment: murderers should be murdered, rapists should be raped , bullies/torturers should be tortured. The punishments should be carried out in public so people can watch if they want to and the surviving victims or the victims' loved ones should be free to personally execute the punishments if they want to. True justice is personal revenge.

Just fucking shoot them in the head, you fucking sadist.

Pic related; it's you.

What the fuck is up with the sadists ITT

a real leftist provides a quick death, the guillotine is a good example

guns work but why waste a bullet on them? i say a good old stoneing would be nice.

torture makes martyrs

Yeah, there is definitely no historical precedent to a "cold, sterile and efficient" planning of mass killings that got out of hand.


Glad to see some Nurgle heresy growing on this board.

Best torture is to make them read this thread. They'll cut themselves with the edge.

What a stupid thread. If the safety of the revolution and socialism requires torture, use it. If it doesn't, don't use it. Whether or not it is a given should depend solely on whether or not it furthers our goals.


Capitalists, imperialists and reactionaries deserve to suffer for all the misery they've inflicted on the world.

The super rich like rotchilds, soros and the rockefellers get's put upp against the wall right away.
the more petite bourgeois get's a choice betwen leaving their wealth behind and join the proletariat or they get sent to gulag/or liquidated.
hot bourgeois women becomes sexslaves.

I thought we were already all in agreement

ITT: Beria and Yakov argue.

Nice moralistic and retributive viewpoint. That's exactly what fascists, gangsters, and medieval peasants thought.

so? those peasants were right to want to inflict pain

Y-Yes master.



I was with you until the punishment part. We don't need the reign of terror again. We don't need to punish, we just need to stop counter-revolutions

This is why leftcom will never work

Who would construct this device?
Who would acquire the resources?
Who would create the tools?
Who would acquire the resources to make the tools?
Who would build the platform to place it on.
Who would create the coal? Who would create the fire pit?
Who would obtain and process the resources for it?

It ain't 18XX anymore. The means of production isn't a wooden shoe base, some scraps of leather, a wooden stool to sit on and some crude, cast needles from the local smithy.